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Shirley J Professional

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1 Shirley J Professional

2 Company Background 30+ years history Purchased company Jan. 2009
First products: dough conditioner, cream sauce base Purchased company Jan. 2009 Mike Olsen: Institutional President Director of Food Services—5,000 meals/day Reformulated soup/sauce bases No hydrogenated oils, MSG, trans/sat fats Product availability Change from direct to exclusive distribution partners IMA Regional Distributors preferred*

3 Company Background Customer profile & growth:
Jan. 2009: 4 institutional customers Jan. 2011: 17 correctional facilities 384 schools or school districts 84 health care facilities 311 restaurants, cafes, caterers Jan. 1, 2011: Shirley J Professional

4 Product Review Shirley J Savory Line Shirley J Gourmet Line
Universal Sauce White Cheddar Seasonings Bouillons Shirley J Gourmet Line Breads: Honey Wheat & White, Sourdough Fudge Brownie, Cookie, Sweet Roll Corn Bread, Muffin & Cake, Biscuit Pancake & Waffle

5 Product Review Universal Sauce Flagship product 1001 applications
Breakfast, lunch, dinner Sauces, soups, casseroles, gravies Reliable, easy-to-use, fool-proof, without waste Never breaks, curdles, separates, colors, weeps or discolors Heart-healthy 135 calories/8 oz. portion Economically priced 3.0 to 3.5 cents/oz.

6 Nutritional Facts The “New” Secret No hydrogenated oils No trans fats
Sunflower oil Omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids No hydrogenated oils No trans fats No saturated fats Low calorie count No added MSG Lower sodium content

7 Cost Savings Universal Sauce Bouillons No food or food cost waste
3.5 cents/oz. Bouillons 1.9 cents/finished oz. vs. paste bastes at up to 12 cents/fl. oz. Thousands of dollars savings/year No food or food cost waste Increases kitchen staff efficiency No losses due to break/curdle/scorch Increased shelf-life Less need for refrigeration

8 Strong Support Menu modification Menu development Recipe consulting
Update menus to include SJ ingredients Menu development Brian Richter – Shirley J Corporate Chef Mike Olsen – 40 years foodservice experience Recipe consulting School nutrition program

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