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U.S. Market Overview 2011 USDA Final Meal Pattern What You Need To Know In 2012.

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1 U.S. Market Overview 2011 USDA Final Meal Pattern What You Need To Know In 2012

2 Effective 2012-2013 school year Further changes required in 2013- 2015 2010 Chartwells food and nutrition guidelines New Regulations

3 Increase In Fruits and Vegetables A variety of nutrient-dense vegetables to be offered – Dark Green, orange/red, legumes Students must take 1/2 cup of fruit or vegetable for a complete meal or pay for each item at a la carte prices

4 A Complete Meal Start with a Fruit or Vegetable Add some other food groups like: – Whole Grains, Lean Protein, and a serving of Milk A meal consists of a minimum of 3 food groups and a maximum of 5

5 A Complete Meal Examples

6 Students Visible to Students in the serving lines Daily menus Components of a reimbursable meal Food Group information How to create a complete meal

7 Employees Will be trained on: New preparation techniques Offering correct vegetable sub groups Serving all required food groups Cashiers will be trained on identifying a complete meal

8 Specific amounts of breads and proteins Some smaller portions of proteins and grains Half of the grains offered must be whole grains Many of our products have increased whole grains like: – Pizza crust – Rolls – Muffins – Pancakes – Waffles – Cereals Allowable Grains and Proteins

9 Already identified several products ( ex: sauces, cheeses and breads) Continue to work with food manufacturers Chartwells chefs and registered dietitians – modified new recipes using non-salt seasonings and herbs Lower Sodium

10 <10 % of total calories from saturated fat Our products and ingredients contain zero grams of trans fat per serving Unhealthy fats lead to heart disease and high cholesterol Reduction of Saturated Fats and Elimination of Trans-Fats

11 New grade groups for menu planning – Grades K-5 (ages 5-10 years) – Grades 6-8 (ages 11-13 years) – Grades 9-12 (ages 14-18 years) New calorie requirements developed to align with these grade groups Menus will provide adequate calories for the various age groups Students will see different portion sizes appropriate for age Menus By Age Groups

12 New legislative requirements Rise in food costs Rise in transportation and fuel costs Possible rise in meal prices Increase in food costs

13 Compliance to nutritional requirements Allows districts to apply to be certified If menu is approved – By October 1, 2012 – Receive an extra.06 cents for lunch only reimbursement Once certified district must continue compliance or loose reimbursement.06 Cents Lunch Reimbursement

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