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Creative Cooking Journal Entries. Journal #1 January 30 Write a journal entry about one of the topics below. This will help you prepare for the unit project.

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1 Creative Cooking Journal Entries

2 Journal #1 January 30 Write a journal entry about one of the topics below. This will help you prepare for the unit project at the end of the unit. Identify ways to determine safety concerns in your kitchen. Describe practical ways to avoid accidents in the kitchen. Explain how to safely react to an accident if one occurs.

3 Journal Entry #2 January 31 What is food safety? Do you consider keeping pets away from food and refrigerating perishable foods to be practices that are part of food safety? Why?

4 Journal Entry #3 February 1 Why do you think it is important to change and wash dish towels often?

5 Journal Entry #4 February 2 When freezing meat, why is it important to wrap it tightly and seal the package with freezer tape? Why should food items in the freezer be packed close together?

6 Journal Entry #5 February 6 What is the FDA? What is their role in our food supply?

7 Journal Entry #6 February 7 What can you do to ensure that your kitchen is accident-proof? Complete the following sentence The best way to keep your kitchen safe is to…

8 Journal Entry #7 February 7 Name the basic kitchen tools and equipment that is essential to a kitchen.

9 Journal Entry #8 February 9 Yummy Balls Lab: Check in Questions: What is the importance of microwaving the marshmallows in 30 second increments? What could happen if they are over- cooked? Check out Questions: What was the consistency of the mixture? What technique was used to form the balls?

10 Journal Entry #9 February 10 No Bake cookies lab: Check in questions: What tools, preparation techniques & appliances will be used to complete the lab? Check out questions: What went wrong during the lab? What would you change? What went correct? Did the cookies set?

11 February 14 Journal #10 Gluten Ball Experiment. Please complete lab write up as journal entry.

12 February 16 Journal #11 Quick Breads: Write demonstration recipe in journal.

13 February 17 & 21 Journal Entry #12 Forks over Knives documentary. Take notes on film

14 February 22 Journal #13 Recipe Demonstration: Quick Cinnamon Rolls.

15 February 23 Journal #14 Check in question: What is the definition of the following terms: Cut in How do you make buttermilk? Check out questions: Was cutting the rolls difficult using thread?

16 February 24 Journal #15 What is the biscuit method? How does it vary from the drop method? What are the six steps of the biscuit method? What other ways could you use the biscuit recipe?

17 February 27 Journal #16 Baking is often associated with good memories. Share your earliest memory of baked foods. It might be sitting in the kitchen as a relative baked, or helping with baking, or a special cake for your birthday. Describe aromas, tastes, and textures in your memory.

18 February 28 Journal #17 How does yeast work? (hint…book?) What are some examples of yeast breads? List and DEFINE the types of yeast breads. Basic White Batter Bread Sweet White Bread Whole-grain Bread Sourdough Bread

19 February 29 Journal #18 Identify two methods for mixing yeast dough. Why should ingredients for yeast bread be at room temperature? How can you check the water temperature? Why do recipes for yeast bread give a range for that amount of flour?

20 March 1-March 2 Journal #19 Explain why it is important to cut solids fat into dry ingredients before adding liquids. What is fermentation and why is it important in making yeast breads? How does yeast make bread rise? With which mixing method is yeast first dissolved in warm water to activate growth?

21 March 5-6 Journal Entry #20 Pizza Lab Chapter review 45 #1-22

22 Cakes and cookies Journal #21 March 7 Sweet memories: When you hear the word, cookie, what types of cookies come to mind. What do you think influences your association? A special memory of cookies? A memorable birthday cake you made or received?

23 March 7 Journal #22 Please take notes from the guest speaker.

24 March 14-15 Journal #23 Define shortened cake. What is the one-bowl method, and why should you only use it when a recipe calls for it? With which type of cookie is the dough cut into different shapes with cookies cutters before baking?

25 March 19 Journal #24 Do you consider all cakes, cookies and candies to be bad for you? Can these flavorful treats be healthful? What types of cakes do you think are more healthful? How can you make cakes more healthful?

26 April 9 Brainstorm recipes made with eggs. How do you think eggs contribute to these recipes? What is the value of eggs in a healthful diet?

27 April 11 Brown Vs. White: Do you consider a brown egg to more nutritious than a white egg? Do you think shell color can affect flavor or cooking qualities?

28 April 16 1. Is flipping crepes easier or harder then pancakes? Why? 2. What is 1 or 2 things that you would change to the recipe to make it better? Why? 3. How can you prepare crepes for dinner or an entree?

29 April 13

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