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ClassGrab Software Development Plan

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1 ClassGrab Software Development Plan
Dr. Rick Coleman, Instructor CS 499, Senior Project Computer Science Department University of Alabama in Huntsville

2 The Team Jay Paul Gregory Zack Thomas Brandon Murphy Michael Hill
JOB TITLE ASSIGNEE Project Manager Zack Thomas Customer Liaison Zack Thomas Requirements Analyst Brandon Murphy Designers All Members Programmers All Members Test Designers All Members Testers All Members Technical Writer Michael Hill Software Lead Jay Paul Gregory Repository Manager Brandon Murphy

3 Project Overview Course Scheduling Management
Generate course listing Allow students to sign up for courses Allow instructors and admin to manage courses Not a replacement for banner No payments No student records No financial aid information

4 Supported Features Accept input pertaining to
Courses w/ time and location Prerequisites Course Availability Time Slots accept input pertaining to courses, days, times, classrooms, prerequisite classes, a department list of available courses, maximum enrollments, available classrooms and buildings, list of University-wide class periods

5 Supported Features Assign faculty to sections of classes
Generate departmental course schedule Notify of any scheduling conflicts Intuitive interface Generate Reports The system will assign sections to rooms, faculty members to sections, and sections to time periods Auto gen course listing into available time slots It will produce a list of conflicts and notify where a manual intervention is needed Reports include a list of classes with instructors and time and location

6 System Requirements Server Side Client Side Windows XP / Vista / 7
Web based so Internet Explorer Chrome Firefox … etc Since the application is web based, it should run on any platform

7 Deliverables Documents Presentations Application w/ final report
Development Plan Requirements Definition / Specification Design Document Test Plan Presentations 6 total, 1 for each document, 1 for final report Application w/ final report

8 Milestones Software Development Plan Requirements Definition Document
09/19/2012 Requirements Definition Document 10/09/2012 Requirements Specification Document 10/17/2012 Software Design Document 11/05/2012 Just show this slide, don’t talk too much about it

9 Milestones Software Test Plan Begin Implementation
11/19/2012 Begin Implementation 11/28/2012 Final Report / Deliver Application 12/03/2012 Just show this slide, don’t talk too much about it

10 Risks Risk Plan of Action Likelihood Death in the family
Move responsibilities around Very unlikely Out of town meeting Moderate Presentation slides not available Bring printout & use whiteboard Unlikely Facility not available Reschedule presentation Permanent removal of team member Talk to Dr. Coleman about project responsibility reduction or move deadlines back Unable to meet Project Schedule Talk to Dr. Coleman about project responsibility reduction Member fails to meet team expectations Try to fix the issue & ask for an extension

11 Additional Information
Open source Google Code Includes task management similar to Jira Repository hosting with Mercurial Peer code review similar to Crucible Integration into Mercurial similar to GlassEye Language C# with Asp.NET

12 QA Session Questions? Comments? Concerns? Suggestions?

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