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05/19/04 1 A Lessons Learned Process Celebrate the Successes Learn From the Woes Natalie Scott, PMP Sr. Project Manager.

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1 05/19/04 1 A Lessons Learned Process Celebrate the Successes Learn From the Woes Natalie Scott, PMP Sr. Project Manager

2 05/19/04 2 11/21/0311/21/03 Agenda Case Study Project Scope Lessons Learned Objectives Approach Methodology Lessons Learned Process Lessons Learned Tools

3 05/19/04 3 11/21/0311/21/03 Case Study Project Scope Large Project Two+ Years Multi-Department Participation Across Multiple Releases Case Study included >70 Resources Within Two Releases

4 05/19/04 4 11/21/0311/21/03 Lessons Learned Objectives To provide insights to project dynamics in order to execute projects more efficiently and effectively To provide opportunities for team members to share their views of project execution To provide a review of technique and approach that serves as a guide for future projects

5 05/19/04 5 11/21/0311/21/03 Approach Methodology Individual interviews with Management Team, Test/QA Management, and Business Department Heads Discussion groups with project participants from Information Systems and Business Departments Surveys of Project participants No contractor participation

6 05/19/04 6 11/21/0311/21/03 Lessons Learned Participants Discussion Groups – 2 groups with total of 24 participants 1:1 Steering Committee/Management Team Interviews - 11 Anonymous Surveys - 38

7 05/19/04 7 11/21/0311/21/03 Lessons Learned Process 1.Meet with Program Office Director to determine if formal Lessons Learned Sessions are appropriate for project. 2. Assign Project Manager to facilitate Lessons Learned Sessions Not the PM who led the project Training and/or experience with process

8 05/19/04 8 11/21/0311/21/03 Process 3.Confirm stakeholder groups within I/S, Business Units, & Executive Management. 4.Schedule Lessons Learned sessions. 5.Provide history, context, other info to Lessons Learned Project Manager

9 05/19/04 9 11/21/0311/21/03 Process 6.Facilitate Lessons Learned Sessions 7.Conduct Executive/Management individual interviews 8.Compile results from sessions, interviews, and anonymous surveys.

10 05/19/04 10 11/21/0311/21/03 Process 9.Present to Program Office Director and Executive Sponsors. 10.Provide feedback to project team. 11.Enter Lessons Learned documentation into Lessons Learned database.

11 05/19/04 11 11/21/0311/21/03 Executive Interview Perceived project scope Team construction Vendor management Interaction with business departments Project team/organizational dynamics Project reporting and communication Training and support Systems implementation Things that went right What could have happened better Suggested best practices

12 05/19/04 12 11/21/0311/21/03 Anonymous Project Surveys Surveys were developed and distributed to each of the participant groups (IS, Business Depts., Management) Anonymous survey had nine fixed and three open-ended questions Objective was to provide overall “feel” for project success and to provide additional avenues for feedback.

13 05/19/04 13 11/21/0311/21/03 Survey Question Examples Questions rated on scale from 1-5: The project was a success in that it met the requirements for compliance. The project helped our business operate more efficiently. Contractors provided needed knowledge and expertise. IS provided the necessary resources for project success.

14 05/19/04 14 11/21/0311/21/03 Survey Question Examples 5.The right resources were assigned at the right time to implement the system. 6.The project team was focused and worked well together as a team. 7.The system was properly tested before being put into production. 8.System support staff were well trained prior to implementing the system. 9.Users were well trained prior to implementing the system.

15 05/19/04 15 11/21/0311/21/03 Survey Question Examples Open ended questions: Three things on the project you considered a success Three things on the project that can be improved in future projects Personal success you are taking away from the project The one area that needs the most improvement

16 05/19/04 16 11/21/0311/21/03 Survey Data – Charted

17 05/19/04 17 11/21/0311/21/03 Lessons Learned Session Questionnaire Questions rated on scale from 1-5: 1.Session was well organized and made good use of the meeting time available 2.Ample opportunity to present concerns and suggestions 3.Session will help future projects Open ended questions: Best part of session Part of session that could be better Comments

18 05/19/04 18 11/21/0311/21/03 Lessons Learned Session Survey 20 surveys returned Scale 1-5  Session was well organized  Ample opportunity to present concerns  Session will help future projects Avg. 4.05 4.40 3.90

19 05/19/04 19 11/21/0311/21/03 What Did We Learn About the Process? Large resource commitment Neutral PM gets better results Requires follow-up commitment

20 05/19/04 20 11/21/0311/21/03

21 05/19/04 21 11/21/0311/21/03

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