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Pubble. Visitors Ask You answer Or a knowledge bank can answer for you.

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1 Pubble

2 Visitors Ask You answer Or a knowledge bank can answer for you

3 Pubble TripAdvisor type review box Q&As can be posted to social media

4 TripAdvisor 3.00 Wot, no colleges!

5 Google Places Good for commercial units: hair, beauty, restaurants, gym, theatre etc. 3.00

6 Events … queues EventBrite – discussed earlier The secrets is to get people excited by it.. So they mention it on Facebook, Twitter,.. And invite friends Need to gather as much data as possible.. And then use it effectively.

7 Social media Twitter & Facebook Followers are meaningless.. You need conversions You need a strategy More than one account? Are FE and EE the same segment? 3.00

8 Triberr

9 Fiverr Drawings Copywriting Editing Programming Transcription and much more

10 ScoopIT Ideal to make a magazine for distribution to employers, young people.. Or whoever you prefer Have an “topic” for each Can include content from any website Looks better than most newsletters Very quick to set up Content curation

11 ©Stefan Drew 2013 PPC

12 The “Key” to Adwords The key to Adwords are your keywords, bid price, CTR and page quality score Adwords work on the keywords people are searching on How much you pay depends not on bid price alone but upon: - –How much you bid –Your Click Through Rate (CTR) –Your Quality Score - Relevancy

13 Adwords Remember ….. One keyword per Ad.. + plurals Use negative keywords Include keyword in Headline Repeat keyword in body and Display URL Split test ads Test … times of day/week

14 ©Stefan Drew 2013 Other PPC Systems Consider: - Facebook Bing LinkedIn Etc. You need a different strategy for each E.g. Simplistically, Adwords work on keywords used in searches whilst Facebook works on Interests

15 PR Media NOT Press Releases More than just student successes Newsjacking News distribution sites etc. Media articles Plan ahead Devise proactive merger/newbuild strategies Be an Expert Source Be an Authority

16 Link building

17 If I can do it.. So can you! Write articles for local/international websites/ magazines

18 ©Stefan Drew 2013 Warwickshire College magazine article examples

19 ©Stefan Drew 2013 News Distribution Sites

20 ©Stefan Drew 2013

21 Newsjacking

22 ©Stefan Drew 2013

23 Traditional exhibition strategies The exhibitions industry is worth £billions and it is easy to spend large sums with no measurable return Why do organisations take stands at exhibitions? Exhibitors say …… –Because our competitors do –To fly the flag –We were approached by the exhibition sales team –Our CEO said we should attend –Our customers expect us to be there –People think we have closed if we don’t attend

24 Traditional exhibition strategies Why do you take stands at exhibitions? To attract new customers To launch a new product or service To act as a magnet and filter To build relationships with existing and new customers


26 Traditional exhibition strategies You need a SMART exhibition plan that details pre-event activity, event activity and post event activity Do …. Research the event Have an objective Brief your staff Promote your attendance Look different Get media coverage Don’t ….. Arrive at the last minute Fail to set objectives Fail to budget adequately Fail to brief staff Forget to follow up quickly

27 Evaluate your Competition

28 Training Marketing is changing very rapidly & You need to train EVERY day YouTube etc. 3.00

29 Putting it into Practice: Defining a way forward that will work for your Institution 15.40 Link to RATES template

30 There are hundreds of marketing tools available to us and we have demonstrated a small handful today. Many are low cost or free; many can be used to automate your marketing; many can be used to test, measure & improve your marketing and many will effectively engage your prospects and customers. All of the tools available can be utilised within the RATES marketing strategy and planner tool. We need to integrate the traditional with the new 3.00

31 How you learnt something new? What actions will you be taking? List 3 actions Have we satisfied the event objectives? 3.00

32 Summary of the day and final questions 4.30 Stefan Drew @StefanDrewe

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