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AVIMET Meeting topics EUMETNET: The Network of European Meteorological Services.

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1 AVIMET Meeting topics EUMETNET: The Network of European Meteorological Services

2 Contents Report of the chairman: ICB meetings & workshops
Other European issues Global issues SES2+ issues SESAR issues EASA issues

3 Report of the Avimet chairman

4 ICB meetings & workshops (1)
ATM Masterplan update => update published in October 2012 MET included in Masterplan in limited way: use of enhanced MET data by ATSPs for SESAR dedicated MET related standards to be developed for SESAR Draft ESO Mandate for Community Specifications => ICB recommendation: MET related CSs not yet to be developed because no mature technical information available yet (to be aligned with SESAR WP11.2 activities)

5 ICB meetings & workshops (2)
RP2 & update of Performance & Charging Regulations SJU Extension Pilot Common Project (PCP) for SESAR Deployment Guidance Material for Common Projects - including role of SESAR Deployment Manager (SDM) Funding for SES (in particular for SESAR deployment)

6 Other European issues (1)
Coordination with Eurocontrol: AVIMET chairman had an informal meeting with Eurocontrol with regards to service provision to the Network Manager It was not yet decided at that time if there would be an open tender launched in 2013 for such a service provision or that the current status would remain and that a tender would be postponed until development in SESAR would be finished. Eurocontrol requested more information on the status of the OPERA weather radar composite service provision. EUMETNET ED now in contact with Eurocontrol on weather radar composite service

7 Other European issues (2)
WEZARD: WEZARD project near completion Identification for a need to continue the work on Volcanic Ash with the focus on Research and development of existing, new and evolving volcanic ash observing technologies and dissemination systems to underpin the future successful realization of an integrated (space-based, airborne and ground-based) European volcanic ash observing system On 4 February 2013, a joint Eumetnet-WEZARD project delegation went to a bilateral meeting with the European Commission to lobby for funding

8 Global issues (1) Coordination Europe-US: Coordination with WMO:
On 23 & 24 April 2013 the yearly Technical Interchange Meeting (TIM) concerning coordination on MET between US (FAA) and Europe (Eurocontrol) will take place. With respect to the coordination between EUMETNET and NOAA-NWS as an Annex to the SESAR-NextGen cooperation: EUMETNET has send a draft for review end September 2012 Feedback has been received in February 2013 Finalization planned end of April (aligned with TIM) Coordination with WMO: WMO CAeM questionnaire: 27/28 AVIMET members did respond No official analysis of the questionnaire available yet AVIMET has received an initial analysis of WMO RA VI area

9 SES 2+ issues

10 SES 2+ issues (1) SES2+ (consultation that ended 13 December 2012)
Eumetnet response for consolidated MET position Simplification of current IR/CS development should be envisaged Reservations to further opening the market for MET service provision; States have already the possibility to take this decision MET competency in PRB should be enhanced

11 SES 2+ issues (2) Update of Performance & Charging Regulations:
(Still under discussion in Single Sky Committee (MS) Performance scheme impact on MET: PRB will get more "power" in monitoring investments of ANSPs (thus also of METSPs) Member states have to set up performance plans at FAB level as well (this might thus include MET PIs) Charging scheme impact on MET: Possibility for a State to open Terminal Air navigation services & Ancillary services to market conditions (up to a State to decide) Possibility to include major investments in line with the ATM Masterplan (thus including SESAR deployment investments) as eligible costs

12 SES 2+ issues (3) Reference Period 2 Target Setting:

13 SES 2+ issues (4) EUMETNET member of ICB, not of PRB
Official feedback possible via public consultation (May-June 2013) & from October 2013 onwards

14 SESAR issues

15 SESAR issues (1) R&D phase:
WP11.2 recognized as a federating project since December 2012 (i.e. more important role) Eumetnet plans to hold the first annual internal workshop on 11 & 12 April 2013 to inform all Eumetnet members.

16 SESAR issues (2) SJU extension public consultation (ended 17 october):
Eumetnet response for consolidated MET position: Eumetnet supports the extension of the SJU mandate The role of Eumetnet within the SESAR project should be better recognized, also in view of SESAR deployment later on Current consensus of stakeholders is: SJU extension supported Only for extension in time of planned activities No extension foreseen in scope of activities

17 SESAR issues (3) SESAR Deployment:
ICB SESAR Deployment Task Force (SDTF) discussions: SESAR Deployment Manager: scope & set up Review of guidance material for common projects Funding and financing of SESAR Deployment EC activities: Drafting guidance material for common projects (remains rather vague on some specific points); Pilot Common project (PCP) development: task given to SJU EUMETNET involved in Expert Group 6 (via Thales) – involves budget estimations for implementation

18 SESAR issues (4) SESAR Deployment:
The recognition of the MET community as a necessary stakeholder in the SESAR Deployment Manager (SDM) with respect to implementation of MET projects remains a continuous battle Lobbying via SSC members has provided the following answer of the European Commission: “the term ANSP in the Common Project guidance includes METSP” Call for Deployment manager, based on the Pilot Common project is foreseen early 2014

19 SESAR issues (5) SESAR Deployment:
Funding via Connecting Europe Facility (CEF): European Parliament regulation indicating foreseen funding for SESAR deployment is very limited (nowhere near the requested funding), in particular for airspace users Preliminary conclusion of ICB: “If this (funding) ceiling is accepted and no other means on funding and financing are made available then deployment of SESAR will be impossible for airspace users and SESAR, and the SES as a whole, will fail”

20 EASA issues

21 EASA issues (1) Transposition of ICAO Annex 3 in terms of Organizational Requirements (OR) : Work of the MET rulemaking group has been completed Transposition of ICAO Annex 3 in terms of Technical Requirements (TR): work of the MET rulemaking group has started It has been agreed between EASA and Eumetnet that official exchange of information will be done through the members of AVIMET within the EASA rulemaking group.

22 Thank you for your attention

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