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ESA Iris Programme workplan of activities

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1 ESA Iris Programme workplan of activities

2 SESAR schedule vs Iris schedule

3 Objectives of Iris (ARTES 10) Phase 1
Emphasis on: Preparation work to support the preparation of the SESAR Master Plan Initiate development of the communication standard Initiate identification of the satellite system architecture Consider non-technical issues from the start: Business case Service provision and governance model ESA hand-over after development/deployment Validation and qualification with SESAR Support frequencies allocation Phase A activities timing is aligned with SESAR ATM Master Plan release


5 Communication System Design activity
The activity includes: Trade-off of existing and possible new standards Analysis and consolidation of user requirements Communication architecture design (incl. security requirements, handover procedures with terrestrial network) Interfaces with SESAR terrestrial network (incl. interfaces at physical and networking layers) Design of associated hardware and software, development, validation and qualification procedures. Software simulator for validation Preparation of ICAO standardisation and certification activities (Incl. support of ESA-Eurocontrol working group set-up to share information on the future standard with non-European ICAO Members) Preparation of ICAO standard (technical basis and international support)

6 Analysis and Definition of Satellite System
The activity includes: Analysis and consolidation of user requirements, including existing or projected commercial ones, and needs for possible ancillary services All trade-offs on architecture, payload, platform, ground segment, deployment and operations schemes and provision of possible ancillary services Assessment of the business case for the provision of services Analysis of integration into SESAR’s overall infrastructure Transfer of responsibilities between ESA and SESAR Certification issues regarding the operators and operation of the satellite system Definition of the operational responsibilities and liabilities. Prepare all elements to define the satellite service provision

7 Conclusions ESA mandate: to support the adoption of satellite solutions where justified and for the benefit of the European Union policies; Justified means a solid cost/benefits case, not technology for the sake of technology; Although SESAR is the foundation of the programme, is very clear that we need to act regional but think global: we count on this group, and possibly a dedicated subgroup to help us identify the best new communication standard, open and standardised at European and ICAO; In waiting for the SESAR JU to fully take its system architect role, we are counting on the support of an Expert group including Eurocontrol, ANSP's, EASA and aviation representatives to help us refine our system requirements Our next milestones are the ATM Master Plan and our own Ministerial Conference at end Meanwhile the Invitation to Tender for the Ph A studies have been issued last week, with KO expected in December.

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