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Open House 2010-2011 Team Extreme. Contact Points  Ms. Katy Hargrove : English—Room 176  429-7567 ext. 2609

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1 Open House 2010-2011 Team Extreme

2 Contact Points  Ms. Katy Hargrove : English—Room 176  429-7567 ext. 2609  Mr. Michael Vinson : Social Studies—Room 181  429-7567 ext. 2684  Mrs. Jamie Grothaus : Science—Room 180  429-7567 ext. 2466  Mr. Brian Busch : Math—Room 158  429-7567 ext.  Mr. Clark Bruggers : Intervention Specialist—Room 160  429-7567 ext. 2654  Mrs. Kristine Montague : Intervention Specialist—Room 160  429-7567 ext. 2612  Mrs. Elizabeth Casanova Honors English & Reading—Room 171  429-7567 ext. 2655

3 Team Extreme Pass Sheet This pass can be used with the following teachers- Mr. Bruggers, Mr. Busch, Mrs. Grothaus, Ms. Hargrove, Mrs. Montague, & Mr. Vinson Students not using more than FOUR of these passes in a nine weeks grading period will be eligible for extra credit. Teachers have the right to not allow use of this pass at any time. Homework PassLocker Pass Homework PassLocker Pass Tardy PassRestroom Pass Tardy PassRestroom Pass Locker PassRestroom Pass

4 Team Extreme Newsletter A bi-weekly publication available to Team Extreme parents Informs about events and pertinent team information The first newsletter will be sent out on Sept. 3 rd. Accessible on team website If you do not receive this newsletter next Friday, please contact Katy Hargrove at

5 Teacher Webs & Team Website All core teachers utilize a teacher website. The purpose of these sites are to keep students and parents informed. Uses of websites include, homework, documents, and links. To access teacher websites, direct your browser to the Ankeney homepage. Click on “Staff” and select the teacher of your choice. Team Extreme also has a team website where you can find contact information for teachers, homework for all Extreme teachers, and archived newsletters. To access the team website, direct your browser to the Ankeney homepage. Click on “teams” and select “8-Extreme.”

6 Textbook Resources  S.S.- A CD-Rom version of the text is available for check-out. Text version is not online.  Math 8, Enriched Math 8, & Honors Algebra-A DVD-Rom version of the text is available. $10.00 replacement fee if lost or damaged. An online version is available at: Access codes are available on Mr. Busch’s teacher web.  Science-Online text is available. See directions on Mrs. Grothaus’s teacher web.  Language Arts-An online version of the text is available at: The access code is: B2E4CD294C

7 Student Fees A printout of your child’s school fees will be sent home with your child in mid to late ‐ September. The fees for workbooks and supplies will be itemized by subject area. In order to provide resources, payment of schools fees is integral. If you have special circumstances please contact Linda Stapleton at Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

8 Home Access Center  Parents and students have the ability to check their grades in each class with the “Home Access Center.”  To login to the “Home Access Center” open the Ankeney homepage, and then click on the link. You will be asked for a username and password.  If you do not have a username or password please email Linda Stapleton at  Please be aware that the “Home Access Center” will not be updated daily. Teachers have a 2 week window to input grades. If you have a specific question about an assignment contact your child’s teacher directly.

9 Dress Code No extreme styles of clothing, including: Revealing attire Off the shoulder tops, Halter tops and dresses, Tank tops and dresses, Bare midriffs, Cut-offs or ripped apparel Short shorts Pajamas Logos suggesting drugs, alcohol, sex, or violence

10 Dress Code Hems of all skirts and shorts must be no less than mid-thigh Hats, bandanas, coats, and outdoor wear are not to be worn in the building No “healies” No extreme make-up or hair styles Administration makes the final decision regarding dress and appearance.

11 Parent Teacher Conferences  Team Extreme will hold Parent-Teacher Conferences on the following dates:  Thursday, November 4 th : 4:30pm-8:00pm  Friday, November 5 th : 7:30am-4:00pm  A sign-up sheet will be posted between Rooms 158 & 160 during Open House, or contact Kristine Montague ( ) or 937- 429-7567 ext 2612) and schedule a conference. We strongly encourage students to attend the Parent-Teacher

12 November Renewal Levy  Zero increase in taxes  Comprises 27% of our district’s operating revenues  Combination of two previous operating levies that have been renewed several times.  Absentee ballots and voter registration forms are by the front office if you would like to pick one up.

13 Help Your Child Be Successful! A place to do homework. A schedule for completing homework. Encouragement, motivation, and prompting. Understanding of the knowledge. Reasonable time expectations. A bedtime.

14 Bully Proofing Youth Jim Bisenius will be presenting his Bully Proofing Youth Parent Presentation on October 11 th at the Beavercreek High School Auditorium from 7-8:30pm.

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