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HeadMaster Online Parent Access

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1 HeadMaster Online Parent Access

2 What can you see? Your child’s: Homework School Events Assignments
Grades School & Class Announcements Class Activities School Events Attendance Behavior Billing Balances Class Schedule School Calendar

3 Where do you go? 1 – To your school’s website and click the link to HeadMaster Online. OR 2 – To

4 Logging on to HM Online Enter the school’s site number (only used if HM Online is not linked from the school website). Enter the username provided to you by the school. Enter the password provided to you by the school. Click Login

5 HM Online Overview Easily access all important information regarding your child.

6 My Profile Displays family demographic information. Click My Profile
Access information for other family members. Address and Phone information.

7 School Announcements Click More to view the School Announcement details.

8 Events View Event Details and Contact information. Click More to view the Event details.

9 Family Billing Balances
View current billing balances and the school book keeper with any questions.

10 Class Activity Click the class name to view Homework and Announcements. View class averages. Click the Envelope Icon to the teacher.

11 Class Activity Detail Click to view other class activity details.
View averages by assignment type. Click More to view Announcement details. View homework for the week. View class attendance totals.

12 Academics View overall averages and homework.
Current average for selected grading period. Select child you want to view. Select the grading period you want to view View Homework and Recent Assignments.

13 Viewing Homework View homework for the current week.
Click the date to view other homework details. You can print homework if needed. Click View to look at homework.

14 Assignments & Grades View assignments and grades for each subject.
Click Details to view assignments & grades for a subject. the teacher if you have questions about the assignment. View Assignment Grades. Print the Assignment notes. View Assignment Notes. Omitted grades are not included in the average for the subject. View Teacher Comments.

15 Attendance View absences, tardies and reasons given.
Click Details to view dates and reasons given for attendance markings.

16 Behavior View any behavior recorded for your child.
You can print the behavior for further review with your child. Click Details to view the specific incident. Behavior Detail Notes

17 Billing Review any charges & payments for the current year.

18 Schedule View your child’s class schedule.

19 Calendar View the school calendar online.
Select to view all calendars or a single calendar. Click to view Event details. Put your mouse on the event to display details or….

20 Thank you!! If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact your school administration.

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