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Ohio Government Presentation

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1 Ohio Government Presentation
By Mrs. Heebsh’s Fourth Grade Class At Elida Elementary School

2 Representative Democracy
Our type of government .

3 Representative Democracy
Representative means officials voted into office. Democracy means freedoms and rights found in the constitution.

4 3 Levels of Government Federal State Local

5 3 Levels of Government 3 levels of government
Biggest is federal (national) president and congress Medium sized is state governor and General Assembly Smallest sized is local mayor and city council.

6 3 Branches of Government

7 Checks and Balances Branches check on each other to make sure they are doing their jobs. All 3 branches are balanced: equal in power

8 Legislative Branch By Shelby Joe

9 Legislative The legislative branch is made of 33 senate & 99 representatives The legislative branch is also called the general assembly They make the laws & approve the budget Statehouse in Columbus

10 Executive branch`s function is to enforce the laws and carry them out.
Governor Kasich

11 Executive Branch The cabinet helps the governor make decisions.
Treasurer Attorney General Secretary of State Auditor

12 FUNCTION Interprets the laws and decides if they have been broken
Judicial Branch FUNCTION Interprets the laws and decides if they have been broken

13 Ohio Supreme Court There are 7 justices in the Ohio Supreme Court.

14 3 Purposes of a Democratic Constitution
By: Jalyn,Eric,and Kaylee

15 There are 3 purposes for having a democratic Constitution.
Framework or plan Limits the power of Government Defines what elected officials job is

16 Parts of The Constitution
Preamble, Bill Of Rights Executive,Legislative,Judicial.

17 Preamble We the people of the state of Ohio, Grateful to almighty God for freedom, to secure its blessings and promote our common welfare, do establish this Constitution.


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