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Ohio Government Presentation

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1 Ohio Government Presentation
By Mrs. Masters’ Fourth Grade Class At Elida Elementary School

2 Representative Democracy
Our type of government. By Hanna Maxwell, Megan Hall, Jocquise Jenkins.

3 Representative- officials voted in to office
Democracy-our freedom and rights in the constitution

4 Federal U.S.A State Ohio Local Elida
3 Levels of Government Federal U.S.A State Ohio Local Elida

5 3 Levels of Government Federal: President and Congress
State: Governor and General Assembly Local: Mayor and City Council By:Alli,Corbin,T.J

6 Legislative- General Assembly Executive-Governor
Judicial-Ohio Supreme Court

7 Checks and Balances Branches check on each other
No branch has more power than the other By Devin,Alissa and Raven.

8 Legislative Branch 2 Parts: Senate – 33 Members
House of Representatives – 99 Makes laws and approves budget.

9 Legislative Branch Senate House of Representatives General Assembly

10 Enforces and carries out the laws.
Executive Branch Enforces and carries out the laws. The Executive is not more powerful then the other two branches.[Legislative Judicial.]

11 Executive Branch John Kasich is the leader of the Executive Branch.

12 Judicial Branch

13 Judicial Branch The head people in the Judicial branch are in the Ohio Supreme Court. They are made up of 7 judges called the 7 justices. By Kaylie Melton By Nykese Averett

14 Ohio Constitution

15 3 Purposes Ohio Constitution Provide a governmental framework or plan
To make sure that the government has limited power To explain elected officials functions and authorities By Matt, Lauren, and Grace

16 Ohio Constitution Parts
Bill of rights Preamble Articles Garrett, Alana, Hanna.J

17 3 Branches of Government
Legislative Judicial Executive


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