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Confidential MRO Sales &Vendor Managed Inventory Services Norvell Eutsey 512-415-4952.

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1 Confidential MRO Sales &Vendor Managed Inventory Services Norvell Eutsey 512-415-4952

2 Confidential NE Ventures, LLC. The Individual (Norvell Eutsey, Jr.) Supply Chain Management (12 years) Strategic Sourcing (9 years) Category Management Supplier Development Project Management Supplier Diversity Management (12 years) Administrative Services Management (16 years) Facilities Management (16 years) Executive Leadership (5 years) Small / Minority Business Development (12 years)

3 Confidential Product Line Card Bearings Electrical and Industrial Automation Hydraulic Hose Hydraulics Industrial Hose Industrial Supply Products Linear Motion Material Handling Mechanical Power Transmission Pneumatics Seals and Accessories

4 Confidential Solutions Offered Vendor Managed Inventory & Point of Use Dispensing Spend & Cost Savings Analysis Asset Tracking Warranty and Repair Tracking Category Management Inventory Management & Control

5 Confidential Services Supply Chain and Supplier Management Services Supplier Management Programs Sourcing Project Management Strategic Sourcing Process Development

6 Confidential Customer Deliverables Define Inventory Management goals and objectives Evaluation of Customer and NE Ventures current systems and processes Identification and documentation of system and process improvement opportunities Alignment of NE Ventures service model with Customer expectations Technology integration and implementation plan Documentation of PO generation, A/P, A/R, product ordering processes Desired Outcomes Effective and Efficient relationship model that yields: Significant Reduction in Customer Inventory Management Expense Effective and Efficient relationship model that yields: Significant Reduction in Customer Inventory Management Expense

7 Confidential … is a package of software, hardware, and process tools for providing services to automate management of customer in-plant MRO inventories Basically, all the system does is collect order or count sheet data that is then electronically transferred into NE Ventures Operating System (OPI, Consignment) for processing Storeroom Replenishment Program

8 Confidential Services Bar Code Scanned Parts Replenishment Program Targeted for Keep Fill or Point-of-Use Replenishment and Consignment Type Inventory Management Systems Electronic upload to Order Fulfillment System Eliminates Manual Processes Streamlines Transactions Speeds Part Replenishment Accommodates Core and Non-Core Products

9 Confidential Supported Model Types Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) Models Replenishment Keep Fill Model Replenishment Order Qty Model Replenishment Min / Max Model Consignment Inventory Management Model Cycle Counting Bin Counting

10 Confidential Update COS No Data Entry Orders Generated Interface to Consignment Labels Generated Bins are Scanned and BOH or Order Quantity Entered Keep Fill Model Operations Flow Storeroom Replenishment Product is Shipped to Customer Customer Bin Locations are Bar Coded

11 Confidential The program uses a handheld scanner to collect the information needed supporting the (VMI) Process. Below are some pictures of the Psion Teklogic scanner and an example of a bar code label NE Ventures uses in this service. Handheld Scanner MINO: 99999X99999

12 Confidential Benefits Storeroom Replenishment (Vendor Managed Inventory – VMI) Streamlines Transactions Eliminates Data Entry Speeds Part Replenishment Promotes Accurate Order Fulfillment Provides Activity / Usage Reporting Reduces Customer Labor Cost Integrated with Motion Consignment Programs

13 Confidential Industrial Vending (Point-of-Use Dispensing) An automated inventory management system design to provide a cost effective way to establish control of high volume products, improve product accessibility, increase facility uptime while reducing MRO transaction and inventory cost.

14 Confidential User Removes Product From Dispensing Unit. Process Software Downloads Usage Information Throughout the Day Branch Receives Replenishment Order NE Ventures Service Tech Fills Machine How Industrial Vending Works................

15 Confidential What Goes Into The Machines High Use Items. Gloves Safety Glasses Tapes & Adhesives Flashlights Items With a Take Home Value Batteries Small Tools Office Supplies Medicine & First Aid High Dollar Value Items. Calibration Equipment Test Equipment Vibration Equipment

16 Confidential Strategically Located – NE Ventures has partnered with Motion Industries and will utilize MIs distribution network. 7 Distribution Centers 36 Service Centers 458 Branch Locations DC ACTIVITIES 20% Auto Replenishment 80% Rush Orders Demand 264,748 lbs. Shipped Per Day 4,386 Small Express Packages Per Day

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