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2 Super Heroes Lessons to be learnt from Super Heroes

3 R emember the times when we were small kids and we begged our parents to buy comic books? Any train journey would not be complete without reading Spiderman, Batman, Phantom or Wonder woman. Many comics have now been successfully made into extremely successful films. These superheroes of comics are now in front of us in 3D and we love to watch them as we can relate to them.

4 Who is a Superhero? A super hero is a character of fiction who possesses extraordinary powers and has dedicated his/her life for public service, fighting against evil. One of the first superheroes that came into existence was Superman in 1938. And then came an array of super heroes and super heroines, with their costumes and masks, hiding their real identities.

5 But these Superheroes are not just comic characters. We can learn a lot from them. Each one has a different technique, attitude and learning to give us all.

6 1. Nothing is Impossible- Superman Belief in yourself can overcome anything in this world. The most important lesson we can learn from Superman is to have faith in oneself. Trust yourself first- only then can you overcome the challenges in life.

7 When you trust yourself, everything seems achievable. Superman always plays a part where he shows that without faith, nothing can be done in this world. Though Superman has super powers, if it was not for his belief in himself, he would not have been a super hero.

8 2. You need to build Yourself- Batman Bruce Wayne or Batman, was the one super hero who was not born with super powers. But it was his dedication, ambition and perseverance that made him develop himself as Batman. He is shown not only as a successful entrepreneur but also as a successful super hero.

9 To equip himself better against the enemies of Gotham he develops efficient training routines and incredible gadgets. Batman never lets failure destroy him, but learns from them and improves upon them. Same is the case in our lives- with dedication and constant learning, one can achieve great heights of success. One needs to embrace the changing technologies and learn everything new in order to stay with the fast paced world.

10 3. Be Responsible- Spiderman ‘With great power comes great responsibility’; the ever famous dialogue of Spiderman’s uncle, around which all his stories revolve. Spiderman has always kept his responsibility towards his work or service superior to his personal life. He knows what he has to do and he doesn’t have a choice. He knows his responsibilities towards his city and its people.

11 Like Spiderman, we should also know our responsibilities, and then go on to fulfill them, rather than running away from them. True power comes only when one accepts his/ her responsibility towards their jobs or their personal lives.

12 4. Have a Positive Outlook-The Hulk In life there comes many circumstances when you don’t feel positive, you are surrounded by negativity. Only a person who can see the positive side in the negativity can be a happy, content and successful person. Sometimes, your flaws can be your greatest talents.

13 Just like the Incredible Hulk or Bruce Banner, who resists his negative energy because it changes him into the Green Hulk. But he soon learns to channelize his negative energies into something positive. Thus, even negativity, when used in a positive manner can be fruitful.

14 5. Accept yourself as you are- The X-men The X-men were mutants who were always looked down upon and disregarded by the human society. They were very different from the rest of the humans, but they overcame prejudice and stuck together against evil. Be proud of who you are.

15 The grass always looks greener on the other side- but look at what you have on your own side and accept it. Take pride in what you are, who you are and what you can do. Think of yourself as a valuable asset that is no less than others. Acceptance is the first step towards a better life.

16 7. Learn from your mistakes- Iron Man Tony Stark, a successful and wealthy business man turns into Iron man to save the world and provide justice to all. Just like Batman, Iron Man does not have any super powers but builds everything himself to become a super hero. His near death experience teaches him to look at his flaws and what he was trying to achieve, instead of dedicating his life to better things.

17 To err is human- but to learn from the error and rectify it- is what takes to be a great human being. Accept your mistakes and try to learn your life lessons from them.

18 8. Be tough and respect your principles- Captain America Steve Rogers or Captain America was a normal, undersized young man who was always being bullied. But he never let this get him down- instead he toughened himself against the bullies. His main motto was to ‘win at all costs’. A man of principles, Captain America never forgot his ideals and his duties but stood up to them because he had faith in himself.

19 Life will turn you down several times. There will be people around you, who will make you feel menial. It is up to you how you tackle them. Believe in your own principles and stand up for them. Be tough and then see the world change their thinking about you.

20 10. Work as a team- The Fantastic Four The Fantastic four were a group of four individuals who accidently possess abilities to transform themselves. They are four different personalities with very different traits. But they soon realize that they can, together work towards the betterment of humanity. There is a common thread that holds them together- their attitude towards humanity.

21 If you are a part of a team, work with your team mates. Isolation from the team will lead to failure of you as a person as well as of the team as a whole. Each one has separate strengths and weaknesses. But if you work your strengths in a team, you can achieve success.

22 Power doesn’t come from special boons given to someone. Power comes from within you. If you know your true self, understand your skills and talents and work towards improving them, you have the power to succeed. It is the special traits of these super heroes that we love watching. Because of these traits we can identify with them, not because of their special powers.

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