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DO NOW Turn to page 5B. Get out your Springboard book and tear out page 16 and 17.

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1 DO NOW Turn to page 5B. Get out your Springboard book and tear out page 16 and 17.


3 OBJECTIVES IWBAT analyze how a film uses the Hero’s Journey to structure it’s plot. IWBAT apply the Hero’s Journey archetype to a new text.

4 ACADEMIC LANGUAGE GLOSSARY Hero’s Journey- a plot pattern that shows the development of a hero 3 Stages: The Departure, the Initiation and the Return 3 Steps under each stage

5 STAGE 1 (DEPARTURE): STEP 1, CALL TO ADVENTURE We start to understand Mr. Incredible’s character— -he might not realize it, but he works best when he is with a team. -His life is about to change through marriage and kids, which initially disrupts his ability to be a hero.

6 STAGE 1 (DEPARTURE): STEP 2, REFUSAL OF THE CALL We see that Mr. Incredible has rejected the hero’s life (since he has gone into hiding, along with the rest of the superheroes) and now has a regular job—which bores him.

7 STAGE 1 (DEPARTURE): STEP 3, THE BEGINNING OF THE ADVENTURE Mr. Incredible gets a literal invitation to rejoin the adventure. He gets a very technologically advanced invitation to go the island.

8 STAGE 2 (INITIATION): STEP 1, ROAD OF TRIALS There are many parts of the movie that fall under this category—the majority of the rising action is going to leading to the point where Mr. Incredible realizes that his family is essential to helping him battle his enemy. This, however, is the beginning of the Road of Trials, where he is still on his own.

9 STAGE 2 (INITIATION): STEP 2, THE EXPERIENCE OF UNCONDITIONAL LOVE At this point, we have moved through much of the plot of the story. This is right after they all reunite on the island after Elasti-Girl and the kids went to go save Mr. Incredible. Mr. Incredible thought they had died in a plane crash, but from this point forward he is going to get some a lot of direct help because of the unconditional love his family has granted him.

10 STAGE 2 (INITIATION): STEP 3, THE ULTIMATE BOON Here, we see the remote, the object struggled for throughout the rising action. This is, on the surface, the boon that will give the Incredibles’ victory. But, in the end, it is teamwork itself that is the boon that will allow Mr. Incredible to show his true strength and vanquish his enemy.

11 STAGE 3 (RETURN): STEP 1: REFUSAL OF THE RETURN We don’t have as strong a Refusal of the Return as we had the refusal of the call. We know that the public is happy with the return of the heroes (the initial reason that Mr. Incredible had to leave the superhero biz). But, we do see a phone call that shows that the return to superhero life isn’t going to be as easy as the Incredibles had planned. This is where the babysitter is calling to report some…issues with the baby.

12 STAGE 3 (RETURN): STEP 2, THE MAGIC FLIGHT Here, we have the final struggle. Mr. Incredible has regained his sense of self- worth and the love of his family, but there is still one final struggle to be worked through.

13 STAGE 3 (RETURN): STEP 3, RESCUE FROM WITHOUT Just as it seems like Mr. Incredible’s enemy is going to get what he wants after all, we have an outside force (the baby) suddenly come to the rescue. The fact that the outside force is another member of the family strengthens the film’s theme about the importance of family.

14 STAGE 3 (RETURN): STEP 4, THE CROSSING OR RETURN THRESHOLD In our final scene, we see the theme revealed—this time, the family is ready to fight evil together from the beginning, and Mr. Incredible knows what his true strength is.

15 PACING Pacing: a narrative technique that refers to the amount of time a writer gives to describing each event. It also is how long the author takes to develop each stage of the plot. PAIR SHARE: How do good writers pace plot events?

16 DO NOW Get out your Hero’s Journey notes on 5A and B

17 HERO’S JOURNEY AND PLOT STRUCTURE Make a plot mountain with your group and place the steps of the hero’s journey along the coinciding parts of the plot mountain.

18 HOMEWORK Your homework tonight is to complete the Hero’s journey graphic organizer (page 19 in the springboard book) on a story you have read in the past. If your stuck, use The Giver as an example.

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