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AM-2013, CHILE SCOME SESSION, REGIONAL PRESENTATION: ASIA-PACIFIC Prepared by: Yameen Hamid (BMSS- Bangladesh) Heng Yeh (FMS- Taiwan) Co RA of Asia-Pacific,

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Presentation on theme: "AM-2013, CHILE SCOME SESSION, REGIONAL PRESENTATION: ASIA-PACIFIC Prepared by: Yameen Hamid (BMSS- Bangladesh) Heng Yeh (FMS- Taiwan) Co RA of Asia-Pacific,"— Presentation transcript:

1 AM-2013, CHILE SCOME SESSION, REGIONAL PRESENTATION: ASIA-PACIFIC Prepared by: Yameen Hamid (BMSS- Bangladesh) Heng Yeh (FMS- Taiwan) Co RA of Asia-Pacific, SCOME Presented by: Vivien Li (NOME, AMSAHK- Hong Kong)

2 Countries (NMOs) of IFMSA Asia-Pacific 1. AMSA (Australia) 2. AMSAHK (Hong Kong) 3. AMSA-Philippines (Philippines) 4. BMSS (Bangladesh) 5. CIMSA (Indonesia) 6. IFMSA-China (China) 7. IFMSA-Japan (Japan) 8. IFMSA-Pakistan (Pakistan) 9. FMS-Taiwan (Taiwan) 10. IFMSA-Thailand (Thailand) 11. KMSA (Korea) 12. MMLA (Mongolia) 13. MSAI India (India) 14. MSPA Kyrgyzstan (Kyrgyzstan) 15. NMSS (Nepal) 16. NZMSA (New Zealand) 17. SMMAMS (Malaysia)

3 NOMEs of Asia-Pacific SCOME NameCountry (NMO)E-mail Vivien LiAMSAHK (Hong Kong) Roda Tessa EstrellaAMSA-Philippines (Philippines) Yameen HamidBMSS (Bangladesh) Iswandy Janetputra Turu' Allo CIMSA (Indonesia) Sayumi KakizawaIFMSA-Japan (Japan) Saad AyubIFMSA-Pakistan (Pakistan) nome.ifmsapakistan@gmail. com Evit JohnMSAI India (India) Suvash DawadiNMSS (Nepal) Soyong LeeKMSA (Korea)

4 Projects/ Events update CIMSA- Indonesia 1. National Committee and first meeting: 7th July 2. Mini HPEQ (Health Professional Education Quality) 3. UHC (Universal Health Coverage) Seminar 4. PDT (Pre-Departure Training with SCOPE) 5. Doctor's Day Awareness 6. SCOME CIMSA National Meeting (SCOMEeting or National SCOME Camp)

5 Projects/ Events update BMSS- Bangladesh 1. TNT workshop for the beginners 2. Pre congress workshop of "I Love My Heart- Asia" congress on 'ECG' and ‘Atherosclerosis n CHD’ 3. iMED’12, iMED’13 campaign 4. 'Good Medical Practice’- TNP Future plan: 1. Organizing scientific sessions of “I Love My Heart- Asia” congress 2. Seminar on career planning, research and publication 3. Poster making competition 4. Med Olympiad, quiz n debate festival

6 Projects/ Events update FMS- Taiwan 1. Student-self study 2. Introduction of career and life style in internship 3. Curriculum survey 4. Meetings with teachers and professors on curriculum changing issues

7 Projects/ Events update KMSA- Korea 1. Survey about ‘Abolishment of Internship’ by KMSA and Ministry of Health and Welfare of Korea 2. Medical Student Report Committee (MSRC) for evaluating the education system by Government and KMSA 3. First-Aid Training for Pre-med Students 4. BLS programme for citizens and professionals

8 Projects/ Events update AMSA- Philippines 1. MEDICINFOGRAPHICS (Infographics for Medical Students) 2. Pilot research study with a working title: “Medical students' perceptions of educational environment in traditional, integrated and problem-based medical curriculum” 3. Medical Education and research forum, Tentative Date: November 23, 2013, Venue: University of the Philippines-Manila 4. Curriculum Database- TNP

9 Projects/ Events update AMSA- Australia There are a number of medical education initiatives but mainly these concern advocacy in medical education They are conducted by the Executive Board of AMSA- Australia at the National level; and universities at the local level

10 Projects/ Events update MSAI- India 1. Healthy lifestyle quiz 2. USMLE preparation classes with professors from US and China (planned) 3. Research publication journal- IJSS 4. Research grants and student exchanges collaboration with SCOPE, SCORE 5. Rural health camps 6. Education camps in various schools (planned)

11 Projects/ Events update NMSS- Nepal 1. Intern's club: Medical Interns who passed their final exams hold discussion sessions with juniors preparing for finals. 2. Clinical bedside skills: Facilitated NOME, Senior members teach the juniors practice clinical skills 3. BLS training project in collaboration with the Department of Anesthesia for Junior Interns 4. Publication: “MedicaMomentosa” annual publication of NMSS 5. Research: Training on basic research, Advocacy for financing for research

12 APRM-2013 Update Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 5 th -8 th, September, 2013

13 SCOME session agenda: APRM-2013, Indonesia, 5 th -8 th, September, 2013 Parallel introduction session Discussion on different ME system Training session Project presentation SWG session External updates Discussion on how to improve SCOME in Asia- Pacific IFMSA Reform update (planned)

14 Special agenda for APRM-2013 What initiative we should take to increase and improve SCOME activities in AP regions? What are your expectations in APRM SCOME sessions?

15 What initiative we should take to increase and improve SCOME activities in AP regions? To improve activities in AP we have to have the focus first. So every idea will focus on that issue. Then we will have more projects related the focus Each NMO could define their goals. For example, if the NOME shares with SCOME international team his plan, then we can work together If any NMO is lacking of SCOME organizationally we should to take initiative And last but not the least a regional training program on ME issues for the SCOME activists here

16 What are your expectations in APRM- 2013 SCOME session? In APRM-2013 we have to talk more about ME issues, not about basic SCOME issues. Because basic SCOME guideline is already given by LOMEs in the local. During this APRM we need to have training session on ME issues for SCOMEdians. This will be like a SCOME camp/ short ESME session etc.

17 EXTERNAL UPDATES Research, Conference, Publication, Association

18 Prince Mahidol Award Conference (PMAC), Thailand, 2014 Theme: Transformative Learning for Health Eqiuty Background: The Prince Mahidol Award Conference (PMAC) is an annual international conference focusing on policy-related health issues of global significance. The conference is hosted by the Prince Mahidol Award Foundation, the Thai Ministry of Public Health, Mahidol University and other global partners. The Conference in 2014 will be co-hosted by the Prince Mahidol Award Conference, the World Health Organization (WHO), the World Bank, U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), the Rockefeller Foundation and China Medical Board with the support from other key related partners. The Conference will be held in Bangkok, Thailand, from 27 -31 January 2014. Web site:

19 10 th Asia Pacific Medical Education Conference (APMEC) Date:16 th -20 th January, 2013 Location: Singapore, National University of Singapore Summary: The theme of this year’s conference is, A Celebration of Innovation and Scholarship in Medical and Health Professional Education - Trends, Issues, Priorities, and Strategies (TIPS). Description: The aim of the conference is to share and learn from the experts in medical and health professions education and best practices adopted internationally. For 2013 pre- conference workshops will cover medical and healthcare professional education as well as pre-conference training programs conducted in collaboration with the European Association of Standardized Patient Educators (ASPE) and the Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE). Web link:

20 Advanced Countries of Asia-Pacific in Medical Education Singapore Malaysia Australia China Japan Thailand Korea India Reference: ‘Leading medical schools for Asian students’ by Asian Correspondent, for-asian-students/, schools-in-australia.html for-asian-students/ schools-in-australia.html

21 Barriers to Medical Education research in Asia Poor socio-economic condition Lack of relevance Leadership crisis Lack of faculty development Information poverty Cultural and religious conservation Unforeseeable short term research outcomes Reference: M A A Majumder, Annual Academic Medicine Singapore 2004;33:257-63, Issues and Priorities of Medical Education Research in Asia, Review Article

22 WFME associates in Asia-Pacific SEARAME: South East Asia Regional Association for Medical Education Journal: South East Asian Journal of Medical Education (SEAJME), ISSN 1905 – 7415, Two issues are printed every year. Conferences: Global Commission on Education of Health Professionals for the 21st century (2010) Global Consensus for Social Accountability of Medical Schools (GCSA), 2010 SEARAME NCHPE 2012 conference Website:

23 WFME associates in Asia-Pacific AMEWPR: Association for Medical Education in the Western Pacific Region Website: Journal: Journal of Educational Evaluation for Health Professionals (JEEHP), Conferences: The first conference was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malyasia in 1988 The 1990 conference was a two-phased meeting in Seoul (Korea) and Fukuoka (Japan) The 1994 conference was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia The 1996 conference was held in Seoul, Korea The 1998 conference was held in Manila, Philippines The 2000 conference was held in Townsville (Australia) The 2006 conference was held in Beijing, China The 2008 conference was held in Tokyo, Japan The 2010 conference was held in Tokyo, Japan


25 For your patience!!

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