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Naukri e-Hire Product training by Nishant Bhardwaj.

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1 Naukri e-Hire Product training by Nishant Bhardwaj

2 Target customer Naukri clients who do not have the recruitment bandwidth Growing very fast Shortlisting Service Not for consultants Only for corporates

3 Recruitment challenges faced by organizations Today Vis - a - Vis How does e-Hire help?

4 e-hire is a cost effective solution, that will cost a fraction of what is spent on other recruitment avenues such as consultants / print ads OR costs incurred in screening candi date profiles Pricing: e-Hire_Junior: experience – up to 5 years Rs 15000/- +taxes e-Hire_Middle experience – 5 years and above Rs 20000/- + taxes Example - if the client requires candidates with 3 to 5 yrs exp then it should be billed in e-hire_junior @ Rs 15,000/- tax while if the job requires candidates with 2 to 6 yrs of exp then it should be billed in e-hire_middle @ Rs. 20,000/- + tax pls note we will not be shortlisting or forwarding any candidate with 6 years or more experience in the first category to the client in e-Hire Junior Challenge - Pressure to reduce cost of hiring

5 e-Hire will deliver only pre-screened & relevant cvs for the job openings. So, all client has to do is sift thru the e-Hire shortlisting report and hire only from the relevant & interested candidates for their job vacancy Challenge - Irrelevant / Junk cvs

6 Challenge - Small HR teams / Need to scale – up Biz e-Hire offers an extended recruitment bandwidth for clients :- We advertise on client’s behalf Accumulate candidate responses at our end Screen applications as per qualifying criteria’s set by client Present Final reports of only those qualifying candidates which are found relevant and interested for the job. Interview Scheduling Selected candidate’s hand-holding till the offer stage

7 Pre sales framework 1 Lead Generation / Job Description shared by the Naukri sales exec Link to JD FormJD Form 2 Concall with client by e-Hire spocs To explain e-Hire process in detail Get clarity on JD queries 3 Share a sample shortlisting report (See Report) & dummy cvs (See sample cvs)See Report sample cvs Get client approval Benchmark shortlisting standards for the position. 4 A service delivery commitment is now sent to the client on min no. of pre-screened cvs to be deliveredservice delivery commitment Candidate shortlisting criteria ( Must have & Preferred parameters) as well as Qualifying Qs as set by the client e-Hire Process Framework & Terms & Conditions Payment collection and ERP entry by sales exec

8 Post sales framework 1 Real time schedule for reports are shared with client.( 5 th & 10 th day from the date sales details are received 2 Delivery begins - Job posting on HV eApps Mailers on Resdex 3 Shortlisting ( as per criteria & qualifying Qs set pre- sales) through Job Responses, Resdex Search & mailer response by e-hire recruiter. 4 Finally Sending reports as per the schedule 5 Interview Scheduling of Shortlisted candidates as per client`s suitable date 6 On completion of Interview process, activity feedback from is sent to client to inquire status on satisfaction / offer / joining.activity feedback from

9 Points to check while sharing leads Clients should be ok with paying upfront (advance) for this processing service. Do not accept profiles which have already got churned –out in Resdex Or in-parallel being worked upon at either client’s end / consultant Do not guarantee candidate turn-ups We do not commit bulk cvs to close positions. Ex client requires 40 – 50 cvs thru single e-Hire activity Niche position because of non- availability on Resdex

10 Where e-hire does not work  Repetitive low-value( less than sal -15000/- pm) Ongoing positions like:-  BPO - entry level  Insurance – sales  Medical reps  Counter sales  Tele-sales

11 Top Sales executives( corp. sales) Sales PersonBranchRevenueAccounts Name Pallavi SaurabhPune5.20 LacsAmdocs, Suzlon, Nihilent Technologies Devina/BharatMumbai-Worli4.67 LacsVFS Global, Tata Power Nikhil KhushalaniMumbai-Worli4.36 LacsNSDL, Vinpa Exports

12 Success stories (Corp sales)….

13 FAQ’s with Answers Client - Do you guarantee Candidate Turn-up’s? Since e-Hire is a shortlisting service we do not guarantee turn ups,however our experience of having served numerous clients (across past 5yrs) had been such that at least 50% - 60% candidates (from the shared shortlisting report) do turn –up for a face to face interview. Client - What if we are not able to close position even after conducting interview with all the shortlisted candidates? We assure you that reason for this would never be irrelevance as the candidates would always be pre –screened and checked for fitment ( as per qualifying criteria set by the client). However if client is able to identify any shortcoming on cv shortlisting part we would be more then glad to compensate with a replacement cv asap. What if the offered candidate doesn’t join the client organization OR quits before completing three months? There is no replacement clause.However client can utilize remaining candidates from the shortlisting report.

14 7. Why should client pay in advance? Our’ s is an advanced based processing model and not a success based service (like consultants) wherein client pays a higher fee ( but on successful fulfillment) 8. How does e-Hire ensure that client does not get to deal with a duplicate cv ? As a part of screening process we always check with the shortlisted candidates if they have been contacted for the said position in the past 3 months and only then he/she gets included in the shortlisting activity report. 9. What is the fee involved Commercials aspects are handled by sales exec only

15 Branch wise e-Hire spocs e-Hire SPOC Sales BranchesMobile Number Landline Number e-Mail ID Nishant Bhardwaj Delhi ncr, Mumbai-Worli, Chennai(Tamil nadu) 98719931710120- 4304914 nishant.bhardwaj@n Ashish Prakash Mumbai- Andheri Mumbai-Vashi Direct Sales Pune, Bangalore Hyderabad Rest of india 97114773830120- 4304906 ashish.prakash@nau

16 Thank You

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