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Econnect - India Econnect-India telecom services.

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1 Econnect - India Econnect-India telecom services

2 1) What is Econnect? 2) Mission of the Econnect. 3) Key Features of Service. 4) Works as bridge in between consumer’s & service ‘s industry. 5) How to work with telecom industry? 6) How we work with our partners ? 7) Service offered to telecom company. 8) Telecommunication networks.

3 1. What is Econnect service? Econnect-India is a 1 st & only 1 online portal in India for comparing and applying telecom connections (prepaid, postpaid, landline, broadband, and internet connections). Company starts its ongoing presence across Delhi NCR geography, we have team of minimum work experience of 5 years in sale and retail market, providing business services with wide array of products and services including retail and corporate products, Business Services, Value Added Services.

4 2.What a mission of this service in telecom Industry? Our Vision:- To be admired and wanted to as most trusted name in client & business services segment while maintaining the service quality and sustaining the client interest. Our Mission:- Create unmatched value for everyone through reliable, effective, transparent and profitable Products and Services.

5 3. Key Features ? Delivered consignments on time we give to customers. Very responsive website and user friendly to all our clients. We provide a confirm cash back or assured gift on every sell. Compares any telecom product and apply it at same time. Very soon we also launch Android mobile app for customer’s. Our target to reach over 500 dealer/DSA’s in Delhi NCR only

6 4. Econnect works as a Bridge between consumer’s & service’s explain how? Econnect-India serves as a bridge between consumer’s and service’s so that both may experience their part of satisfaction. Sellers may receive regular and loyal customers with good spending capacity and consumers may get special treatment. Following are some of the key reasons which determines the need of this product in Indian market: Indian consumer is habitual of availing discounts. To boost up sales the sellers are planning more and more discounted sale offers. The discounted offers does not serve any cash discounts to.

7 A pocket friendly priced product One of a kind concept in India More than 100 tie ups agreed to provide seamless service to customer throughout the year Brings multiple services to one platform for making it easy for customer A value add tool for saving Low cost product, easy to sell Lesser complaint ratio for our longer association and smooth working we will support your business with the following components: Industry lead job oriented Training Support Software application support MIS support

8 5. How to work with telecom industry? Econnect-India is an initiative of Telecom services. It is an attempt to bring customer’s and service’s at a common platform where customer’s can enjoy all the services of connecting and feel privileged to receive at special prices with a wide variety of facilities form different telecom sectors online. Econnect-India forms a society which provides access to the better living. As we partner with almost every big name in telecom sector, so we arrange to get some handsome deals every time the customer spend money, be it on a necessity or pleasure.

9 We are connected with our customer’s with several connectivity like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and from mail id for a long & better relations in future all the time. Econnect-India is with its partners all the time in every stage of selling the products and in any confusion and problems. We hope our partners are also with us and follow instructions given by us for smooth transactions and services. The best we gave and we also expect best in return, so for every transaction we collect feedback by customers and giving you a rating.

10 6.How we work with our partners ? W e offer a unique feature of reference, if any client apply with your(company) reference, then we share the lead with you only and the conditions will be the same. With our partners the major issue is of claw back, so here we present the resolve of the same. If you provide the some kind of offer and cash back to your client with regular 3/4 months then the claw back ratio is down fall at 80%. For example- If you give your client Rs.50 cash back every month for 3 months, so the client is yours for at least 3 months. So the total cost you spend is Rs.150, but here we share 50% of your spending cost. So now Rs. 75 spends by you and Rs.75 given by us. If he pays the from our website.

11 Our work process :- For example – If Mr. Sonu wants a new postpaid connection, but he did’nt have any idea of the plans, network and pricing. But some how Sonu heard a name of Econnect-India, so he come to our website and compare, select and apply the monthly plan suit’s for his needs with a perfect network he like’s. After applying the connection we share and send the lead with our partners, and as a company norms our partners do the all formalities. Send there executive at the address given by client and hand over the sim and continue the process and close the lead as fast they can.

12 7- We have almost all products of telecom services, like :- Pre paid Post paid Landline Broadband Modem Internet postpaid/prepaid

13 We are tie-ups with almost all telecom companies in Delhi -NCR, like Airtel Aircel Idea MTS Reliance Tata Vodafone 8- Telecommunication networks.



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