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Welcome to Fourth Grade

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1 Welcome to Fourth Grade
Ms. Gagne’s Class

2 Parent Involvement It is important for me, as your child’s teacher, to form a partnership with you to continue your child’s education. I depend on parental involvement to ensure a successful year.

3 Ways to be involved: ATTEND conferences to share information about your child. TALK to your child about their progress. LOOK over your child’s classroom work. JOIN other parents and teachers at PIE (Partners in Education) meetings once a month. READ daily to/with your child and talk about books of interest. VOLUNTEER to help in the classroom and in the school.

4 Contact Information My work phone number is ext. 4107 My is Our class website is:

5 Supplies for Fourth Grade
Scissors Dry Erase markers 12 pencils with eraser (continual supply) Wide-ruled notebooks (1 ea. red, green, blue, & yellow ) 4 total Two-pocket folders (1 ea. Red, green, blue, & yellow ) 4 total Glue Sticks pens Colored pencils Pencil box or bag Highlighters Kleenex (1) Tennis shoes for gym $20 donation for planner/field trip/parties/crafts

6 Supplies for Fourth Grade cont’d
Please have your child bring the preceding items to school. LABEL each item with your child’s name. A backpack is required to carry work and belongings between home and school DAILY!

7 Student Storage Each student will have their own desk for school supplies and workbooks. Each student will also have a hook for his or her jacket and backpack. There is a cubby underneath their hook for storing gym shoes.

8 Water Bottles Drinking plenty of water is important for brain function and learning. Children are encouraged to bring a water bottle to keep at their desk. Make sure the water bottles have a secure top that will not leak. Water bottles will be sent home each week for cleaning.

9 Snack Time A snack break is given for students to refuel their bodies.
In class we stress healthy food choices. Please send a healthy snack each day for your child.

10 Healthy Snack Ideas Fruit Vegetables Yogurt Cheese Crackers Nuts Etc.
Not Included… candy cookies sweets

11 Snack Break cont’d Sometimes packing a snack at home can be overlooked. Any cracker donations to our snack cupboard are greatly appreciated by those who have forgotten.

12 Academic Expectations
Participate in class by: sharing ideas with others asking questions about the subject taking responsibility for learning by asking for help completing assignments on time

13 Report Cards You will see letter grades on your report card for: Math
Reading Spelling Science

14 What do letter grades mean?

15 A % Outstanding Work Above and Beyond

16 B % Above Grade Level Expectations Doing Well!

17 C % Doing Average 4th Grade Work -

18 D 60-69% Below Grade Level Not meeting the standard
Not hitting the fourth grade target

19 U (in place of F) % Unacceptable Do over!

20 What do + and – mean? A++ = 100 (perfect paper with extra-credit) A+ = 98 A = 95 A- = 92 B+ = 88 B = 85 B- = 82 C+ = 78 C = 75 C- = 72 D+ = 68 D = 65 D- = 62 U = 55 and Lower

21 You will see ESN for Social Studies Handwriting Accelerated Reader
Gym/Music/Art Self Development Grades

22 What does ESN mean? E = Excellent Work (Above and Beyond)
S = Satisfactory Work (Doing 4th Grade Work – on Target) N = Need Improvement (Keep working and try again – need more practice)

23 Academic Expectations cont’d
Complete assignments on time Turn in QUALITY work Turn in homework in a timely manner Read and Test on book in your AR level

24 Code of Conduct I am respectful. I am responsible. I am safe.
I am prepared. We will be defining our “Code of Conduct” during our first weeks of school. A copy will be sent home with each student.

25 Attendance Good attendance is expected.
Please make sure your child is well rested and on time to start our day. If your child is too ill to attend school, please contact the office at

26 Homework Teaches responsibility
Reinforces what has been learned in class Prepares students for upcoming lessons Helps develop positive study habits

27 Homework Policy Students are responsible for their homework…not parents or the teacher! Planners will be updated each day with assignments due the following day. Homework and planners are to be packed in backpacks to be checked at home. Students should ask parents to check the homework and planner and obtain a signature each day.

28 Homework Policy cont’d
Planners will be checked periodically to reward responsible actions. Completed homework will be turned in each morning to be checked. I expect the work to be done to the best of your child’s ability and on time. Homework should not take over 1 hour to complete. If your child takes over an hour, contact me so we can problem solve together.

29 Late Assignments Children will write own reminder slip
Make-up work needs to be completed or a “0” will be given in the gradebook. Children with missing work on Friday will not participate in our Recess Time but will stay in to work on missing work

30 If a pattern of forgetting homework appears, I will call to conference with you and come up with an individual plan to help your child be more successful.

31 Make homework a top priority:
Set aside time each day for homework and/or talking about your child’s day at school Provide praise and support Find a quiet spot for your child to work, usually away from your presence Keep supplies ready (crayons, pencils, paper, dictionary, etc.)

32 Friday Folders Laminated folder that will come home each Friday
Can include: class newsletters, calendars, corrected papers, homework, artwork, discipline notes, school and district communication, book orders, lunch menus, etc. Please return the folder each Monday

33 Class Schedule Our morning will consist of:
Specialists (gym, music, art) Morning Meeting Snack/Read Aloud Math Reading and Language Arts Our afternoon will consist of: Social Studies Science Keyboarding and computer lab time AR reading & Testing

34 Reading and Language Arts
Open Court basal reading series Supplemental literature Novel Units Accelerated Reader program 6+ Traits Writing The preceding resources will be used to strengthen reading and writing skills.

35 Spelling Pretest on Monday – Write misspelled words 5X’s each
Kids who pass will not have to test on Friday All students will work on pattern study and strategy page Kids will have spelling sentences to write as homework during the week Test on Friday

36 AR (Accelerated Reader)
“On Your Honor” Home reading practice Read at least minutes at home 5 nights out of the week Just as an athlete must practice his or her skills, readers must also have a practice schedule.

37 AR cont. Each student will have an AR goal to work on each trimester. The goal is a certain number of points based on each students level.

38 AR cont’d Class goal: 100% of students obtaining Independent Reader 1St Tri. 100% of students obtaining Super Reader 2nd Tri. 100% of studetns obtaining Advanced Reader 3rd Tri.

39 Math Everyday Math series
Study links coming home with the completion of a lesson on most days Smart Board lessons will be posted on our class website to help students review concepts

40 Science Concepts For Each Unit students will rotate through all 3 fourth grade teacher’s lessons. Magnets and Electricity Water Rocks and Minerals Inventions/Inventors

41 Social Studies Concepts
States and Capitals Ojibway culture MN history and geography Guest speakers, field trips and other special activities will be utilized to teach these curricular areas.

42 Library Library lesson once every 8 days with Mrs. Elwood
2 books can be checked out on an “As Needed” basis 1 must be AR Cloquet Public Library also has books labeled for AR (Accelerated Reader)

43 Birthdays Celebrated on the day if possible
Summer birthdays will be celebrated on the child’s 1/2 birthday (usually in Dec. - Feb.) Store bought treats are acceptable and appreciated Healthy Snacks are encouraged!

44 Field Trips Winter: Pine City Trading Post
Spring: Grand Rapids Forrest History Center Additional field trips may be scheduled

45 Book Orders Scholastic Book Club Orders will be placed once a month
Inexpensive way to buy quality literature for your child Points earned through your order will supplement our classroom library Optional for families to participate in

46 Lunch Accounts Milk and hot lunch takers
Students have personal account and ID card Money must be in account for purchasing lunch (send in envelope) ID cards are kept at school and distributed prior to lunch Notices will come home when the account runs low

47 Free and Reduced Meals Applications are available in the office
All students have an ID card to swipe so confidentiality is maintained All families are encouraged to apply as federal funding dollars are tied to our Free and Reduced numbers

48 Volunteers Are Welcome
Helping with academics: reading, writing, math, computer lab, etc. Clerical work: filing papers, running copies, bulletin board displays, etc. Parties: planning activities, providing supplies, assisting children Chaperoning field trips

49 I look forward to working together to develop a positive community where every child will be successful!

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