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Roman Empire Expansion

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1 Roman Empire Expansion
By: Colin Weinert and Paul O’Mara

2 1st expansion 509- 264 B.C.E. KEY EVENTS
Roman leaders signed a treaty with Latin neighbors POSITIVE EFFECTS Rome congered the Etruscans and neighboring tribes NEGITIVE EFFECT City was in ruins and Roman’s wanted to leave

3 Pics of Roman Empire in this period

4 2nd expansion 264-146 B.C.E. KEY EVENTS
Carthaginian general surprised the Romans by marching his army from Spain to Rome POSITIVE EFFECTS Romans had a decisive victory at sea in 241 B.C.E NEGATIVE EFFECTS Countless soilders died in long wars

5 Pics of Roman Empire in this period

6 3rd expansion 145-44 B.C.E. period
KEY EFFECTS Julius Ceaser was stabbed 23 times and bled to death POSITIVE EFFECT Roman conquest had brought great wealth NEGITIVE EFFECT The killers killed Ceaser then his brother became emporer and he was much worse

7 Pic of this expansion B.C.E Julius Ceaser being murdered

8 Last expansion 44 B.C.E- 14 C.E. KEY EVENTS
Ceasers grand nephew takes over. His name was Octivian POSITIVE EFFECTS Augustes gave Rome their first police force NEGITIVE EFFECT Ceasers murder brought many civil wars into Rome.

9 Pics of last expansion Ancient Rome and Augestis Ceaser

10 Article/ Bibliography
Pics from Google Images. Article

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