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Expansion of the Roman Empire By Jake Dietz and Jessica Morganroth.

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1 Expansion of the Roman Empire By Jake Dietz and Jessica Morganroth

2 Julius Caesar and his power From 145-44 B.C.E. Julius Caesar had power for part of that time. He won his dictatorship by defeating General Pompey and conquered much of Gaul. He created many reforms as well. He had a great vision for Rome but sadly, before his vision could come true, he was stabbed to death by a group of enemies while entering the senate.

3 Octavian, The Supreme Ruler Octavian is Caesar’s adopted son and grandnephew. To gain power, he had to defeat jealous rivals. Octavian defeated Marc Anthony, a popular general, and he killed himself so now Octavian is the Supreme Ruler of the Mediterranean region. As an emperor, Augustus ruled over 50 million people. During Augustus’s reign, one rebellion in the East took three years and 100,000 soldiers to kill. Before it was over, the Roman Army was completely destroyed.

4 Rome, Carthagians, Punic Wars When the wars began, Carthage held North Africa, Most of Spain, and Part of Sicily, The Romans battled three wars with the Carthagians. The first battle was at sea, the Romans copied the Carthagian’s designs and made them better and defeated the Carthagian’s. The second war was when a general for the Carthagian’s, Hannibal, marched straight into Italy the war lasted for 15 years but Hannibal was finally defeated in Carthage. The third war lasted 3 years and the Romans burned Carthage to the ground.

5 Rome’s Conquest Rome’s first period of expansion included more than 200 years of almost constant warfare. Rome gradually took control of the entire Italian peninsula. The Romans began their army and city and surrounded it with walls n to expand their territory in 509 B.C.E. when the last Etruscan king was overthrown. In 390 B.C.E, Rome almost came to an end. A band of Gauls, crushed a Roman army and surged into the city. The Gauls looted the city and burned most of it down. The Romans bravely decided to start over. They re-built their army and city and surrounded it with walls. Rome conquered the Etruscans and neighboring tribes. BY 264 B.C.E. Rome had more citizens and well-trained soldiers than any other power in the Mediterranean World.

6 6-expansion-and-conquest-of-civilizations- conquest-video.htm

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