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E XPANSION OF R OMAN E MPIRE By: Kayla L. and Catherine M.

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1 E XPANSION OF R OMAN E MPIRE By: Kayla L. and Catherine M.

2 509 – 264 B.C.E At this time the Romans conquered the Italian Peninsula. Key Events: The Romans conquered the Etruscans and other Tribes. The Gauls invaded their city and left the city in ruins. They eventually built it back up. Positive Effects: They had more citizens and well trained soldiers than any other tribes or empires. They signed a treaty with the Latin. Negative Effects: The Gauls destroyed the city and crushed their army. During the wars more and more Romans were forced to work in the army. This is the Italian Peninsula that the Romans conquered.

3 264-146 B.C.E. At this time the Romans took over the Mediterranean region. Key Events: Rome fought the three Punic Wars against the Carthagians. The Punic Wars expanded their territories and power. Positive Effects: New ideas of life came to them. Rome gained a lot of power, terittories, and money. Negative Effects: Slaves revolted, including Spartucus. Thousands of farmlands were destroyed. Many poor farmers had to sell their land. This is the land they gained during this time period.

4 145-44 B.C.E At this time the Romans conquered most of Gaul, most of Asia Minor, Cyprus, some of Syria, and some of Egypt. Key Events: Julius Caesar became dictator. The Republic collapsed. Caesar was killed. Also Spartacus revolted. Positive Effects: Caesar introduced many new and good reforms. Example: Adopted a new calendar, he staged gladiator contests for free, and put in roads and public buildings. Romans conquered other lands. Negative Effects: Slaves revolted. Farmers and laborers had no jobs. Rome had a lot of prisoners. This is Julius Caesar

5 44 B.C.E- 14 C.E At this time they conquered Britain, the rest of Asia Minor, the rest of Syria, and the rest of Egypt. Key Events: Octavian took control. There was a period called Pax Romana. Romans improved there trade routes. Positive Effects: Octavian, Caesars grandnephew and adopted son, took control. Augustus established Pax Romana. Negative Effects: They had a series of civil wars that lasted 10 years. The empire became challenging and costly. Augustus punished people and established bad things.

6 M ORE I NFORMATION Link: 83007RomExpnsn.htm 83007RomExpnsn.htm Spartacus the man who revolted against Caesar Roman Empire


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