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The Perfect Follow Up Call © 1 1 Name Presented by: Jim Domanski Teleconcepts Consulting Inc. 613.

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1 The Perfect Follow Up Call © 1 1 Name Presented by: Jim Domanski Teleconcepts Consulting Inc. 613 591 1998 Teleconcepts Consulting The Perfect Follow Up Call Tele-Seminar & Workshop 8 Practical, Proven and Effective Steps to Getting a Response, Commitment and Sales – for consulting services – for training and coaching

2 The Perfect Follow Up Call © 2 Goal of Tele- Workshop -to provide you with proven strategies and tactics that will make your follow up call more effective and successful (i.e., more appointments & sales) Why a Workshop on Follow Up - The 87% Factor - The Differentiation Factor - The Dollar Factor Benefits to You provide you with strategies and process that save you time and effort reduce the frustration of no shows reduce the sales cycle generate more revenues/leads in less time Agenda 1. Get commitment 2. Have a follow up system 3. Build equity and reciprocity 4. Provide reminders 5. Call on time 6. Avoid ho-hum openers 7. Create an EFFECTIVE opener 8. Politely persist A perfect follow up strategy is also a unique way to brand yourself ad give you a distinctive competitive edge

3 The Perfect Follow Up Call © 3 Step #1: Get Commitment for the follow up call Heres the #1 Problem Your objective to determine if the follow up call is worth their time and YOUR time How to achieve the objective: The Advance vs. Continuance 1. The Advance i. ii. 2. The Dreaded Continuance Advance Example Mike, Id be glad to send that proposal out to you…I can do that by tomorrow afternoon and what I would like to recommend is that we set up Thursday…say 9:40…to review it in detail, answer any questions and determine the next steps, if any. How does your calendar look on the Thursday, the 17 th at 9:40? How to Avoid Tire Kickers by Drawing a Line in the Sand (and thereby saving you time, frustration and discouragement) When choosing a specific time for a follow up call be a little different and distinctive. Recommend times like 10:40 or 2:10 or 4:20 (i.e., on the tens). Do this because it is unique and sets you apart. It avoids the top and bottom of the hour appointments that EVERYONE sets (and breaks). It also implies that your call will be shorter and less time consuming which is encouraging to your contact. (Dont be silly here. Dont recommend times like 10:18 or 3:21)

4 The Perfect Follow Up Call © 4 Step #2: Have or implement a follow up system Scheduling is EVERYTHING CRM Software Goldmine Act Tele-Magic Outlook 1-31 Day Planner Use: - flags - alarms - colors - pop ups

5 The Perfect Follow Up Call © 5 Step #3: Build equity and reciprocity The objective 3 Way to Build Equity and Reciprocity 1. The Thank You Card 2. The Thank You E-Mail 3. The VAA – Value Added Action What is it? Examples: White Papers Special Reports Personal interest Links

6 The Perfect Follow Up Call © 6 Step # 4:Send an E-Mail or Voice Mail Reminder The Objective Outlook Meeting Request The 1-Day Prior Prompt -what to say Pre-Empting the Gatekeeper - use for executives and professionals (medical professionals, lawyers etc.) Call the day youve established the follow up call Peggy, I just wanted to advise of the appointment I have with Dr. Ross on Tuesday, the 5 th. How does her calendar look at 1:40. This step will: re-confirm that the date is available will ensure that Peggy doesnt book in another appointment gets Peggys buy in when you make your follow up - Call the day before or morning of the appointment to re- confirm and grease the skids

7 The Perfect Follow Up Call © 7 Step #5: Call On Time (Duh!) Objective - to position yourself as reliable, effective and efficient 5 Things You Must to Do If the Client is Not There 1. leave a message on time Hi Jeff, its ____ from _____ calling for our 8:40 appointment. Sounds like you might be tied up for a few minutes. Ill call back in 10-15 minutes if I havent heard from you. In the meantime, my number is… 2. call back in 10-15 minutes Jeff, its __ from ____ following up on our 8:40 appointment. Looks like youre still tied up. Please give me a call when youre free at ___ otherwise, I will contact you later today. 3. ii. check with a secretary or other another pair of eyes (the bookend extension technique) ii. Send an e-mail 1. call back in 4 hours (half a day) - this gives the client time to call back and doesnt position you as a pest -leave a message Hi Jeff, _______ calling from _______. I called a couple of times today about the cost cutting proposal I e-mailed early this week, but as of yet we havent been able to connect. Give me a call when you can. My number is… 5. Send an e-mail at the end of the day or the next day if you have not heard from the client Subject: Sara, our 8:20 call Hi Sara, I just left you a voice mail message about our 8:20 call appointment to discuss candidates for the account management position and get your sales up and running again. Im not sure if youre tied up at the moment or briefly delayed but could you please give me a call or send an e-mail when you can. Regards. Great e- mail template!

8 The Perfect Follow Up Call © 8 Step #6: Avoid Ho-Hum opening statement blunders Objective Ho-Hum Openers I was calling to follow up on that proposal I sent you… I am calling to see if you had any questions… I just wanted to make sure you received my e-mail… I am following up on the quote for the RX37 Module. Did you get it yet? The reason for my call is to follow up and see if you had come to any decision. Why these Openers Are Ho Hum Ho Hum

9 The Perfect Follow Up Call © 9 Step # 7: Create an EFFECTIVE follow up opening statement Objective - to make the call easier for the client to tune in - to get the client to LISTEN and participate in the follow up call by reminding him/her of the pain or gain - to differentiate yourself from others 4 Steps to Creating an Effective Follow Up Opening Statement Step # 1. State your full name Step #2. State your company name Step #3. Remind your client about the pain or the gain that prompted this follow up Step #4. Provide an agenda Examples Brian, its ________calling from Windward Petroleum. Brain the reason for my call is follow up on the quote I sent to help reduce the time and cost those fuel spills youve experienced in the past. What Id like to do is review the proposal, answer any questions you might have, and determine the next steps if any… Kathy, This is _____ calling from _____. Kathy, Im following up on the proposal I sent you about increasing the productivity of your team members…What I would like to do is… Hi Pat, its ______ calling from _______. Pat, when we spoke last you indicated that you were not happy with _______ and that it was costing you _____. I promised you I would put together some ideas that could help eliminate/reduce/ improve ____. Ive done that and what Id like to suggest is… Most clients are starved for time. What this really means is that you have to make this follow up call worthwhile for your client. You do this by cutting to the quick; by reminding them why you are calling and whats in it for them. Dont beat around the bush. Reassure them that you are not wasting their time by providing an agenda. It lessen the length of the call by keeping it focused…and it increased your chance of achieving your sales objective. For great articles on opening statements go here:

10 The Perfect Follow Up Call © 10 Step #8: Politely persist in follow up Objective - to avoid the 87% Factor - to politely persist and pursue the opportunity The 6/3 Process of Follow Up -make 6 follow up contacts spaced 3 days apart Call #1 Call #2 Call #3 Call #4 I have left a couple of messages regarding the cost cutting proposal for your firm…but as of yet we have not been able to connect… …it would seem that now is not the time to discuss cost cutting proposal…and what I would like to recommend is… If things should change… 3 Effective Voice Mail/ E-mail Messages 1.I thought of you… 2.I have an idea… 3.Did I do something wrong

11 The Perfect Follow Up Call © 11 Summary: 3 Steps to Making the Perfect Follow Up Call Work For You 1.Dont re-invent the wheel. Find a system (like this one) 2.Implement it immediately. Today. Not tomorrow or next week. Now. 3. Dont ever, ever quit!

12 The Perfect Follow Up Call © 12 For over 16 years, Jim Domanski has been president and CEO of Teleconcepts Consulting and is considered one of North America and Europes foremost experts in the field of business to business tele-sales consulting and training. With clients around the world, Jim has pioneered some of the most innovative and successful tele- sales strategies in todays marketplace With well over twenty years of practical, in the trenches experience as a consultant and trainer, Jim has written three highly successful books on tele-sales strategies and tactics Direct Line to Profits, Profiting by Phone and Add On Selling) A fourth book, Tele-Sales Coaching, is due in the autumn of 2006. He is also the editor and publisher of the highly acclaimed weekly e-newsletter Tele-Sales Vitamins. A prolific and witty writer, Jim has written hundreds of articles and has been featured in numerous newspapers, newsletters and magazines including Marketing Magazine, Advertising Age, Tele-Professional, Sales and Marketing Management, Selling Power, Profit Magazine, Business by Phone and Canadian Business and has appeared various radio and TV programs. As an international trainer, Jim Domanski has implemented some of the most unique and effective tele-sales training programs in North America and Europe. By blending humor with hard hitting, practical tips and techniques, his seminars are thoroughly dynamic, highly interactive and extremely effective. Attendees consistently provide rave reviews about the material and content of all Jims training programs. A certified professional speaker. Clients include (among others) SAPFranklin CoveyFirst Energy Corp Molson Breweries Softchoice CorporationBell Canada Emory & Co.Bank of MontrealCanada Post Swedish Eco. Comm. CDI ComputersTechno Trade Shell CanadaGrand and ToyToronto Dominion Analgesic HealthcareMultiple Plastic DevicesMulti-Chem TABToronto ArgonautsAsk Meridian Discus DentalCentury SpringClement Communications Japanese Tel. Ass.Trimega CorpEducational Resources Edwards MedicalProphix SoftwareSoftchoice Corp Meridian ConsultingShire PharmaceuticalGlaxo Smith Kline Jim lives in Ottawa, Ontario, is married with two boys. He is an accomplished cook, a competitive BBQer, a voracious reader, a Civil War buff and a collector of edged weapons edged weapons. About Teleconcepts Consulting – call 613 591 1998

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