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TheProfile.Company Creating an Engaging LinkedIn Profile.

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1 TheProfile.Company Creating an Engaging LinkedIn Profile

2 TheProfile.Company How important is ? LinkedIn is the biggest online professional network in the world

3 TheProfile.Company About Naomi: Founder of TheProfile.Company Author of ‘What to Put on Your LinkedIn Profile’ Social Selling & Social Recruiting Consultant at the worlds leading LinkedIn training company Interviewed hundreds of people reviewing their LinkedIn profiles Social Selling & Social Recruitment Strategic Consultant | Expert LinkedIn Profile Writer | Author | Speaker | Sugar-Free Vegan

4 TheProfile.Company The profile of every employee is contributing to your online company brand

5 TheProfile.Company It’s now the norm to research prospects, candidates, suppliers and colleagues on LinkedIn before meeting First Impressions Count

6 TheProfile.Company It is reported 60% of LinkedIn members are Passive Talent LinkedIn & Altimeter Group 2014

7 TheProfile.Company 57% of a buying decision is now completed online LinkedIn & Altimeter Group 2014

8 TheProfile.Company Employer Brand Talent Brand Company controlled Then Employees control Now

9 TheProfile.Company What does your LinkedIn Profile say about you?

10 TheProfile.Company Outcomes New candidates that are excited to return your voic Candidates answer your calls Clients attracted to work with you because of your candidate reputation Inspire passive talent to want to be in touch Partner and collaborate with talent Ability to get word of mouth introductions to similar candidates

11 TheProfile.Company Your Profile Builds the story and contributes to the sales journey of your prospects. Each element establishes your credibility and builds your personal brand…

12 TheProfile.Company Case Study

13 TheProfile.Company Your Photo Acts as a virtual handshake and helps people remember you. Tip: Keep it professional with character at all times. Tip: Keep it professional with character at all times

14 TheProfile.Company


16 The Headline Shares the value your provide and the problem you solve making your prospect curious to read more. Tip: Provide something personal so people connect with you personally.

17 TheProfile.Company

18 Your Experience Designed to build your credibility and map out the journey that makes you the best positioned for the opportunity at hand. Tip: Demonstrate your abilities by sharing the results you achieved in each role.

19 TheProfile.Company The Summary Your chance to build rapport with the reader by clearly stating the problem you solve and the value you bring. Tip: Tell your audience why you believe in what you do

20 TheProfile.Company

21 Rich Content Media Gives a more tangible feel for, allows people to interact with you, adds value and ultimately builds rapport, loyalty and trust. Tip: Re-use slides from presentations or record a video Includes: Videos. SlideShare. Presentations. PDFs. Portfolios etc. Tip: Re-use slides from presentations or record a video

22 TheProfile.Company

23 Your Publications Firmly establishes you as the expert and commands the respect you deserve by listing books you’ve authored and articles you’ve written. Tip: Link to online articles you’ve been quoted in or books you’ve write

24 TheProfile.Company The Influencer Platform Post articles directly onto LinkedIn that your connections can share, spreading your message and establishing you as a thought leader. Tip: Re-use existing articles that focus on adding value to your prospects by helping them solve a problem.

25 TheProfile.Company

26 @coach_marketing W TheProfile.Company E +44 (0) T Order your pre-launch edition now at Request a FREE Talent Brand Review for your company

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