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Survey Monkey for 360 Feedback for FY12

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1 Survey Monkey for 360 Feedback for FY12

2 Outline Set up Survey Monkey membership How to retrieve the template
Inputting your staff’s addresses Setting up personalized message Sending Reviewing results Downloading Printing summary

3 Registration & Membership
Getting Started Go to If you are a member login, or join to set up an account. Username is also your account name Duke employees have an automatic discount. Anyone signing up with an address ending in “” will receive the discount Set up automatic payment with procurement card

4 Getting Started – Join and get Template
1. Join as professional member at no less than a Gold level 2. Brian to request the FY12 360 survey. Include Username or Account name.

5 Getting Started- Join and get Template
Go to My Surveys, and the DUH 360 Feedback Mid-Year FY12 survey will appear.

6 Additional Set-Up Work
Under ‘My Surveys’ tab, you will see the DUH 360 Feedback Mid-Year FY12 survey. Click on Collect icon to set up s and messages to staff

7 Additional Set-Up Work
Click on + Add Collector

8 Setting Up Tip Pre-work: type up staff’s addresses into a word document so that you just have to cut and paste rather than type out each for every survey. You can use this list year to year.

9 Setting Up 3. Click Next Step 1. Select this
2. Type in the name of the survey so when responses are collected, you’ll know to which survey it’s referring. Suggest you include “FY12” in the name 1. Select this 3. Click Next Step

10 Setting Up Select This

11 Setting Up Select this

12 Setting Up 3. After you click ‘Add Recipients’, a box in the top right corner will appear, “Create message to Send”. 2. Cut and paste addresses from your Word document. Click on ‘Add Recipients’. DO NOT include the employee being evaluated – he/she needs to do their own self-evaluation separately! Make sure to click on I Agree with the Terms of Use 1. Select this

13 Setting Up 2. Select this 1. Select the first one to send a message to everyone initially and then later you can go back in and set up to send an only to people who did not respond automatically.

14 Setting Up This will appear in subject line. Due to high volume of , suggest you add the name of the employee in the subject line, for whom you want feedback. 3. After you click on ‘Save and Preview’, you can select specific delivery dates. 2. Put the managers address so employees recognize who it’s coming from. This will appear on the “From” category in their inbox.

15 Set Up Done You just completed setting up your template.
Now save this template for each employee Similar to “save as” function in Word. Save first one as “template” Save 2nd survey as “360 FY12 - Mary Smith” Save 3rd survey as “360 FY12 – Joe Schmo” and so on Each survey collates responses separately Do not combine employees into one survey otherwise feedback will be combined

16 Copying the Survey for Each Employee
1. Click on Create Survey 2. Select the DUH 360 Feedback Mid-Year FY12 (you can name it “360 FY12 template” so that you know it’s the one to select every time 3. Rename the survey. Delete “Copy of” at the beginning and add the employee’s name at end or beginning (e.g., “360 FY12 – Joe Schmo”). Repeat steps 1 through 3 for each employee so that each has their own survey

17 Click on Analyze icon to see results and download
Reviewing the Results Under ‘My Surveys’ tab, you will see the DUH 360 Mid-Year FY12 survey template and all the ones you labeled for each employee. Click on Analyze icon to see results and download

18 2. Click here to download into excel and print
Viewing Results 1. On this tab, you’ll see bar graphs and tabulations on the results for this employee 2. Click here to download into excel and print

19 Analyzing Results Click on the Analyze Results tab

20 Analyzing Results Click on Download Responses

21 Analyzing Results Select Summary Report
Select Include Open Ended Responses Select PDF Format

22 Downloading Results Click Here
(hint: if you do this over time, you’ll see a list for each year so remember to include the fiscal year in the name of each survey)

23 Downloading Results Click on ‘save’ and save to your home drive or wherever you want to save the downloaded excel file.

24 Checking In & Tracking Results
1. Go back to Collect Responses tab 2. Select the survey you want to see

25 Checking In & Tracking Results
You can see on this page, how many people responded, did not respond, bounced back, etc

26 Questions? If you get stuck: Use Survey Monkey help screens
Their help function is very useful Great video tutorial online on their website Call Brian

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