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Freedom fleet academy Introduction to the Freedom Fleet FF-101.

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1 Freedom fleet academy Introduction to the Freedom Fleet FF-101

2 Freedom fleet academy WHAT IS FREEDOM FLEET? 1.IMVU live role play group 2.Based upon the Star Trek© entertainment series created by Gene Roddenberry 3.Purpose is to have fun in a responsible, adult manner

3 Freedom fleet academy HOW ARE WE DIFFERENT? 1.We are based upon individual ship role play, not fleet-wide role play 2.Captains are the main focus of this fleet, not admirals 3.Admirals only exist to administer the fleet, create educational opportunities, and assist captains in creating and running role play simulations

4 Freedom fleet academy MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS 1.Members must be real-life age 18 or older. 2.Membership is by invitation only. 3.There is a membership process that all new members must undergo prior to admission to the fleet. 4.Membership is entirely at the discretion of the fleet admiral. 5.Membership in multiple fleets is acceptable, subject to restrictions noted below. 6.Members may resign at anytime.

5 Freedom fleet academy MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS (continued) 7.Members may be terminated at any time for the following reasons: a.Failure to adhere to fleet rules and regulations b.Disrespect of other members of the fleet c.Failure to participate actively in the role play d.Insubordination e.Inappropriate behavior f.Spying and/or recruiting for other fleets g.Other infractions as may be determined by the fleet admiral

6 Freedom fleet academy CHARACTER REQUIREMENTS 1.Members must adhere to CANON species as outlined at 2.No more than two canon races are allowed in your character species background. 3.Racial mixes must be reasonably compatible. The fleet admiral has final say on whether a racial mix is acceptable. 4.Races with omnipotent capabilities are not allowed. “Q” characters are not allowed. 5.Enhanced personal capabilities require approval by the fleet admiral. 6.“Furry” avatars must conform to Caitain species or are otherwise not allowed.

7 Freedom fleet academy UNIFORMS a.Any IMVU Star Trek-style uniform is acceptable, as long as it conforms to all other uniform and accessories requirements. b.Captains may choose specific uniform style for their ship but may not require that uniform be purchased. c.Division colors are as follows:  Red = Command  Gold = Operations  Blue = Sciences/ Medical  Purple = Academy  Dark Red = FF HQ

8 Freedom fleet academy UNIFORMS (continued) d.Gifting of uniforms is discouraged but not specifically prohibited. e.Uniform accessories are at the discretion of the captain. f.Rank insignia must conform with your actual rank in the fleet. g.Weapons may not be worn in Fleet headquarters, Academy facilities, or the training bridge. h.Kilts and dress uniforms may NOT be worn for duty role play sessions.

9 Freedom fleet academy UNIFORMS (continued) i.Excessive display of skin or other 'natural assets' is prohibited. The fleet admiral has final word on any avatar's overall appearance with regards to such assets. j.Jewelry other than earrings and wedding rings when wearing the uniform is prohibited unless approved by the ship captain. Klingon sashes may be worn ONLY by Klingon characters. Cultural jewelry may only be worn by characters of the appropriate cultural background.

10 Freedom fleet academy UNIFORMS (continued) k.BDSM collars for owned slaves is completely prohibited. If your owner will not allow you to do other role plays without the collar, you may not RP in Freedom Fleet. l.Hair styles should be tasteful and appropriate- subject to captain's discretion. If a captain or fleet admiral objects to a hair style or color, it shall be deemed inappropriate.

11 Freedom fleet academy SHIP REQUIREMENTS 1.No ship may launch without a minimum of five (5) active officers. 2.No ship may have more than ten (10) officer positions. 3.Captains may alter the composition of their ship officer positions as long as it does not exceed the 10 officer total complement.

12 Freedom fleet academy SHIP REQUIREMENTS (continued) 4.Ships may not have 'unbeatable' capabilities and must adhere to technology that may be reasonably derived from Star Trek canon. 5.Ships must role play a minimum of once a week. 6.Ships may not role play for credit if both the captain and XO are absent. 7.Ships from outside of the fleet requesting admission to the fleet must have at least five active officers who must agree to conform to the rules of the fleet.

13 Freedom fleet academy PROMOTION REQUIREMENTS Will be covered in a different presentation and are not on the quiz for this course.

14 Freedom fleet academy END OF PRESENTATION Freedom Fleet FF-101

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