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Uniform Wear and Care MIDN 3/C Sutton.

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1 Uniform Wear and Care MIDN 3/C Sutton

2 Objectives Identify Officer Uniforms
Identify Chief Petty Officer Uniforms Identify male/female E1-E6 uniforms Understand how to properly maintain a uniform Understand grooming standards All contents of this slide come directly or are paraphrased from NSCC/NLCC Uniform Regulations (NSCPUB 500)

3 Shoulder flashes “NSCC cadet shoulder flash, embroidered yellow lettering on a navy blue field will be worn on ALL NSCC uniforms.”

4 Officer/Chief Uniforms (Service Dress Blues)
Gold combo cover lining Sleeve stripes and insignia NSCC Officer crest on cover Chief Black combo cover lining No sleeve stripes or insignia Thingy May be prescribed for wear year-round to all official functions when civilian equivalent dress is coat and tie. 2) Full Dress Blue when worn with large medals. 3) Dinner Dress Blue when worn with miniature

5 Officer/Chief Uniforms (Service Khaki)
Gold combo cover lining Gold belt buckle Tan belt Rank insignia Chief Black combo cover lining Worn in Summer/Winter for office work, watchstanding, liberty, or business ashore when prescribed as uniform of the day.

6 Officer/Chief Uniforms (Summer Whites)
Gold lining on combo cover Gold belt buckle Officer shoulder boards Chief Black lining on combo cover No shoulder boards Gold buckle Rank insignia on collar Worn in summer for office work, watchstanding, liberty, or business ashore when prescribed as uniform of the day.

7 Officer/Chief Uniforms (Winter Blue)
Gold combo cover lining NSCC Officer insignia on cover Gold tie clasp/belt Chief Black combo cover lining Rank insignia Worn in winter for office work, watchstanding, liberty or business ashore when prescribed as uniform of the day.

8 Officer/Chief NWU’s Officers/Chiefs Gold name tapes
Collar rank insignia The NWU is intended for year-round wear as the standard working uniform.

9 NSCC Dress Blues, Male

10 NSCC Dress Blues, Female

11 NSCC Dress White, Male

12 NSCC Dress White, Female

13 NSCC Summer White, Male

14 NSCC Summer White, Female

15 NSCC Winter Blue, Male

16 NSCC Winter Blue, Female

17 Cadet NWU

18 Uniform Regulations “The primary consideration is to have a neatly groomed appearance while wearing the NSCC uniform.” “NSCC Personnel must set and maintain the highest possible standard of smartness in uniform appearance.” Articles “No article shall protrude from or be visible on the uniform.” To include: Pencils, pens, large wallets, music devices, headphones, etc.

19 Uniform Regulations Backpacks Shoe shine
“Civilian bags … may be worn with the working and service uniforms as prescribed in the manner below.” May be worn across left or both shoulder(s) of service uniform All bags worn with the uniform must conceal its contents and be solid black or navy blue in color. While in dress uniform, civilian bags will be hand carried only. Shoe shine Shoes must be clear of dirt, dust, and debris Shoes should maintain normal black color

20 Uniform Regulations Hair Males Females
Hair on back of neck may not touch collar. Hair shall not be longer than 4 inches and groomed so it does not touch ears or collar. Bulk of hair shall not exceed two inches Sideburns will not extend below point mid level with ear Females Ponytails, pigtails, widely spaced hanging locks, and braids are not authorized Hair may touch, but not fall below a horizontal line level with the collar

21 Uniform Regulations Facial Hair Jewelry
“Male cadets shall be clean shaven” “The wearing of mustaches and beards is not authorized for Sea Cadets” Jewelry Rings- One ring per hand is authorized May not be worn on thumb Earrings- Males- Not authorized while in uniform Females- One earring per ear. 4mm-6mm ball. Gold for officers, midshipman, and CPO’s. Silver for all others.

22 Uniform Regulations Necklaces Wristwatches/Bracelets
One single strand necklace, conservatives in nature, may be worn and shall not be visible. Wristwatches/Bracelets Only one of each may be worn Ankle bracelets are not authorized

23 Common Sense Handling Launder according to tag on uniform
Hang up or fold Iron when needed Etc.

24 Questions?

25 Remember, you represent YOUR United States Navy!

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