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MANOR NEW TECH HIGH SCHOOL Parent Involvement Committee Meeting.

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1 MANOR NEW TECH HIGH SCHOOL Parent Involvement Committee Meeting

2 VOLUNTEERING AT NEW TECH All families are required to volunteer 10 hours a year Time can be split between 2 parents/adults Volunteer hours can include Attending PIC meetings Assisting Student Organizations Panel Evaluator for presentations

3 CULTURE OF RESPECT Circle Time Held Monday morning Students stand with their advisory group A time when announcements, encouragement and achievement is celebrated A time when students that have broken schools culture are given a chance to apologize and to explain how they are going to change their behaviors. Students and staff can either accept a student feedback or decline to accept them back with a reason. If a student is not accepted back the principal then issues a consequence.

4 CULTURE OF RESPECT Respecting peers, teachers, school property and ones self is what New Tech Highs culture of respect is about Students hold each other accountable Teachers respect students, parents and serve as professional role models Parents support students in their academic efforts as well as supporting the school with community service

5 TECHNOLOGY CULTURE Technology is available everywhere and all the time at New Tech High. Students DO NOT have to own a computer to go to New Tech High. Before, after school and at lunch students may use computers at school for homework. Tutoring is also available after school if students need extra help. Students must abide by rules governing the proper use of technology including: Not downloading songs and videos Not viewing inappropriate websites Not checking their personal email with school computers

6 PRESENTATION CULTURE Presentation attire is professional attire is suitable for a business environment. Dressier is not always professional NO JEANS OR ATHLETIC SHOES Guys are required to have button up shirts, dress slacks, belt, dress shoes and a tie. Ladies are required to have a blouse and skirt or dress slacks, and dress shoes – No flip flops or sun dresses.

7 PRESENTATION CULTURE Students will be required to orally present projects in front of students, teachers, parents and outside experts in a professional manner. Most students will have at least 1 presentation a week. Presentation clothes are required for all presentations.

8 A neutral colored suit with a skirt or slacks Skirt length should be a little below the knee and never shorter than above the knee Blouses should be cotton or silk Pantyhose should be flawless (no runs) and conservative in color. Basic pumps with 1-2 heels (no strappy sandals or platforms!) Simple accessories. Only ear rings (no nose or eyebrows rings) Make up should be minimal and conservative PROFESSIONAL ATTIRE FOR WOMEN

9 PROFESSIONAL ATTIRE FOR MEN Clean, pressed and wrinkle-free clothes Collared shirt and undershirt Clean, polish, and conservative dress shoes Well-groomed hair Clean and trimmed fingernails Brushed teeth and fresh breath Wear a belt that matches your slacks Wear socks that match your slacks No gum or candy

10 PROFESSIONAL VS NON-PROFESSIONAL Non-Professional Includes: Leggings Jeans Skinny jeans Open-toe shoes Tight skirts

11 RUBRIC BASED CULTURE Students will be given a rubric for all projects Students will be responsible for completing a certain number of items on the rubric to pass the project. Students can complete all items to get a higher grade Students know what requirements are for their project and are responsible for fulfilling those requirements. Students need to be able to work independently as well as collaboratively to complete items on the rubric

12 COLLABORTIVE CUTLURE Students will complete, submit and present their projects as a group. All group members write a group contract. Group Contract needs to be kept updated as the project progresses All students must abide to their group contract If a student shows a poor work ethic then group members use the group contract to keep them accountable If a student over powers the project work, then group members keep him/her accountable Teacher facilitates group dynamics but with the purpose to strengthen student character and leadership.

13 PROJECT BASED CULTURE All students will be required to work collaboratively on projects in all courses. Some projects will have student selected groups. Some projects will have teacher selected groups. Teachers facilitate, but do not direct. Students present the results of their work in a public setting. Students use technology to help them learn valuable research skills.

14 PROJECT BASED CULTURE Uses projects to help students think in original ways and come up with solutions to questions that are relevant in the real world. It is a less structured way of learning than the traditional classroom. Homework is not always assigned but students will have multiple projects in various stages at the same time. Students must organize their worn work and manage their own time.

15 WHAT DO WE MEAN BY CULTURE? Project Based Culture Rubric Based Culture Presentation Culture Technology Culture Culture Based on Respect Leadership Culture

16 LEADERSHIP CULTURE Manor New Tech is build by 28 faculty members and 3 staff members. Composed of a small number of faculty and staff members, teachers play different leadership positions at our school School wide decisions are made by our faculty and staff.

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