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400-663-1986 part 2 -----. 400-663-1986 part 2 1. 1 2 2. Fluency & coherence Lexical Resource Grammatical Use Pronunciation.

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1 part

2 part Fluency & coherence Lexical Resource Grammatical Use Pronunciation


4 1. Describe a well-know person you like or admire. (Cambridge 5 test 1) 2.Describe one of your friends. (Cambridge 5 test 3) 3.Describe someone in your family who you like. (Cambridge 6 test 1) 4.Describe a friend of your family you remember from your childhood. (Cambridge 8 Test 4) 5.Describe a person who has done a lot of work to help people. (Cambridge 9 Test 4)

5 6.Describe the most polite person you know. 7. Describe a good parent you know. 8. Describe an interesting old person who you know. 9. Describe a past family member who led a interesting life. 10. Describe a friend in your childhood you spent time together.

6 You should say: time: 30s-40s who this person is. when/where/how you met this person. how long you have known each other.

7 (time: 1m+20s) what kind of person he/she is. why do you admire/remember/like/ this person. -

8 Questions Question 1 Question 10

9 old people/old gentlemen/lady elder person the old/aged aged parents/grandparents senior citizen

10 nice good kind

11 hospitable/warm- hearted patient inteligent/knowledgable


13 Example: who: I have a very close friend whose name is Nancy. She is an old lady, around 60 years old. where: She lives next to my door. How: I often see her play taiji with a bunch of aged people every morning in the community. Since I like Taiji very much, I asked Nancy to teach me. She accepted me as her first student without any hesitation. After 5 years we have known each other, I found she got lots of good personality. (I like her for several reasons.)

14 Why do you like this person? + Firstly, she has a good temper with great patience. For example, she is the best baysitter in the community. Her grandson is very naughty and cries a lot, but she is extremely patient to spend time with him. She never complains about how tired to take care of the boy. Secondly, she is also hospitable/warmhearted. Once my whole family paid a visit to her. She prepared lots of food for us. The food she cook was very tasty. She treated us like her own family.

15 Thirdly, she is intelligent. She has many life experiences. She has been through a lot in her life. She knows well how to deal with people and things came across you. So if I have some problems about my study and relationship with my friends, parents, I will ask her advice. Every time the advice she gave is very helpful to my decision. Inspiration: Some people say old people is useless in our society. But I don't think so, they set a good example for the next generation. for example just like Nancy I mentioned,

16 well know/famous person notable person eminent figure celebrity

17 charitable/philanthropic hardworking persistent


19 He has done lots of charitable work. for example, when the earthquake hit Wenchuan in 2008, he donated more than 1 million RMB. he also called up other celebrities to join this activity, besides, he has set up several foundations which aimed to help those students who couldn't afford to go to school.

20 Secondly, I like his hardworking spirit. You see, not so many Chinese basketball players join NBA. But he is one of them. Once he told the media, he had to get training 12 hours a day. Sometimes he had to spend more time than this playing basketball before competition. Thirdly, I admire his never give-up attitude. Tt is not so easy for a Chinese to become a professional and top basketball player in the world. Just like the old saying: Rome was not built in a day. Several times we saw he didn't get any point in the competion. Despite the pressure and difficulties he had to face, he never gave up and stopped playing basketball. He sets a good example for us.

21 peers best/close friend buddy /pal

22 extroverted/easy going warmhearted independent

23 She is easygoing. She has different kinds of friends from all over the world. She can get along well with different people. take me for example, I am not a talkative person. But every time when I saw her, I had so much things to share with her. She is warmhearted. She corrected my pronunciation when I talked to her in English. After class, she would spend half hour teaching me pronunciation. Sometimes, we would have dinner together and talk in English. My spoken English improves obviously with her help in a short time. She is independent, she knows exactly what she likes. She is not so easy to be influenced by our classmates. For example, most of my classmates like pop music, but she is different, she likes folk music. She doesn't like pop music at all. She can sing lots of folk songs. She is regarded as the best singer in our school.

24 4, 30s-40s, 1m+20s)


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