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2 Macy’s-Gift Shop Grab-and-Go for the busy shopper and reasonably priced. Wrapped and gift ready Wrapped Gifts for men, women and home such as games, plates, candles and phone covers Centrally located on the main floor in high traffic areas Temporary holiday sales

3 International Gifting Center The International Gifting Center will offer one-of-a-kind treasures from the Rwanda Path to Peace and Heart of Haiti programs Hand-woven baskets from Rwanda, Massai jewelry from East Africa, painted wooden trays from Indonesia and traditional Haitian artisan home décor products Each purchase made from the International Gifting Center gives twice: once to the artisan and once to the recipient of the gift. Through their work, artisans are able to feed their families, clothe and educate their children, where opportunities are otherwise rare. International Gifting Centers are located in 25 Macy’s stores with products also available on “Shop for a better world”

4 Company Impact Vendor: Fair Winds Trading (Impoverished Nations) Reviewing inventory/merchandise performance? “how the product will positively impact other products in Macy’s stores” (Image)

5 Celebrity Gifts Exclusive “Gifts from our Stars” gift shop displays Items created by design stars such as Betsey Johnson, Jessica Simpson, Martha Stewart, Rachel Roy, Tommy Hilfiger, and many othersTommy Hilfiger Many are at affordable prices Some higher priced products catering to a larger diversity of customers Larger selection of celebrity gifts available at the stores than on Only sold during the holiday seasons

6 Unbelievable Holiday Gifts “In addition to the great fashion and accessories that customers shop us for each holiday season, this year Macy’s star-studded list of designers, international gifts and hot products for holiday will offer our customers clever and unique ideas for their holiday gift lists.” Something for everyoneeveryone Personalized Gift Cards (photos, messages, backgrounds) Shop online and have everything delivered to your door Hi Tech Gadgets (iPod docking station, PSPgo, FLO personal TVs)

7 Stats Stores open at least a year and same-store sales rose 3.9% at the end of the 3 rd quarter (Oct.30 th ). Expect 3-4% increase in fourth quarter. Net income rose 10 million ($23.5 billion in sales in 2009) Sales rose to $5.62 billion from $5.28 billion Year to date sales are up 7% in total and 4.7% on a same-store basis. Online sales ( and combined) were up 24% in the third quarter and 28.5% year to date.

8 Sources 8005944/en/Gift-Shops-Galore- Macy%E2%80%99s-Holiday-Season 8005944/en/Gift-Shops-Galore- Macy%E2%80%99s-Holiday-Season 11/macys-bullish-on-holiday.html 11/macys-bullish-on-holiday.html _id=103&channel_id=1&cm_sp=giftguide-_-n-_-n _id=103&channel_id=1&cm_sp=giftguide-_-n-_-n

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