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1 The 7 Habits Of Successful Online Home Consultants Dave Stewart Director – Web Marketing

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1 1 The 7 Habits Of Successful Online Home Consultants Dave Stewart Director – Web Marketing

2 2 1. Your my Shop URL: –Its uniquely yours! Share it liberally. –Emails, Facebook, Twitter, MailExpress mailings, business cards, window stickers, flyers, birthday cards, holiday cards, –There is no reason your customer should ever Google

3 3 2. Grow Your Sales –80% of BEE attendees have used Grow Your Sales! –The remaining 20% - tsk, tsk –You should ALWAYS have a show open to share with customers near and far –Online specials often relate to previous offer – share with past buyers

4 4 3. Online Parties –Who do you know who lives at a distance but would love to earn some Longaberger products for free? Relatives, former neighbors or co-workers, past customers, someone who owes you a favor? –Its so easy for them to open an online party with you, send virtual invites to their friends near and far and earn half-price or FREE products for their efforts! –Sharing the opportunity to host an online party – or an actual home party – is not an inconvenience, its a favor to your customer!

5 5 4. e-Cards –5 different options for sending – weekly email, Promo Tools on, customized e-Cards, Grow Your Sales or myShop Gold –We send you an email every Thursday with your name, email and myShop URL embedded. Simply forward it to your customer list (but remember to remove the unsubscribe info at the bottom and replace it with your own). –(or) Create your own email and send after you copy and paste from, Promo Tools

6 6 4. e-Cards (continued) –(or) Go to Reports & Tools, Business Tools, eCards and send a customized eCard to your WebExpress customer list. –(or) Import your customer list into myShop Gold and let us send it for you EVERY Tuesday and Wednesday. More than 90,000 customers receive email this way each week! –(or) Open a Grow Your Sales show and share the party invites, via email or Facebook.

7 7 5. Facebook –Youve got 1.1 billion friends currently on Facebook. How many of them would love to know about an offer from Longaberger? –Family friends, high school classmates, other parents at your kids school, members of the community, co-workers, former co- workers, cousin Susie in Peoria – you never know who might be looking for exactly what you have to offer. –We post the Longaberger at home weekly special every Tuesday, the online exclusive every Wednesday. Just SHARE the Longaberger post with all your Facebook friends or post it on your Facebook timeline page.

8 8 5. Facebook (continued) –PLEASE, do not post your myShop URL on the Longaberger page. We will blip you. –For extra special treatment to your Hosts and best customers, you can create a group and share the latest offers and other great ideas within it. –Facebook is not the only social media option. Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Kick and others are available, though Facebook is definitely the most popular with our customer demographic.

9 9 6. Videos –You can be a STAR – or at least an expert on Longaberger products and great ideas for using them in your home. –Using your smartphone or a flipcam, its so easy to film a short video talking about a current promotion, our new WishList or flyer, a great home decorating idea or the Longaberger opportunity. –It doesnt need to be long – just 15-30 seconds will do. You will be amazed at the response! –Simply post it on your Facebook page and Share. Or create a YouTube account and post there and then share via Facebook or email. Be creative!

10 10 7. Texting –Customers may or may not read their email every day. –Customers may or may not check Facebook several times a week. –Customers WILL respond to a text – the open (and response) rates to texts are far and away better than any other online medium. –Make a point of ALWAYS getting the cell phone number for all of your customers. Then ask if they would mind receiving text alerts from you. –Make a group. One text can reach multiple recipients and more sales! –Brevity is important. Make it short and sweet and interactive, ie Too Cute! Prince and Prince Baskets on sale NOW!

11 11 TAKEAWAYS –Technology gives us more opportunities than ever to interact with customers, in a manner they prefer! –You DO NOT need to be an expert at all opportunities. Choose what works for you, and what works for your customers. –Writers write. Drivers drive. Teachers teach … and Sales People SELL! Dont be passive – make a commitment to sharing the products and opportunities Longaberger has available, and reap the rewards!

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