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Layout, Display & Buying Tips to Grow Gift Shop Income Miriam Works, Principal, Works Retail Consulting.

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1 Layout, Display & Buying Tips to Grow Gift Shop Income Miriam Works, Principal, Works Retail Consulting

2 The Wow Factor What do other stores do that we can learn from?

3 The Big Picture Lots of merchandise Not enough space Sound familiar?

4 Store Design: Make It Pop! Light color walls & shelving Pop of color adds interest 2 or 3 colors only Adjustable shelving More lighting = better sales

5 Store Layout: Go with the Flow Create a landing zone Shoppers go to right Consider product adjacencies Grab and go makes shopping easy for staff Create areas for longer browse time

6 Store Layout: Safety, Security, & Sales 36 pathways Display between 24 - 60 No product on floor Clear sight lines

7 Features 80% of sales from 20% of products Feature those 20% Uneven numbers look best Start with flashiest pieces Work downward and forward Risers help fit small space

8 Display Options Organize by department: baby, gift, home décor, etc

9 Display Options Integrate departments by cross merchandising

10 Tips for Impulse Products Use bins, baskets, trays Consistent containers No tippy or worn containers No shop worn or broken props

11 POP Displays Better for vendor than buyer? Invest in POP after line is proven When sparse, refill if sales figures warrant Or move it out

12 Jewelry Tips Plain background or simple texture Use pattern as accent Prices -- easy to see but not cluttered

13 Windows Change monthly Use color Use large objects Use imagination Merchandise is star

14 Option Paralysis Abundance is attractive Over crowding is not Overcrowded shelves + Many duplicates = Indecisive shoppers Edit, edit, edit!

15 Organized Displays Shoppers view displays for 3 -10 seconds. Keep displays tight and organized

16 Maintenance Keep shop spotless Replace product as it sells Remove unused plate stands, risers and signs Consistent angles: risers, plate stands, products

17 More Fussy Buttons Tips Place price in consistent place Primp and fluff Face out books, boxed notes Rotate displays regularly weekly is ideal

18 Help Shoppers Make a Decision

19 Boost Awareness of Your Mission Gift shop proceeds paid for six new wheelchairs for our Elder Care program last year.

20 Offer a Reason to Choose Your Shop Your purchase makes it possible for local kids to participate in Overlakes Art for a Healthy Heart program.

21 Show Volunteer Appreciation Meet Angie, Karen and Eli: Our volunteers make the Gift Gallery a friendly place to shop!

22 Ask Before You Buy Who will buy it? Why? Where to display it? What to display it with? Is it part of an existing story? Or a new story? Focal point or supporting cast? Make notes on order form

23 Have a Plana Merchandise Plan Departments (Up to 12) Department description % of departments Price spread Mark up % Organizes product selection, guides buying decisions

24 Buying Dos and Donts Start small, build gradually Watch for sales arc and decline Always stock best sellers New merchandise quarterly Dont go overboard on seasonal

25 Regular Reorders: A Buyers Secret Weapon KIS--Keep in steady stock list NORONo reorder list Assign detail oriented volunteers to track inventory on KIS products

26 Timely Mark Downs Old merchandise: Clogs stock room Ties up inventory budget Bores customers Makes shop feel irrelevant 120 days old: Mark it down! Donate, volunteer gifts or giveaways after 90 days

27 Finding the Right Merchandise Track sales for best, least sellers Pay close attention to best sellers Ask customers about favorite products and stores Visit local stores for new products Network, network, network!

28 Wrapping Up Thank you for listening and sharing ideas about the art and science of store layout, buying and display.

29 Resources www.amac.comBoxes and bins www.archcrown.comPrice cubes and tags www.cleardisplays.comSpinners and racks www.grandandbenedicts.comFixtures of all kinds Fixtures of all kinds www.rings-things.comJewelry display supplies

30 Our Services New Store Design Store Evaluation for Increased Profitability Display and Buying Services Retail Volunteer Program Consulting Miriam Works, Principal, Works Retail Consulting (206) 930-9629

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