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K-commerce Onno W. Purbo Outline Filosofy-nya Platform Knowledge Commerce.

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1 K-commerce Onno W. Purbo

2 Outline Filosofy-nya Platform Knowledge Commerce

3 Asumsi Dasar Internet OK.. E-mail OK.. Web akses OK..

4 Internet Pendidikan Indonesia ~ 200 PTS / PTN ~ 300 SMK Target tahun 2000 ~ 750 SMK Program SMU 2000

5 Filosofy

6 What is Knowledge? Data Informasi Knowledge (Pengetahuan) Wisdom

7 What is Knowledge?

8 Transaksi di e-commerce Transaksi informasi Transaksi uang Transaksi barang Transaksi pengetahuan / jasa

9 What is Knowledge? Information Data + Context Knowledge Information + Experience

10 What is Knowledge? Building block of a modern organization. Knowledge is Perishable. Becomes Obsolete Quickly. Always changing. Renewing is key to competitive advantages. Knowledge = Power. Share it and it will multiply.

11 Tujuan.. Knowledge Producer. Share Knowledge & Resources.

12 Filosofi Dasar Rizki & pahala – sesuai dengan amal & ibadah. Dunia elektronik mengeffisienkan amal & ibadah untuk orang banyak.

13 Contoh Knowledge Platform

14 Support Technology Knowledge Management

15 Enabling Knowledge Management Browser, Mailbox UI Distribution Processing/Intelligence Transport Data Publish, Push, Broadcast Search/Retrieve, Agent, Information Mining, Filters, Collaboration Messaging, Middleware, Workflow, WWW/Internet, GroupWare, Document Repository, DBMS, Data Warehouse, Legacy, Internet, Extranet

16 File Load In Spreadsheets Word processing documents Presentations Video Audio E-mail Voice mail File servers UNIX Drivers Applications (Java, CORBA, PL/SQL) Windows clients Web browsers E-mail clients FTP clients FTP

17 Library Network

18 Digital Library

19 System

20 Process Element

21 Tools Server Web server (apache) Indexer (Wais/Isis, Harvest, Swish-E, Dienst,Isite) CGI (YNIS, wwwwais, perl scripts, PHP, dll) Database (POSTGRESQL, Mysql, Msql, dll) OS (Unix FreeBSD, Linux) Mail achiving (hypermail, MhonArc, Procmail) Client Web Browser (IE, Netscape) Adobe Acrobat reader All Free, can be downloaded from Internet

22 Tools Digital Library GNU Public License Public Domain (Free!)

23 Implementation

24 Catalog Map

25 Catalog Search Databases collection Librarian response Select database Search result Catalog view Ordering

26 Mencari Model Sederhana

27 Model Sederhana

28 Kembangan Model Reviewer Librarian Database

29 Kondisi Ideal

30 Isu Penting Kondisi Ideal Input Create Knowledge Input Multimedia Multisource

31 Isu Kondisi Ideal Proses Centrallized / distributed Standarisasi database Search capability Content Rating (ICRA)

32 Isu Kondisi Ideal Output Customized Asynchronous Cepat Push Technology E-mail?

33 Kesimpulan Sementara Rakyat Lambat. Media Lambat … cocok bagi rakyat banyak? Media Perantara Tidak Berarti Internally Slow. Kesempatan Interface Dunia Lambat Massa Lihat / Dengar / Baca. Segmentasi Pasar

34 Kondisi Nyata Perantara ke Masyarakat Media Massa / LSM

35 Potential knowledge Tacit knowledge Explicit knowledge The Three Types Of Knowledge CollaborationAnalysis Content Mgmt. Tracking Search and delivery People People Information People Data People

36 Path Towards Knowledge Based University Evaluate KM Landscape

37 Evaluation Areas People Processes & Technology Business Relation Management

38 KM Landscape

39 Knowledge Commerce Mempercepat Perputaran Pengetahuan Memajukan Pengetahuan Percepatan menjadikan Pakar.. Pendidikan Informal

40 The Platform

41 What Exactly is Knowledge Management? The process of Creating Ideas and Identifying / Capturing Evaluating / Rating / Organizing Storing Sharing Distributing / Retrieving Maintaining a company’s collective expertise

42 KM Platform Vision Connecting the right people and the right information through extensions to familiar tools

43 Organizational Dynamics Culture Deploy Platform Process Overcoming Cultural Barriers Barriers Knowledge is Power Fear of Innovation Enablers Intangibles Executive Sponsorship Tangibles Familiar Technology Rewards, recognition Focus on teams, not individuals

44 Integrated Enterprise IntegratedKnowledgeArchitecture Collaboration & Content Systems EmailSystems Document Library & Apps ExternalRelationship ManufSystem ERPSystemHRDatabase Transaction Systems Knowledge Workers Culture Deploy Process Platform

45 KM Architecture Knowledge Portal Knowledge Tools Tracking & Workflow CollaborationAnalysis Search & Deliver ContentManagement System KnowledgeServices KnowledgeClient Business LogicSecurityReplication CommunicationDirectoryAdministration Culture Deploy Process Platform

46 Solution Blueprint Connect Enterprise PortalsEnterprise Portals Document and people searchingDocument and people searching Rich people directoriesRich people directories BrowserBrowser Search and indexingSearch and indexing DirectoryDirectory Basic TaxonomyBasic Taxonomy Collect Relationships and communitiesRelationships and communities VisualizationVisualization TransformationTransformation Meta dataMeta data KM DesktopKM Desktop Tagging and auto-CategoriesTagging and auto-Categories PersonalizationPersonalization Real-time and collaborationReal-time and collaboration Enhanced TaxonomyEnhanced Taxonomy Act Best practicesBest practices Intelligent automation and trackingIntelligent automation and tracking Tracking and analysisTracking and analysis WorkflowWorkflow Automated Team BuildingAutomated Team Building Grow “The Learning Organization”“The Learning Organization” Intelligent, learning systemIntelligent, learning system Qualities of toolsQualities of tools IntuitiveIntuitive ThinkingThinking Seamless part of work processSeamless part of work process Features Tools

47 Summary Knowledge Management – conceptually challenging. Implement it – is an art. Future in far distance – but doable. Qualified people is the key to it.

48 Terima Kasih

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