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English is spoken differently in different countries.

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1 English is spoken differently in different countries

2 The new wordswords Australian British suitcase trunk difference face to face autumn See off Put out thumb,,,

3 The new wordswords ask for a ride minibus give sb. a ride get in flight (fly) guidebook Pick up Puzzled victory,

4 flash Unit3 topic2 Unit3

5 1cwork alone complete the passage with the proper forms of the words in thebox. Same change make use speak differenc AS we know, English is widely______around the world. But can all English_____understand each other all the time? Of course not. Even the____ word can have many different meanings, Sometimes the meaning can_____ depending on the country where it is spoken. For example, there are differences between British English and American English. Also, Australian English is a little different from British English. If you want to succeed in___________ yourself understood, you need to know some of these_________. spoken users same change making differences



8 1. Underline the topic sentence of each paragraph. There is no doubt that computers are very useful in technology and business. Since the internet came into being peoples lives at home have changed,too Computer s have improved our lives, but they have brought problems.too

9 2.Choose the best title for this passage A.The Importanace of Computers B.How to Use Computers C.Disadvantages of Computer

10 Complete the following words according to their first letters and meanings. 1p ones own 2t very small in size 3c to join together two or more things 4d a feeling of being uncertain about something or not believing something 5 c to exchange information,news ideas.etc.with other people ersonal iny onnect oubt ommunicate

11 Advantage Disadvantage _____________ __ __________ _____________ _____________

12 How to send and receive an E-mail Do you want to learn hwo to send receive an e-mail? if you want to, please follow these directions. First, turn on your computer and connect to the internet. Them open your e-mail program. You can see a picture of an envelope on the screen. Click on that, and a box will appear on your screen. This is your e-mail menu.

13 Sending an e-mail 1.Click on New. Another box will appear. 2.Beside the word To, type your friends e- mai address. 3.Beside the wordSubject type the title of your e-mail. 4.Write your e–mail. Type it in the big, empty box on your friend. 5.Click on Send. Your e-mail will be sent to your friend.

14 Receiving an e-mail 1.If you have a new e-mail message, click on Inbox. You will see a list of messages. Click on the new one and you can read it. 2.After you finish reading it, you can go back to the Inbox or click on Reply to answer the message.

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