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11 11 ENHANCING STUDENT PROGRESSION AND ACHIEVEMENT Tuesday, 1 st April 2008 Peter McCaffery London South Bank University.

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1 11 11 ENHANCING STUDENT PROGRESSION AND ACHIEVEMENT Tuesday, 1 st April 2008 Peter McCaffery London South Bank University

2 22 22 2 24,000 students 9,000 FTUG, 9,000 PTUG, 2,000 FTPG, 4,000 PTPG 59% female, 41% male 130 countries 60% black and minority ethnic background 66% 25 years+ 71% of full-time undergraduates not required to pay fees 6.4% 1 of 9 forms of disability only 1 in 5 have traditional qualifications on entry LSBU STUDENT PROFILE

3 33 33 3 THE STUDENT EXPERIENCE Registration and enrolment Sports Residency Graduation Student Support Volunteering Student Union Societies and clubs Careers Learning Support and Resources Learning Assessment Placements Safety ICTEstate Staff Development The LSBU Student Experience

4 44 44 4 Sorting Strategies-How we deal with students pre-entry? Connecting Strategies-How we help students integrate with one another at LSBU? Supporting Strategies-How we support students inside and outside LSBU? Transforming (student) Strategies-How we help students become confident and capable independent learners? Transforming (staff) Strategies -How we best support staff in this process? Joined-Up Practice

5 55 55 5

6 66 66 6 Student Progression and Achievement – The Key Strategic Priority - Board of Governors KPI Evidence Based : Knowing Ourselves and Learning from Others Integrated Approach Building a positive learning environment – a culture of professional informality Diversity as a core institutional value LSBUs approach

7 77 77 7 Vision for Learning and Teaching To further develop and maintain London South Bank University as a dynamic inner city University serving the needs of the Capital; one, that is, with a reputation for Pedagogic Innovation Excellence in Teaching An exemplary record in Widening Participation, Student Retention and Graduate Employment A range of successful partnerships with employers, schools and colleges

8 88 88 8 The key to student retention is: High Quality Induction Experience (pre-entry – 1 st semester) Regular contact with one or more trusted individuals A genuinely introductory Year 1 Programme (an intellectual map) A positive learning environment based on professional informality Learning from Others: Established Good Practice

9 99 99 9 National Change Academy 1 and 2 Action Learning Sets:Student Induction and 1 st Year Experience Learning through Assessment Enhancing Employability E-learning Engagement through Course Directors Forum : Heads of Academic Department Forum; Learning & Teaching Fellows Forum Developed and disseminated Codes and Examples of Good Practice on Assessment, E-Learning, Induction, PDP and Employability (via. LTEU) Embedded in programme teams via. QA triggers CHANGE ACADEMY

10 10 Student Retention Research Project – LTEU Getting Progression Data Right - Programme Monitoring, Evaluation and Action Planning National and International E-Learning Benchmarking Initiative Progression Pathways and Curriculum Mapping in 6 vocational areas with FECs and Employer groups CHANGE ACADEMY SPIN-OFFS

11 11 All programmes of study to have: a high quality induction experience for all students a genuinely introductory Year I Programme learning-to-learn and work-related learning as accredited and integral elements at all levels of study the use of assessment as a primary teaching method the application of E-learning in conversational as well as content format LSBU PROGRAMME COMMITMENTS

12 12 SUPPORT SERVICES PRO-ACTIVE MODEL (ISSUES-FOCUSED SERVICE) Access to Careers information Coping with relationships Confident independent learner presentation skill training Financial Advice Childcare Adapting to a different study environment Teaching staffInterface with Graduate / Lifelong Learner Pre-entry Adequate library / computer facilities Quality Cycle: Survey – Evaluate – Review – Change / Improve Learning Support

13 13 University Values : Quality, Professionalism, Inclusivity, Transparency and Mutual Respect Codes of Professional Conduct for Students, Staff and Managers Staff Awards Programme – incl. Learning and Teaching Team Excellence & Professional Services Team Excellence Role Models for Diversity for BME Students : Equinet – BME Staff network Passport to Employment Programme Employer Mentoring Programme Morgan Staff University, Baltimore Wider Management Mentoring Programme for Diversity - in partnership with public and private sectors LSBU as a Learning Community Based on Reciprocal Commitments & Associated Behaviours

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