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Period 3: Language point Designed by xzc 2007.11.01 Tuesday.

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1 Period 3: Language point Designed by xzc 2007.11.01 Tuesday

2 1. fall ill fall+ adj. ill asleep awake sick silent His wife suddenly _______ ________ last week. She has _______ ________ for a week. fell ill been ill

3 It is a severe injury to his reputation. He got injuries to the legs at work. 2. injury (n.) hurt injure wound He got _______ in the fighting. He was badly _______ in a car accident. Her words ________ me deeply. I _____ my back when I fell. My feet _______. wounded injured hurt

4 3. bleed-blood-bloody (v.) (n.) (adj.) His nose was bleeding. = He was _______________. = He has a _______ nose. bleeding at the nose bloody

5 4. first aid I solve the problem. With the aid of a friend The students are collecting money in aid of charity He aided me in business.

6 He suffered severe burns. 1. The sun burns bright in the sky. 2. Dry wood burns easily. 3. The factory burned to the ground. 2. My cheeks burned. 1.We were burning with anger. vi. 3. The whole city was burned to the ground. 4. The soup was so hot that it burned my mouth. 4. Our furnace burns oil. vt. n. ; ; ( ),, ;

7 5. You skin also keeps you warm or cool; it prevents your body from losing water; it is where you feel cold, heat or pain; and it gives you your sense of touch. keep you warm or cool keep keep+ + …… This coat will keep you warm. This story will keep the children amused. The illness kept her in hospital. Im sorry to keep you waiting.

8 6.protect … against/ from … … … prevent … from doing Wear sunglasses to _________________________. You need warm clothes______________________. Nobody can _____________________________ ( ) It is my duty to ____ my students from being hurt when they are in danger. A. prevent B. save C. stop D. protect prevent sb. (from) doing stop sb. (from) doing keep sb. from doing protect your eyes from strong light to protect you against cold prevent them from getting married D

9 7. sense (n. & v.) five senses: sense of touch five senses sense of smell sense of hearing the sixth sense! sense of touch sense of sight sense of taste

10 sense of humour duty direction The man has ___________________. ( ) What he said ____________________.( ) sense (v.) Although she didnt say anything, _____________________________________. no common sense made no sense I sensed that she didnt like the idea

11 8. Burns are called first degree, second degree or third degree, depending on which layers of the skin are burned. depending on which layers of the skin are burned You cant depend on John----he nearly always arrive late. The country depends heavily on its tourist trade. The amount you pay depends on where you live.

12 9. mild-milder-mildest-mildly PB P123 He is the mildest man you could wish to meet. mild weather a mild climate mild, gentle, soft The punishment is very ______. The weather is ______. I like a _____ pillow. He was a person of _____ birth. ( ) He spoke in a ___________________ voice. mild gentle soft gentle/soft/ mild

13 10. Examples include burns by electric shocks, burning clothes or severe petrol fires. electric (1) an electric clock an electric fire (2) electric power an electric storm (3) His speech had an electric effect on the crowd.

14 11. Take clothing off the burned are unless it is stuck to the burn. 1. Take your coat off. 2. Take a few days off, Michael. 3. It was at this point that her acting career really took off. 4. The plane took off so smoothly that the passengers could hardly feel it. (1) ( 2) ……( ) (3) (4)

15 12. jewellery=jewelry ( ) jewel The ____ were kept in the safe. Many women like to buy as much _______ as possible. Father always says I am his ______. jewel jewellery jewels A. My sister has _______. A. a piece of jewellery B. a jewellery C. a little of jewels D. a bit jewellery

16 13. For second degree burns, keep cloths cool by putting them back in the cold water, squeezing them out and placing them on the burned area over and over again for about an hour until pain is not so bad.

17 14. squeeze squeeze sth. into sth. … sth. from/ out of sth. sth. out sth. out of sb.

18 15. over and over again List some phrases or words that have similar meaning over and over again and again over and again once and again many times repeatedly

19 out of place in the place of take ones place take place take the place of 16. in place

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