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Measure of Academic Progress

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1 Measure of Academic Progress
aka The MAP test

2 What is the MAP test? It is a 51-53 question computerized math test.
MAP dynamically adapts to a student’s response. Answer a question correctly and the test presents a more challenging item Miss a question and MAP offers a simpler item

3 Who takes the MAP test? All SCCPSS students in grades 2-8 take the MAP test. It is administered 3 times a year August/September 2013 January/February 2014 April/May 2014

4 RIT score Once a test is completed, the MAP program generates a Rausch Unit (RIT) score. This score should increase progressively. By looking at your student's RIT score and comparing it to National Average RIT scores for that student's grade level, you can determine if your student is performing at, above, or below the expectation for their grade level (academic performance).

5 Mathematics Norms


7 Why do the students take the MAP?
It gives the teacher a better understanding of each student’s academic level. The MAP assessment provides teachers with the detailed information they need to build curriculum and meet their students’ needs, one child at a time Individual reports can be created for each student.

8 Compass Learning After the MAP test is complete the students are able to use Compass Learning Compass Learning is a computer math program that the students use to increase their math skills Each lesson is individualized to the child’s ability The students should do Compass Learning for at least 60 minutes a week The students know how to access Compass Learning…just ask them!!!

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