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MAP Information Martha - introduction October 23, 2013.

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1 MAP Information Martha - introduction October 23, 2013

2 Agenda What is MAP testing? What is a RIT score?
Growth & Projected Proficiency on MAP Student Reports How can MAP scores inform instruction? Martha

3 What is MAP testing? Deanna

4 MAP Testing MAP - Measures of Academic Progress
Adaptive test taken on Chrome Books three times a year (fall, winter, spring) Every third through fifth grade student at LeGette School will take the test this year MAP scores are called RIT scores Teachers can use these scores as one piece of assessment to inform instruction and guide student learning Deanna

5 A Performance-based Measure
Deanna A Performance-based Measure

6 What is a RIT score? Beth

7 RIT® (Rasch Unit) Scale
Achievement scale Equal interval RIT – named after Danish statistician George Rasch Measures longitudinal growth - students academic growth over time RIT score is grade independent Ranges from 150 280 RIT Scale Beth What is a RIT score? NWEA ~ Northwest Evaluation Association From the NWEA testing site…“NWEA assessments use a measurement scale that has proven to be exceptionally stable and valid over time. Our scale is based on the same modern test theory that aligns student achievement levels with item difficulties on the same scale. The scale is divided into equal parts (an equal interval scale), like centimeters on a ruler. NWEA calls these parts RITs, which is short for Rasch unIT (after the test theory's founder, Danish statistician, Georg Rasch). Each subject area has its own unique RIT scale. NWEA uses the RIT scales to measure a student’s academic growth over time. Like using a ruler to measure a child's growth in height, we use the RIT scale to measure a student’s academic growth over time.”

8 Growth & Projected Proficiency in MAP

9 Growth in MAP When students test in the fall, they are in one of the following groups: Projected to Be Proficient by the end of the year Already at the end of the year Proficiency Level Projected to Not be Proficient at the end of the year Based on the students achieving normal growth during the year: Average national growth Based on regular instruction Additional support or intervention should give more than normal growth Deanna

10 Projected Proficiency
Projected growth in math: about 8 points Projected growth in reading: about 6 points Based on National Norms using current standards Grade 5 Math National Norms Average Growth College Readiness 5 Fall <191 191 202 211 223 212.9 225.0 Winter <193 193 205 215 227 217.8 4.9 230.5 Spring <196 196 208 219 232 221.0 8.1 236.0 Grade 5 Reading Deanna 5 Fall <184 184 192 205 215 207.1 214.0 Winter <185 185 194 207 217 209.8 2.7 217.0 Spring <187 187 197 210 220 212.3 5.2 220.0

11 Student Reports Beth

12 Operations and Algebraic Thinking
Reading Grades 3-9 Math Grades 3-5 Math Grades 6-9 Literature Operations and Algebraic Thinking Informational Text Number and Operation The real and complex number system Foundational Skills, Vocabulary Measurement and Data Geometry Statistics and Probability Beth

13 Student Progress Report

14 Student Goal Setting Report

15 How can MAP scores inform instruction?

16 Descartes Continuum of Learning
DesCartes is an instructional resource that translates student RIT scores to relevant learning continuum statements. The structure matches the Common Core State Standards (CCSS)

17 Class Breakdown Report: Goal
Instructional Level Class Breakdown Report: Goal Click on Box to Get Detailed Information Talk about the 3 columns and what they mean If we are working on Main Idea what does this mean from my instructional for this group of students Bring in the boxes and talk about this group and what it means I should be doing with them…. -Evaluating informational text long than 1-5 simple sentences to make a statement about the main idea -Evaluate 1-3 complex paragraphs to determine main idea. My future assessment would be to give the students a informational text and ask them to determine what the main idea and give evidence to support it.

18 Personalization in Action
Student takes initial assessment Review growth, gaps, strengths Identify gaps within or below grade level & areas of strength Goal setting Targeted support Student is reassessed Beth Review/revise goal Instruction Targeted support


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