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Measuring for Improvement Presented by. Privacy of Data & Information collected about practice.

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1 Measuring for Improvement Presented by

2 Privacy of Data & Information collected about practice

3 What happens to the data collected? OrganisationLevel of data viewable PracticeNumber and percentages for own practice population DivisionAggregated de-identified data by practices within the division APCCAggregated de-identified data for all the practices in the Program DoHAAggregated de-identified data by Wave

4 What are the Monthly Measures?

5 How to Extract Measures  CHD - clinical program  Diabetes - clinical program  Access & Care Redesign – manual collection

6 Extracting CHD & Diabetes Measures Pen Computing System Clinical Audit Tool (CAT) – Automatic Lodgement of data: MD2/3, Best Practice, Genie, ZedMed currently. APCC native report: MD3, Genie, Communicare, Best Practice, Zedmed, Medtech 32 Canning NPI Tool & APCC extraction tool: MD2/3, Medical Spectrum, Practix, Best Practice, Medtech 32 Not currently supported: Profile and some smaller providers

7 Baseline Data Submission  CHD & diabetes baseline – 2 September 09  Access & care redesign baseline – 7 October 09 Your baseline data is your starting point  Monthly measures & PDSAs - due before first Wednesday of each month

8 Improvement Model: PDSAs  2 - 3 PDSAs cycles per month  Enter into Web Portal for feedback, support and good examples  Improvement Model challenge: 23 September 2009 – change for 8 days after oriention date

9 Why Collect Measures?  View progress of improvement  View the effect of PDSAs  Make comparisons with others  Better understand patient population

10 Improving Data Quality Rubbish in, Rubbish out Questions to consider in Handbook e.g. what is a disease register and how do I create one? Disease Coding

11 Using the Web Portal

12 Practice Home Page

13 Data Entry

14 PDSA Entry

15 Viewing Progress  Practice level graphs in the Web Portal  APCC Program Graphs  Wave, Divisional level

16 Practice Trend Graphs in the Web Portal

17 Wave Graphs


19 Division Graphs


21 Division and practice discuss monthly feedback on measures & PDSA cycles Monthly Feedback Practice APCC Division Practice submits monthly data (ORS) 1 3 2 APCC provides feedback graphs to Division & gets feedback on practice progress

22 Support  Measuring for Improvement section in Handbook  Website  Division  SBO  APCC team

23 Key Data Submission Dates  CHD & diabetes baseline – 19 August 09  Access & care redesign baseline – 2 September 09  Improvement Model challenge – 23 September 09 (will change depending on date of session) Monthly measures & PDSAs - due before first Wednesday of each month (Except Jan 2010 and 2011 due by 2 nd Wednesday due to the holiday period)


25 Next Steps for the web portal  The IFA will send each of the practice participants a username and password to access the web portal.  Use this to log into the web portal  To view results  Access resources  Maintain your contact details (check them when you log on)

26  “The NPCC enabled us to achieve in six months what we failed to achieve in six years” Floreat Surgery, SA  “We went searching for gold? EUREKA we found it through the Collaborative experience” Carn-Brae Clinic, Ballarat  “Our practice would like to take this opportunity to thank APCC program for the opportunity to be part of this wave. It has most certainly been of benefit to our practice, but most importantly our patients” Ayr Medical Group, Qld

27 Remember:  “IT’S ALL ABOUT IMPROVEMENT!” Challenge for Phase 2

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