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We're All Different, So What?

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1 We're All Different, So What?
Building inclusive learning environments Tom Verghese 5 May 2006

2 Diversity – Business Case Themes
Enabling us to Helps us connect with our compete for the best customer base in a talent in both new world that is global, and mature markets fast - moving, complex and competitive Unleashes talent, energy Diverse teams create and creativity by higher quality and more encouraging people innovative solutions than to “bring all of homogenous ones themselves to work” Gives us stakeholder credibility in an increasingly “show me” world Diversity

3 Diversity Inclusion Definitions All the ways we differ.
Diversity is the mosaic of people who bring a variety of backgrounds, styles, perspectives, values and beliefs as assets to the groups and organisations with which they interact. Inclusion Recognising, respecting and accommodating human differences to create and sustain an environment where everyone can achieve his or her full potential.

4 Diversity Primary Dimensions Age Gender Race Ethnicity
Physical qualities Sexual orientation Secondary Dimensions Work background Income Parental status Education Religious beliefs Marital status Geographical location Political beliefs

5 Four Layers of Diversity
Personality Age Location Level Ability Education Race Gender Culture Sexual Orientation Work Experience Appearance Parental Status Marital Income Habits Interest Religion Union Affiliation Management Role Division/ Group Seniority Family Structure Source: Gardenswartz & Rowe (Irwin, 1995)

6 The Iceberg of Culture

7 The Iceberg

8 Eight Aspects of Diversity
Age Culture Gender Mental/Physical Ability Organisational Role Race Religion Sexual Orientation

9 Ladder of Inference actions beliefs conclusions assumptions meanings
“selected” data “observable” data Senge et al, 1994

10 Inclusion/Exclusion Exercise
Reflect on 2 separate occasions where you experienced exclusion and inclusion What happened? What was the impact? How did you feel?

11 Five Steps towards an Inclusive Learning Environment
Assess the needs of current and potential students and staff. Recruit a workforce that reflects the local community and the international nature of the organisation. Support flexible working practices Provide ongoing training and development Seek feedback. Are you perceived as being inclusive?

12 Getting Started Awareness Head Understanding Heart Skills Hand

13 The Diversity Adoption Process
Innovator Change agent Pragmatist Skeptic Traditionalist 2.5% 13.5% 34% 34% 16% Increased perceived opportunity Decreased perceived opportunity Decreased perceived risk Increased perceived risk

14 I nitiate dialogue about diversity V alue similarities and differences
Strategies for Managing Diversity D evelop awareness I nitiate dialogue about diversity V alue similarities and differences E mbrace role modelling behaviour R espect diversity to create synergy S eek first to understand I nstigate diversity practices T hink the talk. Talk the talk. Walk the talk. Y ou make a difference!

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