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Nursing: a step into the Future

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1 Nursing: a step into the Future
Michael Larui. Ministry of Health and Medical Services Verzilyn Isom. Solomon Island College of Higher Education (SICHE) Mary MacManus. Auckland University of Technology (AUT) New Zealand


3 Nursing Service in Solomon Islands
National Nursing Administration - Nursing Management and Development Nursing Council of Solomon Islands National Referral Hospital Provincial Nursing Division Schools of Nursing Faith Based Organization Non governmental Organization Solomon Islands Nursing Association

4 Nursing Services in Solomon Islands
Improve quality care in nursing practice Strengthen Leadership and Management Research Capacity Building – Evidence Based Practice Continuing Professional Development

5 School of Nursing and Health Studies
Prior to 1984 Nursing education within MHMS Highest award Certificate in Nursing 1984 Transfer of nursing Education to SICHE Establishment of School of Nursing and Health Studies (SNHS) Along with 7 other Schools Upgrade from Certificate to Diploma First Diploma in Nursing 2009 – 2011 Redevelopment of Diploma

6 SICHE Development towards a University
The National coalition for Reform and Advancement (NCRA) Government Policy Statement Part 9.Social Sector 9.1 Education (b) NCRA will convert SICHE to National University Key Activities : -Finalization of the Solomon Islands National University Bill (SINU) - Development of the Transition Implementation Action Plan -Review of the SICHE Academic Regulations -Development of the Academic Master Plan -Development of the Organizational Structure. SINU will strengthen and raise the quality and the level of its programmes and qualification to ensure credibility and recognition of its course and award Nationally ,Regionally, and Internationally


8 Degree Development

9 Goal of the Degree To produce well educated, competent graduates who have the: advanced knowledge, skills and practice required to show leadership in the safe and effective delivery of nursing care to individuals, families and communities in the Solomon Islands academic ability to proceed to postgraduate of education and to contribute in a meaningful manner to health development in the Solomon Islands

10 Pathways To Bachelor Degree
Yr of study Programme Comments Year 4 Bachelor of Nursing RN direct entry to year 4 with RPL 2 years RN practice MOH requirement Year 3 Diploma in Nursing 3 yr Level 6 Diploma Leads to nursing registration in SI Year 2 Year 1

11 Bachelor of Nursing Acute Nursing Practice Primary health Care
Core Courses Leadership and Management Research and Evidence Based practice Applied Science and Pharmacology Assessment and Diagnostic Inquiry Acute Nursing practice Management of the ill Child Assessment and Diagnostic Inquiry Primary Health Primary and Population Hth. Child Health Management

12 BN Structure 2011 - 2012 Semester 1 Semester 2 Wk 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
13 14 15 16 17 18 Semester 1 Study Skills Semester 2 Block 1 Applied Learning in Workplace Block 2 Block 1 Applied Learning in Workplace Block 2

13 Outcomes of the BN Degree is designed for and focuses on the advancement of nursing practice in SI and surrounding countries RNs with strengthened assessment and diagnostic skills especially for work in an isolated sole practice areas Addresses major health issues and health strategies in SI Regional centre for nurses to complete a bachelor degree that is relevant to Pacific nursing practice and addresses local need and issues Solomon Islands RNs can advanced to degree level First SI undergraduate degree will set the process for others


15 First Students Programme commenced July 2011 Completed July 2012
11 Female 12 male Completed 21 Experience 7 – 25 yrs. RN practice Acute Care – 12 Primary Health – 11

16 BN 2011 – 2012; Challenges Students Teachers Resources
Academic level of degree Reading and writing skills Teachers Workload teaching across Diploma and degree Amount of new development Movement to higher level of teaching Resources Learning Support for students Library resources

17 Student Feedback “I am very confident now in managing any emergency cases that come into the Emergency Department” “I can assess ,diagnose and manage any ill patient” “A very appropriate program that suits the country’s situation” “Encourage all Registered Nurses to take up this program it has really helped us in our leadership and Management skills as well”. “Has really advanced our knowledge of science and rationalized issues” “Has improved my work ethics and now can lead the younger nurses” “I have made the right decision to take up this program”

18 ISSUES FOR THE FUTURE All staff to acquire higher qualifications (Masters. Doctoral) Increase qualified staff through recruitment from the Sol Is, the Region and internationally Acquisition of required resources for the programmes Improve the quality of support services systems provided to students and staff. To establish and develop relationships and partnership with National and Regional institutions for the purpose of recognition and credibility. Full commitment of the Government to support.

19 Use of Degree Graduates in MHMS
Clinical Leadership Challenges Identifying and supporting future leaders

20 SI Education Development Framework
PHD PG/Masters Specialist Nsg Bachelor in Nursing Acute care, Primary Health, Midwifery Child Health Diploma in Nursing Post Bachelor degree Out of Country 4 years degree includes 3 year Diploma In Country SICHE 3 Year diploma Level 6 SICHE

21 On-going Degree Development

22 BN (Midwifery) Semester 1 Midwifery Clinical Practice 4
Midwifery Degree BN (Midwifery) Semester 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Between semesters Intro BN Block 1 Science for Reproductive Health Management of pregnant woman Care of the Newborn Practice 1 5 weeks Block 2 Science for Reproductive Health Practice 2 4 weeks BN Midwifery Semester 2 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 Post Semester 2 Block Research and Evidence Based Practice Leadership & Management Registered Midwifery Practice Practice 3 5 weeks Block 4 Research & Evidence Based Practice Leadership & Management Registered Midwifery Practice Midwifery Clinical Practice 4 10 weeks

23 Child health Structure
Bachelor in Nursing Child Health Unit Name Credit points Core Units (40 credit points) Leadership and Management Research and Evidence Based practice 20 Applied Units (40 credit points) Developmental Science and Pharmacology Assessment & Diagnostic Inquiry Child Heath Child health Units (40 credit points) Child Health Management and Management of the ill Child or Neonatal Care

24 Acknowledgements Leadership of Verzilyn and Michael
Teachers in the SNHS Nurses in the MHMS

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