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North Trøndelag University College 1 Proximity to knowledge.

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1 North Trøndelag University College 1 Proximity to knowledge

2 North Trøndelag University College Namsos – Steinkjer – Levanger – Stjørdal

3 Vision: ”Proximity to knowledge”

4 Master: - Physical education - Mental health - Knowledge management - Master of public administration Bachelor/University graduates: - Pharmacy - Early childhood care and education - Geography - Teacher education for years 1-7 - Teacher education for years 5-10 - Animal science, welfare and production - Sports and physical education - Multimedie technology - Music teaching - Environmental management - Accounting - Auditing - Entertainment technology - Nursing - Theater production and acting - Traffic teacher - Social education - Business administration 4

5 Values Proximity HiNT shall be characterised by proximity to the student and society. The students shall be offered close and good follow-up through their whole course of study. HiNT shall have an open and first-rate dialogue with society’s participants in the region and enter into joint work relationships where that is natural. Boldness HiNT shall show ability and willingness to make good and mature decisions. Students and employees shall be visible and confident expositors of knowledge Generosity of spirit HiNT shall be open for new ideas, thinking and methods of working. We will show generosity of spirit, equality and respect in towards our students, cooperating partners and employees.

6 All Universities and Colleges have an obligation to: 1. …give education at a high international level according to the needs of the society 2. …in accordance with their profile perform research, artistic and study related development at international quality 3. …participate in regional development, innovation prosesses and inform about new knowledge 4. …have an efficient management of the institution and the competence and resources required 6 1.Education 2.Research and development 3.Information development and innovation 4.Efficient management and competence

7 Organization of HiNT 7

8 Faculties and locations Stjørdal - Faculty of Education of Driver Instructors Levanger - Faculty of Teacher Education - Faculty of Health Sciences - Faculty of Economics, Organization and Leadership Steinkjer - Faculty of Economics, Organization and Leadership - Faculty of Agriculture and Information Technology Namsos - Faculty of Health Sciences 8

9 Education and teaching Primary goal: the North Trøndelag University College shall provide education of high international quality in accordance with the needs of society. We will achieve this goal by: - Deepening the quality of education and the learning benefits for the student through the sharing of knowledge, guidance and evaluation. - Strengthening the relevance and quality of the bachelor programmes and increasing the number of master’s programmes within the health sector, development of children and young people, and in modern business and natural resources management. - Ensuring that, as an overarching profile area, public health is highlighted and included in our education offerings where appropriate. - Investing in the pedagogic use of digital tools in order to increase flexibility, availability and proximity for our students. - Increasing completion of studies within the prescribed time. - Arranging for students to be active in organisation/management and research and development projects. - Contributing to increased international exchange of students and staff - Contributing to participation and negotiation between society’s actors and HiNT in the development and completion of studies 9

10 Research and development (R&D) Primary goal: The North Trøndelag University College shall, in accordance with our distinctive qualities, carry out research, artistic and professional developmental work of high international quality. We will achieve this goal by: - Strengthening research and research-based teaching. - Contributing to increased student-based research. - Concentrating its R&D efforts within the research programmes at HiNT. - Developing and utilizing cooperation with established research environments. - Increasing the number of publications in accredited journals. - Developing practice-related R&D in dialogue with business and practice within the region.  Increasing the scope of externally-financed R&D activities. 10

11 Dissemination, innovation and value creation Primary goal: The North Trøndelag University College shall be an observable participant in society and contribute to dissemination, innovation and value creation, as well as international, national and regional development. We will achieve this goal by: - Developing and offering post-graduate and in-service education as required by regional participants in society. - Strengthening cooperation with important actors in society. - Further developing HiNT’s 7s as important arenas in North Trøndelag for the dissemination of knowledge, dialogue and debate. - Investigate opportunities for the establishment of a post-graduate and in-service education unit in cooperation with other actors - Taking initiative for cooperative processes in the university and university college sector 11

12 Competence and resources Primary goal: The North Trøndelag University College shall effectively administer its work, competency and resources in accordance with our role in society. We will achieve this goal by: - Increasing the proportion of employees with associate professor status and increasing the number of professors/senior researchers, especially within those areas where HiNT plans new master’s programmes. - Using digital work tools and campuses on order to reach out to more students, preferably in cooperation with other actors. - Strengthening experienced-based competence in areas where such knowledge is important for HiNT. - Increasing pedagogical competence, especially in the use of digital tools. - Developing a phase-of-life oriented policy for personnel and promote a good, supportive work environment in order to recruit and retain talented employees. - Creating attractive campuses for students together with the Student Union in North Trøndelag. 12

13 13 Health network Teacher network Sami language and culture Agriculture network Network with education institutions

14 HiNT in numbers: 440 employed 23 PhD students 4000 students 750 degrees per year 4 MSc programs 23 bachelor and candidate programs A number of one year study programs and individual courses

15 3 areas of emphasis 15 HiNT is a regional university college with an emphasis on professional education within: * health services * educational development for children and young people * studies in modern business and natural resources management.

16 Public health Public health shall be an overriding and overarching consideration, which shall be reflected in HiNT’s pedagogic profile 16

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