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Stirling Council Education

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1 Stirling Council Education
Playwork and Childcare Training Service PDA Childhood Practice Level 9

2 SSSC New Requirements Scottish Ministers have asked the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) to change the current qualifications requirements for managers/lead practitioners of a day care of children service from the 1 December 2011. A day care of children service includes nurseries, playgroups, crèches and out of school care clubs.

3 SSSC Requirements This means that when managers/lead practitioners of daycare of children services either register or re register after the 1December 2011, they need to have or will have a condition set on their registration to achieve the new childhood practice level 9 award. For more information about registration with the SSSC, please contact: or go to:

4 Early years Workforce Review 2006
Research shows that high quality outcomes for children are directly associated with the level of qualification of centre staff. “The more staff with higher qualifications in a centre, the higher the quality of that centre and the better the outcomes are for the children attending the service”. Early years Workforce Review 2006

5 Early Years Framework 2006 Early years research consistently highlights the quality of services and relationships as being the single biggest contributor to outcomes from early years services. The skills, knowledge, attitudes and qualifications of the workforce area key focus in improving quality, and the mix of those skills is also critical. We want the best people working in early years where they can have the biggest impact on outcomes.

6 Stirling Council Requirements
All managers, and others registered as lead practitioners are now required to be working towards level nine qualifications. Options University- BA Childhood Practice or Post graduate course Colleges and Training Centres- PDA Childhood Practice level 9

7 The PDA 9 Childhood Practice Award has 120 credits at level 9 and is the SQAs degree equivalent award and it is open ONLY to Lead Practitioners/Managers Participants must come to the award with 240 credits at levels 7 and 8. This award along with the BA in Childhood Practice will, in the future, be the only Scottish awards accepted for by SSSC for Lead Practitioner/Managers

8 Entry to PDA level 9 Requirement :120 credits at level seven. Part or all of this can come from your existing qualifications such an HNC or an SVQ3 Requirement :120 credits at level eight. Part or all of this can come from your existing qualifications such a PDA or an SVQ4 (or a mixture of both awards) Playwork and Childcare Training Service staff are happy to discuss your qualification levels and credits with you.

9 The Delivery of the PDA 9 in Childhood Practice
The programme is designed to deliver the PDA 9award in a flexible and integrated manner to accommodate the diverse needs of those studying. The Award is delivered over a two year period with one session of teaching most weeks over the academic year. Support and guidance is available from course tutors to ensure that you are able to progress in accordance with your individual needs and abilities.

10 The programme of study is based on course elements detailed in the benchmark statements provided by SSSC and SCQF to meet the Benchmark Standard for Childhood Practice. The aim is to provide Lead Practitioners/Managers with learning opportunities and resources to demonstrate their ability to think analytically and systematically and to improve their academic writing

11 The mandatory units are:
The Leadership and Management of Childhood Practice Developing Services for Children Children’s Rights : Equality Diversity and Inclusion Participatory partnerships: Working with Families Leadership and Management Practice (Workplace Practice) Total of 96 credits

12 Some of the optional units on offer Are:
Developing a Right Based Approach to Service Delivery Development of Children (Pre-Birth to Three). Childhood Practice: Early Learning. Childhood Practice: Playwork. Childhood Practice: Family Support. Childhood: Families, Culture and Society. Childhood: Therapeutic Playwork Childhood Practice: Independent Study. 3 to be chosen to make a total of 120 credits at SCQF level 9

13 Alternative Workplace Experience
Learners will be required to arrange a relevant Alternative Workplace Experience where they can evidence leadership in workplace practice. The placement will be undertaken over a week (or 5 days) and will be in a placement which is different from the learners own workplace. The tutors will assist the learners to access this placement and will agree partnership arrangements and mentoring to enable learners to access appropriate leadership experience.

14 Time Scale The PDA 9 award starts with 6 weeks of study skills to ensure you have the skills and confidence to enjoy and achieve the award. It is hoped to start the study skills in February 2014 with the award running from March 2014 to February 2016 You will be required to attend on an evening once per week over the academic year. However study weeks are integrated into the timetable to allow for professional reading, research and assessment writing. Tutorials and reviews are frequent to make sure that any issues are discussed and resolved without delay.

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