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The Keys to Keeping a Job

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1 The Keys to Keeping a Job

2 Look Right For The Job Fancy party clothes or loud sport clothes are not right for business The rule for clothes is keep them simple, neat and clean This rule applies to hairdos & haircuts, make-up, shoes, fingernails and shaves

3 Be On Time, Coming and Going
Don’t cheat the boss or company by coming in late, taking long lunches or leaving early Never think the boss won’t notice - they do & will remember this the next time you ask for a raise

4 If You Can’t Come To Work, Call The Boss
No business can operate without workers Do your best to be at work when scheduled or offer to get someone to cover your shift

5 Do The Work That Has To Be Done
Every job will have parts that are no fun Remember, the work has to be finished and you have been paid to do the work!

6 When You’re On The Job, Work
Never do things that take away from your work I.e. – talking or gossiping with co-workers, horsing around or making personal phone calls

7 Be Polite Learn to get along with people
Keep your temper, even if someone is rude Be congenial People are always willing to help & to work with nice people

8 Do What You Are asked To Do
It happens to everybody - the boss may ask you to do something you do not think you were hired to do Don’t argue about it, just do it as well as you can After all, you might learn something

9 Get To Be Good At Your Job
Learn to do your job fast and well You may get promoted Employers think highly about employees who do a good job

10 Be Able To Take Instruction
Don’t think you know more than your supervisor Do it his or her way regardless of what you may have learned in school

11 Be Able To Take Criticism
This may be one of the hardest keys to accept But remember, the boss is not picking on you if he or she tells you that you are doing something wrong They want you to succeed - it is for your own good!

12 Assignment Write out your answers to the following questions:

13 What would you wear to apply for a job at a fast-food restaurant?
What would you wear to an interview for a bank teller position? How would you respond if your boss told you that you had done something wrong? How would you handle a rude co-worker?

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