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Fifth Grade Core Subject Teachers:

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1 Fifth Grade 2014-2015 Core Subject Teachers:
Kate Spoon: ELA Robin Weston: Math Elizabeth Mize: Science Homeroom teachers: Social Studies

2 What will the schedule be like?
7:40 (tardy bell 7:50—this includes all safety patrols) 7: :15: Social Studies 8:15 - 9:00: Guided reading groups 9:00 - 9:55: Block 1 9: :50: Block 2 Recess 11: :00: Block 3 12: :55: Intervention, EC, ESL, AIG 1:00 – 1:40: Lunch (Spoon 1:00; Weston 1:05; Mize 1:10) 1:45 – 2:30: Specials 2:30: Dismissal from Specialty Class

3 What is the big change in 5th grade? Responsibility!
Students are expected to write down their homework daily in the planner. The Class Dojo report will be our behavior plan and will be ed on Fridays. Parents are expected to check planners daily to know what the homework expectations are along with any behavior issues (beyond the Dojo point system) that may arise. Sign the planner on Friday!

4 Expect a new planner each nine weeks
Expect a new planner each nine weeks. We will keep the old planners at school for documentation. Planner page with homework spaces ClassDojo point total Friday signature shows that parents have inspected the planner each night and gone through contents of the Friday folder.

5 Behavior Plan Check the planner daily!
This planner is very similar to the one used in middle school, and is a great tool for responsibility and accountability. Students are responsible for reminding their parents to sign the planner at the end of each week (Fridays). Students who have seven out of nine weeks with a “clean slate” will have a planner party each nine weeks.

6 What are our Expectations?
What is ClassDojo? ClassDojo is a classroom tool that helps teachers improve behavior in their classrooms quickly and easily. It also captures and generates data on behavior that teachers can share with parents and administrators. What are our Expectations?

7 Consequences Warning (verbal/nonverbal)
Accumulated infractions have consequences such as: separate seating, silent lunch, walking recess, personal reflections, phone call home, home, behavior plan, working lunch. More infractions: discretion of the administration

8 Rewards Students who have a “clear slate” (no infractions for both homework and behavior) are treated to a Planner Party each nine weeks.

9 Friday Folders The Friday folder will contain classwork, tests, returned homework, notices from the office, etc. Parents will be expected to look over the work in the folder, then sign and return the empty Friday folder. Please initial and return the tests (papers with grades). Students who do not return their Friday folders (with no parent note of explanation) will incur an infraction.

10 Online Expectations Fifth grade students will be expected to use computers for research and homework. If you do not have access at your house, then you will need to arrange for your child to visit a relative, neighbor or May Memorial Library to complete assignments online as needed.

11 Changes in School Policies Your child’s safety is our number one priority.
Please pay close attention to the flagged and highlighted areas in the parent handbook. (p 3-4) All car pick ups will be given car tags to display in the car window. If you do not have a car tag displayed, you will be asked to park your car and enter the school building to present proper identification to pick up your student. Notes must be sent for transportation changes. Students will have to show the note you sent in the morning before they will be loaded into a car with someone who is not their regular pick up person. If you are picking up your child and it is past 2:00, please wait in the car rider line for your child. Appointment notes must be provided to verify early check outs.

12 School Expectations Attendance and tardies: Please send a note for our files, even if we have also heard from you via regarding your child’s absence. We appreciate a call to the office to let us know when your child is sick. Educational trip absences will not be excused unless a request is submitted to Mrs. Hancock at least one week in advance. Strong evidence that the trip will reinforce the curriculum is required. Evidence must also be provided after the trip with a journal to submit to Mrs. Hancock before an excuse is granted. Please make doctor appointments during the afternoon, when your child will not miss key instruction. Limit adults in the hallways: ALWAYS sign in at the office after being admitted. After Labor Day, no adults are allowed to walk to the classrooms without signing in. Display the badge.

13 Lunchtime: Check your child’s schedule
Lunchtime: Check your child’s schedule. Please don’t bring in food from other restaurants to our cafeteria. A note is needed for any change in transportation in the afternoon. No note, no change (a safety issue). Please do not make phone calls to the school about a transportation change. Send a note with your child in the morning. Also send a note if you will be picking up your child for an appointment that day. Birthday invitations: Please do not send invitations to school unless you include one for everyone in the class. Birthday treats: Unfortunately, due to a state law, we are not allowed to serve treats before lunch, and our lunches are right before the afternoon specials and dismissal. There will not be enough time to share treats with the class. If you feel strongly about sharing, then a bagged treat can be sent home in the bookbags.

14 Building Security Please be aware that after 3:30 the office will be closed and there will be no one unlocking the door. If you have a conference with a teacher, then the teacher will meet you at the door or send someone to let you in. This means that your child must learn to be responsible and remember whatever he or she needs for homework completion.

15 Perfect Attendance To receive a perfect attendance certificate, children must be present all 180 school days with 3 or less excused tardies and no unexcused tardies. A student is tardy if he/she arrives after 7:50 or leaves before dismissal.

16 What is SAIL? SAIL is a school-wide positive behavior intervention and support initiative. Students will: Show Respect Act Responsibly Inspire Others Listen and Learn This will be particularly helpful in common areas such as bus, bathroom, playground, hall, etc. and is the basis for our school-wide Class Dojo.

17 Tardies adding up? School policy states that students who accumulate tardies will take home a note from administration. If more tardies occur, then a conference will be requested. Until the parent comes in for the conference, the student will have silent lunch. The administration is very serious about students arriving on time. We begin work at 7:40 when the students begin arriving. At 7:50 instruction begins.

18 Smith Seabee Online Store
Smith attire is for sale via the school website. Proceeds go toward 5th grade functions.

19 Handbook Policies All Smith policies (behavior, bus information, emergency information, dress codes, cafeteria rules, etc) are sent at the beginning of the year. It is also on the Smith School website.

20 Online grades Be on the lookout for more information regarding online grades, which will be regularly posted.

21 Field Trips? We will go to Salter Path, NC for an overnight ecology field trip called “Sound to Sea” in March. More information will be coming soon about this exciting trip.

22 How can I help the teachers’ efforts?
Check the planner every day! Homework Support the teacher! Reading daily Classroom help Supplies

23 Where is the webpage? Go to MBSmith elementary school
School phone number: Look for the tab for classroom teachers Click on your child’s teachers’ names Addresses for s:

24 Thank you for sharing your children with us!
We are looking forward to a productive, busy year. Fifth grade is a year of transition. By the end of the year, the students will be ready for middle school. Fifth grade participates in DARE, goes on an overnight field trip, helps with safety patrol, and has opportunities to engage in many other activities that make this last year in elementary school special.

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