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Mrs. Lengyel 1 st Grade Iron House Elementary Room 15.

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1 Mrs. Lengyel 1 st Grade Iron House Elementary Room 15


3 Mrs. Lengyel (925) ext :55Bell Rings – Students line up on playground 8:00STAR Class 8:30Students return to Homeroom Class 8:35Morning Work 8:45Reader’s Workshop 9:45Recess 10:00Math 11:35Lunch 12:10Word Work, Grammar and Writer’s Workshop 1:50 Class Meeting 2:00Dismissal Students will go to the library, computer lab and P.E. weekly. Music takes place every other week. Science and Social Studies will be integrated within Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop. Art is integrated throughout all subjects. (Click to edit)

4 Dear Families, Your child will be bringing home a SCHOOL (Successful Communication Helps Organize Our Lives Book) from school each and every day. This book is my way of communicating with you on a regular basis. It is your child’s responsibility to bring this binder home every day and return it to school every day. You will find the following sections in the SCHOOL book.  Pencil Pouch: Please use this for any money that needs to come to school (lunch, field trip, etc.)  Contact Information and Daily Schedule: This will include school contact information and a daily schedule.  Behavior Calendar: You will find a calendar for the month that includes your child’s behavior for the day, as well as upcoming important dates. Please sign each day so I can be sure you have seen your child’s behavior for the day.  Parent Communication: This is where you will find notes from me. There will also be paper for you to write notes to me, if needed.  Sight Words: Please learn these words in list order. Refer to the homework sheet for specific weekly words.  Math Resources: This section will include resources that your child will use to complete their nightly math homework and practice mental math strategies learned in class.  Folder: The “Leave at Home” side will need to be emptied every night. The “Bring Right Back” side will contain your child’s homework (sent home on Fridays) as well as any notices from the class or school. Please check this folder daily.


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