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PRIVATE EYE (the title will change) 1st draft of the game story By Giedre A.

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1 PRIVATE EYE (the title will change) 1st draft of the game story By Giedre A.

2 DETECTIVES OFFICE CAMERA, interactiveBOX with microchip, interactive TELEPHONE, interactive

3 DETECTIVES OFFICE - Camera Camera is always useful – it will help you to take pictures of evidence and save information about some locations (so you could go back to those places whenever you need to).

4 DETECTIVES OFFICE - Box A mysterious box – tap on it to find out whats inside.

5 DETECTIVES OFFICE - Telephone Use it whenever you need to contact someone!

6 The game starts in the Detectives Office. Its the first person game so you can put yourself in the detectives position. Look around the room, get familiar with your office, try to tap on different things – you can collect some of them, they may become useful in the future. TELEPHONE, CAMERA and BOX are interactive objects. When you tap on them, they enlarge and the note on the screen appears telling you how can you use these objects. For ex, when you tap on telephone, it becomes bigger and you can dial the number. Or when you tap on the camera, you can go through the pictures that you have taken before – this might come in handy later when you will have to remember something whilst solving your mysteries. You are led through the game by the VO of the detective, this is also accompanied by the notes that appear on the screen. In this case, the VO tells you about your (as detectives) past and what are you doing in this office (town etc.) etc etc. Idea – to use short videos for the introductory scene DETECTIVES OFFICE

7 TASK You must find an X number of the notes that are placed everywhere around your office. The message at the bottom of the screen shows your progress. Now that you got familiar with your office, have heard the short story about yourself and completed the first task, it is time to open up the first case!

8 The PHONE rings, tap on it in order to answer it. OPTION 1: You hear (on the phone) the VO of your secretary, she informs you that there is a woman waiting in the reception. You tell the secretary to let the woman in. [in case we are using the short video version] – the woman comes in and sits in front of you at your table. She tells you her case. You agree to help her. She leaves. The picture of the woman appears on the screen. We can hear her VO and it is accompanied by the note where everything is typed on. She tells you her case and you agree to take it. She leaves. OPTION 2: There is a woman on the phone that has a case for you. You listen to her story and agree to help her. DETECTIVES OFFICE

9 HER STORY : basically, someone has stolen 3 very expensive antique chairs from her house. They are worth £10,000 and they have enormous sentimental value. The police has searched her house for evidence already and havent found anything – no footprints or fingerprints, not a stain or a piece of cloth, they have registered the case but she would be glad if you could work on this. She gives you an old picture of one of the chairs.

10 ANTIQUE SHOP ext CHANGE this pic with another one, prob from Shutterstock You make a little research and find out that there is only one Antique Shop in the area where that woman lives. You grab some of your stuff – Camera, Map, Sketch, Notebook, Binocular, etc etc and make your trip to the shop.

11 ANTIQUE SHOP EXT TASK You must find specific hidden objects (tap on them), your progress is shown in the bar at the bottom of the screen. Once you collect all of the objects, then you are presented with the puzzle that you have to solve in order to enter the shop. PUZZLE When you solve the puzzle, you can enter the shop, tap on the front door and you will find yourself inside.

12 ANTIQUE SHOP INT SCENE 1 When you enter the shop, you meet the shop owner. [The picture of the man appears on the screen and you hear the VO, also the text is written at the bottom of the screen]. You tell him that you are investigating the case of 3 missing chairs. He says that he will give you some information but he has to finish some job before he can spend some time with you. In a meantime he offers you to look around his shop. You start walking around different rooms.

13 ANTIQUE SHOP INT SCENE 1 When you tap on the picture, the puzzle pops out

14 ANTIQUE SHOP INT SCENE 1 PUZZLE You have to put the pieces together to recreate the picture Once you finish the puzzle you can proceed to the next room.

15 ANTIQUE SHOP INT SCENE 2 Some pieces of the stained glass are missing! Look around the room, gather them and put them in place!

16 ANTIQUE SHOP INT SCENE 2 PUZZLE When you put the missing pieces of the stained glass together you are presented with another puzzle – find the matching pairs!

17 ANTIQUE SHOP INT SCENE 2 Thats how they look when in pairs





22 ANIQUE SHOP INT SCENE 4 After you sort out the puzzle, the owner of the antique shop appears. He has finished his business and now can give you a minute. You explain him that you are looking for the 3 antique chairs that were stolen from your clients house. You have a picture of one of them. You show it the shop owner. He indeed agrees that last week some guy brought three chairs similar to the one in the picture. However, as the that kind of things get sold really quickly, now all of the chairs are gone. He does not remember who exactly has bought them as he has many clients every day, but he can give you some information. - One guy who bought one of the chairs has left him a Chinese takeaway leaflet ; -Another guy who got the chair has sent him an invitation ti the Royal Wedding; -Third person who bough a chair has mentioned that the chair is going to the exhibition in Tower Bridge. You have collected the evidence – Chinese Takeaway Leaflet and invitation to the Royal Wedding. Now you have three choices on how to continue your investigation – you can go to: A. Chinatown B. Westminster Abbey (thats where Royal Wedding is going to take place) C. Tower Bridge Mark these places on your MAP and choose any of these directions to go.

23 MAP of LONDON Here is going to be the picture of London MAP which you will use during your investigation, mark places where you need to go and also make notes when needed. You can also match the places on the map with the evidences/items that you have collected.

24 CHINATOWN Scene 1 – Objects you need to find First you decide to go to Chinatown (you recognized the name of the restaurant on the Chinese Takeaway leaflet). Your first step is to find the hidden objects !

25 CHINATOWN – Scene 1 after you found out all the objects

26 CHINATOWN – Scene 2 On your way to the Takeaway restaurant, you pass the tiny Orient Delights shop, come and have a closer look! Your task is to find the hidden objects on the shop window.

27 CHINATOWN – Scene 3 You have finally reached the Takeaway restaurant that you were looking for. Its called IKKYUSAN (the name will change). Before you can enter you must solve another puzzle!

28 CHINATOWN – Scene 3 PUZZLE Tap on the menu: have a good look at it. All the dishes look delicious! Well, you have just decided to treat yourself with a filling lunch. However, all you can spend today is £X amount of money. But you would like to try so many things! Try to figure out how to order : 1 starter, 1 soup, 1 dish from Rice dishes, 1 from Vegetable dishes and 1 from Seafood dishes with the amount of money that you have!

29 CHINATOWN – Scene 3


31 Now you can enter the shop. Inside you see quite a lot of people waiting for their orders and the others eating at their tables. It looks busy and you are trying to find the manager of this place. You notice a guy behind the counter who looks in charge of the restaurant. You walk towards him and start the conversation. First you compliment the chef and the manager looks obviously pleased. The you make a remark about restaurants interior – it is quite eclectic yet tasteful. You cant help to notice that all the chairs are different! Havent they happened to have any antique chairs in here by any chance? The manager confirms that indeed he had an antique chair not that long time ago but it didnt quite fit with the rest of the design so he sold it to the guy who owns a bar in Shoreditch. You enquire about this bar but the manger cant really help you more as he doesnt remember the name of that place except that it had to do something with Swan or Swine. You thank the manager for the information and make your way out. New location added to your MAP – Shoreditch. You must find the bar and you hope that the chair will still be there!

32 St Pauls Cathedral This will be a different picture When you tap on the i icon, the information about the Cathedral pops out and you can also hear the VO reading it out loud On your way to Shoreditch you decide to stop for a minute to admire the beautiful architecture of London. One of the most eye- catching buildings in the area is the St. Pauls Cathedral. You were always interested in history so you decide to get a better look at this amazing church.

33 St Pauls Cathedral PUZZLE Match the architectural terms with the correct parts of the building! Refer to this website for more info

34 SHOREDITCH Shoreditch is an interesting place, much beloved by the local artists and celebs. No wonder – you can find the finest pubs, shops and bars in there. You decide to walk around this area whilst looking for a PUB.

35 SHOREDITCH [use info from websites ] PUZZLE Match the street artists with the street artwork!

36 SHOREDITCH Blek Le Rat NoNose Sweet Toof D*Face Blam Obey Banksy

37 SHOREDITCH PUB Finally after a few hours of wandering around Shoreditch you find a pub called White Swan. That must be the one – you think immediately after you remember that the guy from Chinatown referred to the pub called Swan or Swine

38 SHOREDITCH PUB Time to have a look inside. Also, the first puzzle – Pub Quiz of course!

39 SHOREDITCH PUB PUZZLE Try the Pub Quiz – how much do you know about English pubs? 1.In 2010 English and Welsh wine sales made up... of the wine consumed in the UK. - 1% - 5% - 17% - 38% 2. A Porter is a... ? - Apple based alcoholic cider - Large bottle used to move beer in the 1800s - Small glass for serving Port - A dark colored style of beer

40 SHOREDITCH PUB 3. A beer which using a top-fermenting yeast and pale malt is referred to as a ? [---- ---] _____________ 4. Cask conditioning of Beer in UK public houses was outlawed in 1983 due to health and safety concerns. True or False ? -True -False 5. Founded in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland I am a liquor brand first appearing in 1820. I differentiate my offerings by assigning them different colors just as blue, black or gold. ______________ 6. The most renowned traditional English ale hop varieties are... ? -Knowles and Triggers -Fuggles and Goldings -Rabs and Dots -Topside and Halves

41 SHOREDITCH PUB 7. Port wine originated in... ? -France -England -Spain -Portugal 8. The Pinot noir grape is primarily associated with which region of France ? -Provence -Brittany -Burgundy -Lorraine 9. The two main categories of Gin are... ? -Blended and Pure -Single and Double Distilled -Distilled and Compound -Mixed and Seated

42 SHOREDITCH PUB 10. The English word Spirit comes from the Latin spiritus meaning... ? -Breath -Soul -Victory -Orchard 11. The French phrase Vin de pays means... ? -Expensive Wine -Wine of the World -Our Wine / French Wine -Country Wine 12. Varietal wines are... ? -Not designed to be consumed with food -Made from multiple grape varieties -Made from a single grape variety -Very young

43 SHOREDITCH PUB 13. ABV on a wine bottle stands for... ? [a------ by v-----] ___________ 14. A Garagiste is a... ? -Craftsman who makes barrels -Someone who studies the science of grapevines -The person in charge of creating a Wine list -An amatuer wine maker 15. In vino veritas is translated as... [In w--- there is -----] _____________

44 SHOREDITCH PUB ANSWERS 1.1% 2.A dark colored style of beer 3. Pale Ale 4.False 5.Johnnie Walker 6.Fuggles and Goldings 7.Portugal 8.Burgundy 9.Distilled and Compound 10.Breath 11.Country Wine 12.Made from a single grape variety 13.alcohol by volume 14.An amatuer wine maker 15.In wine there is truth

45 SHOREDITCH PUB You are getting close to meeting the pub owner, but here is one more puzzle – and it sure is fun! Test your knowledge about alcohol drinks! Head to the bar and remember to drink responsibly!

46 SHOREDITCH PUB PUZZLE Match the drinks with their labels Johnie Walker – whiskey Ballantines – whiskey J & B – whiskey Baileys - cream liqueur Bombay Sapphire – gin Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon - wine Captain Morgan - rum Sierra - tequila Budweiser - beer Bulmers - cider Hennessy - brandy Absolute - vodka Dom Perignon – champagne La Perla - sambuca

47 SHOREDITCH PUB Now, that you have had a few drinks at the bar, the pub owner shows up. Try to chat him up and see if he is going to give you the chair! After you told the pub owner the story why you are here he has agreed to help you. The only problem is that he keeps the chair in the storage room as he hasnt decided yet what to do with it. Have a look at the room and find the chair !

48 SHOREDITCH PUB The chair must be somewhere here. Can you spot it?

49 Westminster Abbey Congratulations on finding your first chair! However, there are still two more left. You take a look at your map and decide where to go next – either the Westminster Abbey or the Tower Bridge. Both directions look interesting and the choice is yours! After few thoughts you decide to go to the Westminster Abbey first. Lets see if you are going to find anything useful in there!

50 Westminster Abbey The Royal Wedding is going to be held at this beautiful abbey. You cant wait to find out more information about this place as you are quite a history lover! However, you must solve yet another puzzle if you want to come inside. Waste no time as the opening hours are short!

51 Westminster Abbey PUZZLE Westminster Abbey is connected with a lot of famous people in one way or the other. Lets see how well do you know these people. Try to match the names of the persons with their description in this little game called Who am I?

52 Westminster Abbey

53 Different pic will be used

54 Westminster Abbey You meet the priest and enquire about the chair that, by your knowledge, should be somewhere in the Westminster Abbey. He tells you that indeed, there was an antique chair brought in here a few days ago, but, as it did not match the rest of the furniture, it was transferred to British Museum. Different pic will be used

55 British Museum You reach the British Museum and here yet another puzzle is waiting for you before you can come in. Try to find all the hidden object that do not belong in this picture!

56 British Museum British Museum is famous for its exhibits from all over the world. Lets see how well do you know the history of art and would you be able to match the exhibit with the period of time and the place it was found ? Different pic will be used

57 British Museum You have spent almost half a day in the museum and havent seen anything that would look like the chair you are looking for. The staff was not able to help you as no one has seen the chair. Oh, here comes the manager, lets try to talk to him! The manager has indeed received an antique chair not that long time ago, however, his brother is a priest and he has asked to borrow it for some time. His brother is based in a small church close to central London. You should go there to try your luck! Different pic will be used

58 CHURCH It looks like you have found the right church, there is a graveyard in front of it. You decided to have a quick look at who was buried in this cemetery an at the same time try to solve the puzzle.

59 CHURCH The church is very old and beautiful and is hiding lots of mysteries inside it walls! Keep going until you find the chair in one of the chambers, but remember it wont be easy as a lot more puzzles are waiting on the way!







66 What is that in the background of the room? Is it not what you were looking for? Correct! You found one more chair! Only one to go, hm.. lets make a move towards the last location – Tower Bridge!

67 London Eye On your way to Tower Bridge you pass the London Eye. The view of the river bank is amazing and you truly enjoy the chilled out atmosphere of southbank. There are people selling sweet corn and grilled sausages and some musicians and street performers busking nearby. The tourists are taking pictures of the London Eye and sharing the experience of the exhibition at Salvador Dali Museum. You decide to take the tour on London Eye and experience the amazing views of London! See if you can find all the hidden objects in the skyline of the city!

68 London Eye


70 Tower Bridge Here you are finally – the Tower Bridge. But where one could have put the chair? It pops to your mind that probably it is Tower of London where the chair was brought to. You decide to have a look.

71 Tower of London Tower of London is known as the most secured place in the world. You are skeptical about that, well, try to challenge some of their security systems!

72 London Tower While you are making a tour around London Tower, the staff member tells you that some of the crown jewels are missing! You have to find them! In addition, the antique chair that you are looking for was stolen as well. You take a second to think and realise that Bricklane market is probably the best place to look for stolen antiques, its just around the corner so you decide to head there before the chair has disappeared again. But first, try to find the missing gems!

73 Bricklane Once you reach a market it looks like it has been closed! No street sellers on the lane, only a few shops opened. Fortunately, you notice a man packing up his stuff and ask him what happened to the market. He explains that the market closed earlier today due to police raid. When asked about the chair he says that he can certainly help you because, accidentally he was the one who helped a middle aged guy to carry an antique chair to another location. You let the man finish packing and follow him towards the direction of the chair.

74 Boathouse The guy says that this is the house where to he has helped to carry an antique chair. He didnt go inside, but sure you will! Hurry up, no time wasting!

75 Boathouse Looks like an abandoned car. You wonder whether its working, lets have a look at the engine.

76 Boathouse You were right – there is some kind of a problem with an engine. Well, you will have to sort it out before entering the house! Maybe the guy will let you have the chair of he knows that you have fixed his car!

77 Boathouse Time to enter the house, wait.. the door is locked. You have to remember your lock picking skills!

78 Boathouse First room is the kitchen, there are some weird objects laying around. Try to collect them all!

79 Boathouse Childs room looks a bit messy! You will have to organize the toys and put them in the appropriate boxes!

80 Boathouse A secret box! Could it be that there is a tiny dollhouse inside?

81 Boathouse - Dollhouse




85 Boathouse


87 You have the feeling that the chair must be somewhere in this room, try to find it and you will complete the task!

88 Detectives Office Congratulations, the case is solved! You are phoning the lady to tell her about your success. Hang on, whilst youre on the phone, you notice that something is not right. It looks like someone has been going through your stuff while you were away. But who and why? Oh.. Well.. Lets collect the evidence. One case is closed and the new one is opened!


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