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 A characteristic of a substance that can be observed.

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2  A characteristic of a substance that can be observed

3  A property that can be observed and used to describe a substance  Physical Properties can be identified without changing what the substance is

4  Color  Shape  Texture – how something feels when it’s touched  Smell/odor (good/or bad)  State – physical form. Ex- solid, liquid, gas  Melting, freezing, condensing, and oiling/evaporation points

5  Electrical conductivity - ability for a substance to conduct electricity  Magnetism – ability to attract iron  Solubility – ability to dissolve in another substance  Ductility – ability to be pulled into wire  Malleability - the ability to be rolled or pounded into sheets. Ex – aluminum

6  You observed what’s called an physical change  A physical change affects one or more physical properties, but DOES NOT change the chemical property (identity or composition of substance)  Ex. Cotton can be dyed red; but will still be flammable

7  A chemical property is something that can only be observed by changing the identity of a substance

8  Color change  Odor produced or changed  Energy released (in form of sound, heat, or light)  Flammability – ability to burn. Ex. Wood  Non flammability – inability to burn ex. Ash and smoke  Reactivity – ability to combine with one or more substances and form one or more new substances Ex. Iron is reactive to oxygen, creating rust. (iron + oxygen= rust)  Non-reactivity – inability to combine with one or more substances to form new substances.  Ex. Chromium + oxygen = chromium + oxygen

9  Bubbling or clouding in mixture  Precipitate forms

10 Description Physical or Chemical Which proprerty The play-do is stringy A teacher has brown hair Cotton can burn easily Water boils at 100*C Gold does not tarnish when exposed to water (H2O) The pot keeps the food warm

11 Write if this is a physical or chemical change Glass breakingHammering wood together to build treehouse Rusting bicycleCreating glass sculpture Burning toastSeparating sand from gravel Cutting grassWater evaporating from pond Frying an eggFireworks exploding Spoiling foodPouring milk on your cereal

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