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Web 2.0 ….. This time its personal Terry Frazier ITRT Patty Weir Media Specialist.

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1 Web 2.0 ….. This time its personal Terry Frazier ITRT Patty Weir Media Specialist

2 History of the Web In the beginning there was simply the web. It was characterized like this: Web 1.0 was static Web 1.0 sites were not interactive All web applications were proprietary It was slow and in this slowness kept many advances from coming to market Pretty much one-way published media, running over a dial-up connection.

3 History of the Web So in the beginning you could: Read text….. Look at pictures….. Click on a link that would take you to another page….. This grill fork has a thermometer built right into it. Isnt that ingenious? Its as easy to use as a prison shivyou just jab the copper-tipped tine into whatever kind of flesh- slab youre cooking.

4 History of the Web Fast forwarding…… In todays web experience, called Web 2.0, some of the key changes are: The web is no longer static, the user interacts and defines his experience and results The user does not simply retrieve information, but indeed is the owner of his data, and freely shares and modifies it at will. Through the use of new technologies, applications like word processing, spreadsheets, photo editing and presenting, and online live collaboration are now possible.

5 History of the Web Fast forwarding……cont Advances in provider hardware and computer design now allow for such things as: Full motion video Tele-conferencing Applications run over the web that are identical to desktop applications Huge data transfers Near desktop performance

6 History of the Web So what are the implications of this new web 2.0 for classroom teachers? Well ….. Web 1.0 Web 2.0

7 Why Web 2.0 Two words: Digital Natives Since the day they were born, they have used the technology that you and I have had to adapt to. This is the way they process, collaborate, communicate, etc. To achieve the most from our students, they need lessons and activities presented and assigned in the way they most effectively learn.

8 Todays Presentation of Web 2.0 This is a subset of the presentation I normally give on web 2.0. Ms. Weir and I went through the master list and identified sites that we felt will provide you with some exciting and engaging options when working with your students. While todays presentation is mostly demonstration based, in the interest of time, please feel free to ask questions at any time. If you see something you like, Im here every Wednesday and Friday. Send me an email and we can schedule a time to work together one on one. If you want to see the other presentation with all of the sites and links, go here: 20.htm 20.htm

9 Sites of Competing Technologies Blogs vs. Wikis – Blogs like Blogger, Edublog are for pontificating. State your opinion and let others respond. An educational application would be for journal writing, or a class project.BloggerEdublog Wikis like pbwiki and, are for collaboration. Someone starts the ball rolling and others can modify and/or add to it. A detailed record is maintained of all changes and who made them. An educational application would be for a teacher to post a statement or position, and each student would be required to log in and add to or change that position. As author, the teacher can tell who has

10 Lets Get Started…… Photoshop Express – Online editing of your digital photographs, also has slide show. Photoshop Express IGoogle, Google Docs, Google Earth - Google needs its own session. Strength is in its customization and collaboration. Excellent communication tool. IGoogleGoogle DocsGoogle Earth Skype – Great program. Hold live face to face discussions with other people, classes, etc. An educational application could be to hold a Skype session with students in other states or countries. Skype

11 Even More……. Go2Web20 – The most complete listing of web 2.0 sites on the web. Go2Web20 – Social Bookmarking Ning – Create your own social network for anything you like. Ning Zamzar – Converts files and sends them back to you. Zamzar Pandora – Pandora monitors your music listening and tries to keep sending you more of the same. Pandora Twitter -- Similar to IM but with twists. Twitter

12 Still More……… -- is a simple and free web application that lets you brainstorm online. Teacher Tube – Videos and such by educators Teacher Tube PortaPortal – Create your own online bookmarks, and share or collaborate with others. PortaPortal

13 A Little Off Topic, but…. A few tools of the trade every teacher should have a command of are: Audacity – Recording tool Audacity Photostory – Image presentation program. Easy, free, powerful… need I say more! Photostory Inexpensive web cam. $30-$50 on sale. Dont spend more, it wont do you any good. Inexpensive microphone. $10-$25. Again, dont spend more. An alternative is headphone w/microphone boom.

14 Web 3.0 ??? Proposed expanded definition Web 3.0 will be the third decade of the Web (2010–2020) during which he suggests several major complementary technology trends will reach new levels of maturity simultaneously including:2010–2020 transformation of the Web from a network of separately siloed applications and content repositories to a more seamless and interoperable whole. ubiquitous connectivity, broadband adoption, mobile Internet access and mobile devices; open technologies, open APIs and protocols, open data formats, open-source software platforms and open data (e.g. Creative Commons, );Creative Commons open identity, OpenID, open reputation, roaming portable identity and personal data;OpenID distributed databases, the "World Wide Database" (enabled by Semantic Web technologies); and intelligent applications, natural language processing, machine learning, machine reasoning, autonomous agents.

15 Web 2.0 It has been my pleasure to be with you today and I hope there were a few sites that you found interesting and beneficial and will take them home with you and try to find ways to work them into your school or personal life. For the next couple of weeks you can download the full presentation with all of the links we visited today and more at: 20.htm 20.htm

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