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Financial Capability & Inclusion ‘Prevention is better than cure’

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1 Financial Capability & Inclusion ‘Prevention is better than cure’

2 The ability to understand finance More specifically, an individual’s ability to make informed judgements about the use of and management of their income What is Financial Capability?

3 What key skills help a person become ‘financially capable?’ Being able to make ends meet and keep track of finances To be able to plan ahead To be able to choose appropriate financial products Having the ability to stay informed of financial matters

4 Why is Financial Capability important? Research has shown that: Many people are failing to plan ahead Many people are taking financial risks without realising it The under 40’s are, on average, less financially capable than their elders (FSA Survey)

5 Those at highest risk of financial exclusion include: People who are unemployed People claiming means-tested benefits People unable to work through sickness or disability Single pensioners Lone parents (FSA research)

6 Where does this lead? CAB England & Wales deal with 8,652 new debt problems every working day CAB clients owe on average £16,971 Take an average of 93 years to pay off at a rate they can afford!

7 What are we doing at CAB? Actively promoting Financial Capability, education and inclusion A programme of activity which aims to be proactive and preventative Giving people the skills, knowledge and confidence to help them make the right financial choices and help them avoid crisis One to one Money Advice Service sessions Working in partnership with other organisations

8 What sessions do we deliver? Money management – budgeting Understanding credit Banking – which account is best for me? Saving & planning ahead – OFT Saves Xmas How to deal with debt Getting the best deal from your energy provider – Energy Best Deal One to one Money Advice Service

9 The help we can offer is two-fold 1.Training for front-line workers –what to look out for –what financial worries your clients may be facing –clients rights & responsibilities –help with signposting –Debt workshop 2.Workshops with service users –Budgeting –The real cost of credit –Saving and affordability –Money Advice Service

10 Who do we work with?

11 Since the launch of our project July 2010.... 2,096 people have taken part in one of our FC activities Held over 123 sessions Worked with over 30 organisations Held sessions with 56 frontline workers Reach of FLW 1,221 people

12 Client feedback 89% of participants who completed a feedback questionnaire reported an increase in confidence and new skills in dealing with money matters and improved budgeting skills

13 Client feedback 31% would set up a budget to help manage their money 24% would change the way they would save money 17% would change the way they borrow money in future 15% would change how they plan for future spending 11% would look for debt advice

14 Testimonials from clients.... ‘I didn’t realise how much doorstep lenders charge and I didn’t know what Credit Unions do. I will never borrow from a doorstep lender again!’ Service User, Goval Cymru

15 ‘The frontline workers sessions I attended has helped me to guide new tenants, help with budgeting, to tell them about credit unions if they need to borrow money and show them how much interest doorstep lenders charge’ Housing Officer, Caerphilly County Borough Council

16 ‘I would like to thank your organisation for the valuable contribution made by Lynne and Dawn towards our Year 9 Motivate Week. The week was highly successful, with pupils gaining useful skills and knowledge. Credit must be given to Lynne and Dawn who facilitated activities within an atmosphere of enthusiasm and enjoyment. Pupils clearly benefited from the experience’ Liz Axenderrie Assistant Headteacher, Tredegar Comprehensive School

17 ‘Thanks to the lessons with the Citizens Advice Bureau we have had in PSE, I have learnt a lot about finance. I have also learnt about where I can go if I ever have any money problems....... I now know more about budgeting, getting paid, loans and finance in general, which I know will help me in later life’ Winning entry, Year 10 pupil, Lewis Girls School

18 ‘The ‘Where does my money go?’ session was perfect for our service users, especially in the run up to Christmas when doorstep loans are a tempting option for quick cash to buy presents.’ Support worker, Hafen Cymru

19 ‘That session was far better than the last session we did in PSE on breast feeding!’ Year 11 student, Lewis Girls School, Ystrad Mynach

20 ‘I didn’t realise that I was paying that much for my Provident loan, I only looked at the weekly repayment. I won’t be borrowing from them again and will definitely find out more about the credit union’ Young mum, Childcare Group, Bargoed

21 ‘I haven’t touched my last benefits and they were paid to me nearly two weeks ago, because I’ve been budgeting’. Young mum from local family centre who attended a ‘Where does my money go?’ session.

22 The difference we make Independent evaluation of financial education by bureaux show that our work makes a direct and positive difference to people’s lives –better equipped to head off potential debt problems –more aware of government entitlements and sources of help –more willing to try new financial services (ECOTEC Research & Consulting)

23 Benefits are long-term and cumulative Changed patterns of behaviour –stick to budgeting plans –increased savings –feel empowered to avoid exploitative lending practices Pass on what they’ve learned to family and friends 71% of those attending one of our ‘Save Xmas’ sessions more confident in savings choices

24 Accessing further advice Set up Rent Clinics at 3 outreaches Welsh Water Assist referrals Christmas comes early event – referral to the IMLU Action for Children – referrals for debt advice, benefit checks Referrals from other agencies on a regular basis, mainly for DROs Ty-Croeso Homeless Unit – fortnightly debt clinics & MAS appointments Energy Best Deal – council cascade reaching over 200 council tenants ‘Workwise’ referrals from agencies trying to get people back into work

25 Caerphilly County Borough Council Strong relationship where Caerphilly County CAB are considered for the majority of financial/money related events Deliver sessions as part of the Community Cohesion project throughout the borough to young mums attending childcare groups Support community events like ‘One Stop Money Shops’ and ‘Over 50’s Information Days’, playing a central role in delivering information about money related issues and referring for further advice Front Line Worker sessions to council staff (across numerous departments), our FLW course now forms part of the official list of courses available to council workers

26 Our work in schools Recognise the need to start at grass roots level Budgeting, Credit & WorkWise sessions Lewis Girls school – this is our 2nd year providing money sessions during PSE lessons Heolddu Comprehensive – our 1st year working with this school Tredegar Comprehensive – supported a one-off money related event Working on delivering bi-lingual sessions

27 Some of our amazing volunteers in action... Over 50’s information day, Rhymney Fire Station

28 Lewis Girls School with Jeff Cuthbert AM

29 In the classroom delivering a session......

30 Adult Learners Week event for NEETS, Ebbw Vale Learning Action Centre

31 Helping to pull together a budget sheet

32 A big wave from Teddy Cyngor!

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